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I have been an customer since 2013 and it has been a pretty awesome 3 year ride with them. If I were to calculate how much I’ve spent on Amazon since opening my account, I will probably have a heart-attack. But here goes nothing:

2013: Rs 38,054.55 – 6 items

2014: Rs 75,803.87 – 34 items

2015: Rs 1,16,913.18 – 53 items

Total: Rs 2,30,771.60 (YIKES!)

Average spent per purchase: Rs 2481.41

Damn. The most expensive purchases are usually the electronic items (cameras, sound system, mobile phones, TV) and often the purchases are for my entire credit-card averse family.

Why shop on

This may sound like a paid review, but it is not. There are 3 reasons why I shop on Amazon: 1) Discounts 2) Wide variety of stuff 3) Ease of shopping and returns

Amazon Discounts

One of my most frequent purchases online are books. And books on Amazon are just WAY cheaper than in an offline store. A few weeks ago I had an urge to browse through a book store and so decided to go to Crossword. By the end of the evening, I had spent Rs 2500 on 4 books. That is quite ridiculous. If I bought the same books on Amazon, I would have spent not more than Rs 1500.

This is true for both books and electronics, where discounts usually range from 5% to 30%. Sometimes, during a special season, you could even get 40 to 50% off MRP. This may sound gimmicky, but if you do your research you will see that these are valid discounts. 

Shopping for electronics on Amazon

Harman Kardon Soundbar purchased on

One of my more expensive purchases on was this Harman Kardon Soundbar. Compared to an offline store, I saved Rs 7000.

Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve bought DSLR cameras, TVs, sound systems, expensive mobile phones (Rs 30k +) on without any problems. Packaging has been great, delivery fast, and the experience great overall. All you need to do is do you research first: read as many reviews as possible across Amazon, Flipkart, and third-party sites ( I still don’t trust Snapdeal reviews). Know your product. Know that it is a good fit. And then purchase without hesitation.

There are certain electronic items which I have not bought online, but have chosen to go to an offline store: Eg. refrigerator (we wanted to see the size of the damn thing, which we couldn’t understand through the online specs) or a mixer-grinder (all the pictures didn’t give us an idea of the material used and the reviews were either too mixed or missing). 

Shopping for clothes and household items on

For other items like clothes and household stuff (curtains, dishes, glasses), my experience has been mixed. When you can’t see or feel the material of the curtain or kurta, things often don’t meet your expectations. This is true of most online shopping. While the discounts may still be good, I’d say its better to buy offline.

However, shoes are something I regularly buy online. What about the size you ask? Well, I measure my foot on a piece of paper and in some cases, when in doubt I’ve bought two sizes and returned one the ill-fitting one. Discounts on shoes online are GREAT! Return / Refund / Replacement policy

It is SO easy to return items on Simply go to ‘Your Orders’ > Choose your reason and then they will ask you for a time when you want the item to be picked up. No questions asked. Nothing to be printed out. Usually, this is valid for items less than 30 days old. delivery experience

It is terribly easy to track, return or replace packages on

Delivery & Packaging Experience

Most Amazon products come well-delivered (not battered like some Pepperfry items I’ve purchased). Whether it is through Cloudtail (Amazon’s official logistics arm) or third-parties, I have never had a problem that has lingered. ! So far, to my recollection, I have had only one bad experience on Amazon. That was when the seller shipped something by FedEx and the product got lost in transit and just didn’t turn up. 

Hello Kindle!

And, of course, is home to the Kindle and lots of e-books. If you haven’t got a Kindle yet, what are you waiting for? Coupon Code for Rs 200

This coupon code is valid only if you make a purchase of Rs 200 or more on your FIRST purchase. It will be a gift card that will be credited to your card after the purchase.

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The T&C: Rs 200 gift card will be visible on your account approximately 30 days after an order for Rs.599 or more has shipped to a new Amazon member that you referred. Gift cards are issued by Qwikcilver. Gift Cards expire one year from date of issuance, are non-transferable, are non-refundable, and can be redeemed only on items sold at By participating in this program you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

So if you are an existing customer, this coupon will unfortunately not be valid.

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