Grofers Grocery India – Online Grocery Shopping Review

Online grocery shopping in Bangalore (and India) has become a breeze with so many options like Big Basket, ZopNow, LocalBaniya, PepperTap, NinjaCart and Grofers.

However, all in all, I have to say with each online order I’ve placed so far, I have been somewhat irked and irritated. From placing all your items into your basket and then discovering delivery slots are unavailable, or receiving products that are rotten or broken — online shopping for groceries in India needs to improve, and improve fast!

Grofers App

Grofers App – Grocery and More

This review is about Grofers, an app available on both Android and IOS, that is basically a pool of delivery boys who go around to nearby shops in your vicinity and pick up whatever you’ve ordered and deliver them in gorgeous orange bags and boxes. This is a review based on my grocery shopping online Bangalore experience.

What I like about Grofers

  • The bags and boxes: Haha, maybe it’s the designer in me, but it really makes me happy to see my groceries delivered neatly in beautiful cardboard boxes or eco-friendly orange cloth bags. 
  • The delivery boys: They are always dressed neatly, speak politely, and deliver in a timely manner without annoying me for directions to my house
  • The icons & UI of the app – The Grofers app is one of the few apps in India that is visually appealing. It’s been designed well, even though the user experience could improve somewhat (quite a bit).
  • The speed: I used to like the speed of Grofers — click on order and it will be at your doorstep in a couple of hours. However, of late, delivery slots have become
  • Variety: From vegetables and fruits to flowers and staples to breads, it’s an interesting combination that’s available on Grofers.
  • Immediate money-back: If your order doesn’t meet your expectations or there is something missing from the order, the delivery boys give you cash back at your doorstep.

What I don’t like about Grofers

  • Vegetables and fruits

    Bananas covered with fruit flies. Ugh!

    Quality of fresh produce: The quality of vegetables is very temperamental. When I first ordered from Grofers, the vegetables delivered from Mother’s Love (I’m guessing Grofers own private label) was of excellent quality. However, my last order was AWFUL. The baby potatoes I ordered were rotten and stinking (I threw them away immediately), the baby corn was also stale and darkening black (threw away a couple pieces) and the bananas wrapped in cling film were crawling with fruit flies (haven’t thrown it away yet).

  • Amended orders: I once ordered a type of mayonnaise which was unavailable at the local grocery store and so the Grofers delivery boy used his judgement and bought a similar product. I didn’t like the fact that I had no choice or say in this.
  • Grofers App - Painful

    Screenshot highlighting unavailability of lots of products. Quite a painful user experience!

    Wrong orders: I ordered a plastic broom thinking it was a bathroom cleaning broom (there was no picture on the Grofers app). However, it turned out to be this ghastly long green broom. 

  • Unavailable delivery slots: This is my biggest pain point. I go through all the effort of choosing my products and placing them in the basket and then when I’m finally ready for checkout I see the next delivery slot is 24 hours later. Sometimes, 36 hours later. Quite ridiculous. This has been happening more often of late.
  • Unavailable items: Okay, some items like ‘Spaghetti’ may be considered as speciality items (not really). But when you search for a product on the Grofers search bar, it shows you a myriad of options, and then when you click on one of the options, it states “No results found”. WTF! Damn annoying.
  • No meats: Very few online grocery shops deliver fresh or frozen meats. I understand the logistic issue, but hey, if I have to go to the shop to buy some chicken, I might as well buy the rest of my groceries from there. 
  • App only: I am not a fan of any product that is app-only. I have a laptop and I prefer using it to do any kind of online shopping. So another boo from me!

Overall review of Grofers India

Overall, I was a fan of Grofers till my last order. After receiving horrible vegetables and fruits from Mother’s Love, I don’t think I’m ordering from Grofers anytime soon.

User Reviews and Comments

  1. Vaishnavi says

    Hi Sir/Madam,
    I am Vaishnavi from Rationbox , we are an online grocery. We are providing grocery , personal care , household products at wholesale prices. We also provide free home delivery. As an Introductory offer for a bill amounting to Rs 1000/- and above we provide a gift box with 1kg Premium Raw Rice , 1kg Premium Sugar and 1/2kg Toor Dal.

