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In this review of Licious, I look at how easy it is to get meat delivered to your home in Bangalore. Ever since I started reviewing online grocery delivery portals like BigBasket, Grofers & ZopNow, a major pain point has been the lack of online meat delivery options. I’ve ordered chicken keema occassionaly from BigBasket, but availability as well as freshness has been an issue.

And then came along, delivering fresh meats to your home within 90 minutes.

Pros of Licious

I’ve ordered from Licious approximately 4 or 5 times over the last 3 months. Overall, I am impressed.

  1. Fast, fast, so fast — I order in the morning and usaully the meat is delivered within 60 minutes, even before my maid arrives
  2. Fresh, fresh, fresh — Cooking fresh chicken has a completely different flavour and texture. Licious chicken is softer and much tastier than frozen chicken. The mutton has also been consistently good.
  3. Great packaging — It’s trendy, it’s attractive, it’s super cool. Man, making mutton and chicken trendy is hard stuff but Licious has done it.

Price of Licious Chicken, Lamb, and Seafood

Licious range of meats

Wide range of chicken, lamb, and seafood products available on

The range of items is pretty good. You get (price per 500 grams)

    1. Chicken — Mince (Rs 175), Drumsticks ( Rs 145), Breast boneless (Rs 170), Curry cut (Rs 115), whole chicken with skin (Rs 195), Lollypop (Rs 135), Thigh (Rs 140)
    2. Lamb (Licious Mutton) — Chops (Rs 280), boneless (Rs 330), Curry cut (Rs 255), mince (Rs 340)
    3. Seafood — Red snapper fillet (Rs 450), Prawns medium (Rs 635), Pomfret (Rs 785), Red snapper steak (Rs 400), Seer steak (Rs 575), Mackeral ( Rs 115), Catla (Rs 120), Prawns large (Rs 900), Blue crab (Rs 400), salmon steaks (Rs 590), sea bass fillet (Rs 650), Rohu (Rs 120), Black pomfret (Rs 475)
    4. Marinates — You get a lot of pre-marinated chicken and mutton items. Never tried these. 
    5. Specials — of the day
    6. Cold cuts — sausages and hams. A limited range of products mostly chicken and turkey.

Negatives of Licious

  1. Licious Sold Out

    Certain items, especially seafood and cold cuts, are often sold out

    Minimum Rs 300 order value — This contradicts the freshness proposition of Licious. If I only want 500 grams of say boneless chicken, I still have to order 500 grams of chicken mince and one more thing to meet the Rs 300 minimum order. Hence, I’m forced to freeze the meat for another day.

  2. Expensive prawns and seafood — I don’t know why its so expensive but Rs 635 for 0.5 kg of medium prawns is just SOO expensive
  3. No beef or pork— I’m tired of politically sensitive behaviour. I think a democracy is where you can choose to have whatever you want, without any restrictions being placed by the government or society at large.
  4. Labelling — While the packaging is great, the labelling is not so great. If I’ve ordered 3 boxes of meat from Licious I find it impossible to know what’s in what packet without sliding it open. Just a small sticker would make life so much easier
  5. Availability issues — If I had to buy prawns, it would be quite hard to buy it from Licious as it is almost always sold out.
  6. Strange marketing — Our landlord is a VEGGIEEE-tarian Tam-Brahm. Somehow they are somewhat okay with our “food habits”. However, the day after we ordered from Licious I noticed a marketing tag hanging from the front gate of our Tam-Brahm house: “Order fresh meats from Licious!” A little insensitive, don’t you say?
  7. Lish-what? — The Licious customer guys have called me a couple times, each time starting the conversation with ‘Hi, Ma’am, I”m calling from Licious.’ Me: ‘Lish-what?’ Him: ‘Licious’ Me: ‘I think you have the wrong number.’ Him: ‘No, no, Ma’am, you had ordered chicken mince..’ Me: ‘Chicken what?’ Him: ‘Ma’am, LISH-US. Chicken order.’ Me: ‘Ohhh’

Licious Coupon Code

We’ve got a great Licious coupon code through which you can get Rs 250 off on your first order:

Licious coupon code: Gu7H88

Just add items to your cart and when you are checking out, you can use the above coupon code.

Update: June 2016 – Licious has just updated their website, so this coupon code is no longer valid. They do have daily specials running with coupons such as “Tender” — so you have to check the website to see if you can avail any discounts

User Reviews and Comments

  1. Nagendra says

    Checkout for fresh fish directly from fishermen. They started selling mutton, chicken and lamb too. Prices are much cheaper than licious.

