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Feel great all year long with Revital H Health Supplement!

If any of you have been watching cricket lately, you’ll know that the Indian captain MS Dhoni endorses Revital H Daily Health capsules, claiming it leads to better physical and mental health. What you may not know is that I’ve been using Revital consistently for the last 8-9 years, and I also endorse it whole-heartedly. (Yes, I just put myself into the same league as Dhoni; we roll that way.)

Around 8-9 years I was planning to go on a vacation to Leh with my family and my dad, always health conscious, decided to take us all for blood tests. Leh is at a height and the air up there doesn’t have much oxygen, so you need to be relatively. Sure, no problem, I thought; I’m young, I’m fit. Then the unfortunate discovery was made that I was severly anaemic (my haemoglobin count was 8.9 where normal range for women is between 12 – 15.5.) Trip to Leh cancelled, and I was left twiddling my thumbs for the rest of the summer.

Symptoms of Anemia

I think I’ve been anemic ever since I started menstruating. I remember feeling so unbelievably exhausted after certain school days, especially around my periods. And of course, since my body was going through so many changes I had no idea what was normal. 

When I had low energy, I turned for the first thing I could lay may hands on to boost my energy levels: chocolates, sweets, and ice-creams. I remember even back in Class 9 or so I would reach out for a a pack of caramelised popcorn after school, just to feel re-energised. Only now I realise what a horrible thing that was for my body — sugar surges and plunges.

TIP: Later I realised that my body was craving both sugar as well as the cocoa in the chocolate. Cocoa is a SUPER natural source of iron, one of the best in fact. I have started having a glass of hot or cold chocolate with Hintz Cocoa powder a few days before, during and after my period.

Raising that Haemoglobin Level

The docs we went to recommend I take some iron supplements, starting with a sickly sweet liquid syrup called Haem Up. That lasted for a couple of weeks, till I discovered that Haem Up Gems existed (taste NOTHING like Cadbury’s Gems, believe me). And so I went on a daily dose of Haem Up-ing. 

To have such a strong iron supplement was tiresome. My haemoglobin count recovered but still, it felt like I was only addressing part of the problem. Clearly my diet was insufficent, so I had to supplement my diet with something else.

Enter Revital H Health Supplement

My grandfather at this point in time was sick with general old age and malaise. The doctors started prescribing Revital to him. The next time I went to the chemist I spotted a bottle of Revital which was specially designed for women. It had ginseng extracts and iron especially useful for women, so I decided to give it a shot!

How does it make me feel?

I have felt great for the last 9 years, aside from general ailments ( and some unusual ones like Lyme disease!) I am OFFICIALLY not anaemic and have not been anaemic for the last many years. In fact, 5 months ago I donated blood and they tested my haemoglobin levels: it was at 15.2 or so! Quite awesome. Revital H Capsules

According to my chemist, Revital changed ownership recently and so the Revital for Women brand is not being produced any more. I transitioned from Revital for Women to Revital H early last year and have not faced any problem. 

What does Revital contain?

See the image below to see the full ingredients of Revital H:

revital ingredients

There is a side-effect of Revital which I haven’t ever experienced but is written in bold on the bottle: Polyols may have laxative effectives. Yikes. 

Dosage and pricing

I do not have Revital daily, but at least 4-5 times a week. I leave the bottle on my desk and pop a capsule in whenever I feel like it. It does say that you shoud have Revital after a meal (not on an empty stomach). The MRP for Revital H is Rs 280 for 30 supplements and Rs for 60 supplements.

It is available online on



Revital H – 30 Capsules

User Reviews and Comments

  1. Dr Manu says

    Revital causes giddiness. Don’t take it during day time. It causes vertigo and drowsiness Makes forehead heavy with burning in eyes. If you take at night then hangover remains in morning.

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