  2. Sheetal Deepak says

    Licious fish and meat is the best ,I would say that we couldnt have got a better and fresh Fish then licious ,it’s really awesome and the best, I have been a fan of licious now and recommending the same to all my friends and relatives.To mention sheer and black promfet fish is the best .

  3. sunil says

    I placed a order with Licious, it was delivered to me in 45mins. The items i placed for chicken was really fresh. Customer care executives are really professional. Thanks for Licious!!! Cheers.

  4. Mrs. Singh says

    I am so happy with licious. I have tried so many different places grofers, nature’s basket, star bazar etc. I actually got frustrated with their quality and was thinking of not getting meat at all. I saw a billboard somewhere of licious and thought of trying. I was just so happy, I ordered chicken it was so fresh and clean. Didn’t have any stink (which was there when I ordered from different places)
    All I can say is Wow. I wish they always keep their quality same and they will be everyone’ favourite.

  5. Manu says

    Worst Customer Care.Delivery within 90mins?I dont think I’ll get it delivered within 90days also(Still to recieve the order btw)
    I placed an order at 10:30 and didn’t get any reply on the delivery even after almost 2hrs.At around 13:00hrs when I tried calling them,their personnel rudely cut me off.
    -Never using you service again.

    • Debi Prasanna Das says

      Yes, I agree they take two and half hours for delivering . So, the time that is committed to you is not met.
      So, please don’t order from licious.
      You will end up spoiling your plan for the day.

  6. Manu says

    Worst Customer Care.Delivery within 90mins?I dont think I’ll get it delivered within 90days also(Still to receive the order btw)
    I placed an order at 10:30 and didn’t get any reply on the delivery even after almost 2hrs.At around 13:00hrs when I tried calling them,their personnel rudely cut me off.
    -Never using you service again.

  7. Satinder says

    Totally unprofessional and false commitments by licious. They rejected order in yelahanka saying it’s too far and then they say they r all over Bangalore. Especially when they received order and gave sms confirmation. I ‘ll keep on waiting and they ‘ll never turn up. Only when I call cc. They ‘ll reveal. That’s unethical. ..Totally tarnished licious cross check urorder. ….by calling these buggers….bad

    • Debi Prasanna Das says

      i have ordered from licious twice and I had very bad experience, so, I am not ordering anymore. I ordered and always, they came back saying the item is not there, then I asked for refund of my money which they were reluctant. So, licious is not good, please don’t go for it.. They are unprofessional. You will lose your money..

  8. Rathish says

    Poor service, They said they will deliver the order within 90 mins, and they gave even the timing 7.40 PM, I called up them at 8.30 and asked about my order, They gave some stupid reasons saying that they tried calling me to tell that the order cannot be delivered. Very unprofessional, Very bad customer service.

    • Hi Shan, I must confess that I’ve had a similar experience with Licious of late. Firstly, I got a call from them saying sorry they are out of boneless chicken, so sorry. I told them I had already received my order. The customer rep sounded surprised. Later when I opened the box I discovered it had chicken curry cut, not boneless chicken. It was too late for me to do anything as I had guests for dinner. Their customer service truly is terrible. On another complaint, I spoke to them for a good 10 minutes, and they just didn’t understand what I was saying.

  9. thelonecritic says

    After seeing the big advertisement in the times today, I went to their website to check price and my what
    a disappointment !

    it soooooooooooooooooooooo expensive…. the seafood is a rip off, and so is the marinades….

    The price of mutton and chicken is much more than what you get going to the market…

    Would never order from here….

  10. SREE says

    The fish that was ordered smelt fishy but not as fresh. This happened in my second order. Impressed with the first order but very much disappointed with the later one!!

  11. rahul says

    for Hyderabad people offering online raw chicken,Lamb,Mutton,Fish and Dairy products with reasonable price compared to other online sites .They also offering Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook different Indian cuisines .

  12. soumya says

    Liscious has pathetic service. I ordered twice and both the times the chicken was delivered an hour late. There is no update until you call and shout at them. I have ordered mutton too and it tasted bad, I am not sure why it tasted bad.

    Freshtohome is much better, it is reliable. Comes on time. I am never going to order it again from Liscious.

  13. vibha says

    Sorry I made the mistake of ordering once from licious but will never order again! I had ordered a basa fillet a couple of months ago & it was definitely not fresh. It was short of getting spoilt. I will now always buy from a store!

  14. Radhika Hegde says

    Very bad experience. Poor delivery service. I’ve ordered meat for the first time using this licious app and they changed the delivery time to 6pm_9pm instead of 9am. I was unknown untill I called their Customer service centre. Never going to order again and I have cancelled my very first order with them.
    Why do they take up so many orders if they cannot deliver what they promise?


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