    Please visit our website :
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  2. shankar gidwani says


    This is regarding Order#GR249976052

    I have place the order on 01 Sep 2016 and i got the delivery on 02 Sep 2016. I have order 4 pack of diaper which contain 34 pcs diaper each.

    When deliver completed and i check the product i got 6 pack of diaper which contain 17 pcs each. means 34 diapers are missing and also wrong qty of pack is deilverd.

    When i call to customer care they hold me for 2 minutes when we reach to seller but its tooks 12 minutes and your customer care executive said that seller is not contactable. So this is second day of since i place the order.

    Third day when i try to contact grofers same thing happens like they put my phone on hold for 12 minutes and when i force to conference with seller your executive are ready and i talk with seller on conference call and he promised me to replace the items and give missing items before day end.

    This is now forth day since i place the order and still same is not resolved and seller not came for replacement or deliver missing product.

    When i call to seller he said that i will deliver before 4 PM.

    and now this is 5:00 and seller is not deliver or replace damaged product. when i call to your customer care they said seller will deliver product tommrow as he is busy. i said i dont want your product please initiate refund and your executive said return is happends only tommrow as seller denied to come today.

    I said i suffering from 4 days and i think i am victim of your application i paid money but i did not received the order this is pathatic.

    I deciced to call seller as seller is call me yesterday for deliver the order when i call to seller he said we are not free for you undersatnd we have so much order. I said why you listed your name in gorfers if you are not satisfied with customer needs. They said it none of your business and shut the phone on my face.

    This is height of irresponsibility . When i call to grofers now they said if return is not done from the seller we are not responsible now i feel like cheated customer and big victim of your company.

    If you are not responsible for anything why don’t you shutdown your company now ?

    I raise the cancel request order and same thing is happends now seller is denied to come today he said i will reverce pickup tomorrow and when i ask if reverse pickup is not done who is responsible then your executive said we are not responsible if reverse pickup is not done and we will not release money if seller not pickup the product.

    Please suggest on this and please inform you are going to shutdown because i am surprise with service i never had any issue with bigbasket and other companies but you are doing business like this then please share with us so we will beware in the future to orders with company like you.

    Shankar Gidwani

  3. Anuradha says

    I have very bad experience with them neither once nor twice but thrice. Firstly they are never on time , are always deficient with the products, if uou cancel the order there is no proper refund confirmation. Sometimes they show not even half of the amount to be refunded. When you try to contact them at customer sipport centre they keep you on long cues which makes it even more irritating. Also if you go for yhe COD option they do not ever carry change. So they are highly not recommended.

  4. Paridhi says

    Grofers service is really pathetic. You guys does not delivered the goods and status showed as delivered. Moreover your delivery boy is not picking up the call and customer care not respond properly. Even you guys does not easily reimburse the money..
    Pathetic Service..
    You deserves negative rating…
    At least learn something from Bigbasket…

  5. Gaurav Gupta says

    Grofers is fooling people by posting wrong description on products. They don’t believe in delivering quality. Selling basmati rice on portal and delivering low quality rice which is not worth at all. Big zero to grofers

  6. Shikha Vig says

    This is 4th successive time we ordered from Grofers, and again some critical items missing, weight tags not on vegetables, cabbage and lettuce were stale, had to throw and when asked delivery person, he said don’t tell me, call contact centre, half of the money which will be refunded is spent on calling, had to go out again and get the stuff when my kid was having fever.

    Few other times order not delivered but message received that order has been delivered. Again had to call contact centre. Pure wastage of money and time.

    No point in doing online shopping. App made only to made money.ENOUGH OF ORDERING THROUGH GROFERS

  7. SUMAN BABU K says

    All the online shoppings are trying to sale the clearance sale with a reduction price and the service was very bad.
    Even the quality was not maintained at online shopping stores (Grofers). The packing made for vegetables and fruits was unsatisfactory. All the employees have to be well trained at work and ensure for good quality.

  8. Rajit Vyas says

    Poor delivery, offer many promises, but do not keep a check on them, promise 10 minutes delivery but it;’s a 10 day delivery, never ever trust them.

  9. Rimi says

    Very poor delivery. Never keep their promises. Never follow the time we have selected. 2-3hrs late everytime. Dont have any customer care number on the app.

  10. akash says

    i added 72 items to cart and out of 72 37 items were not available and this is infomed after 1 hour while i was completing the payment. very poor experience.

  11. Keshav kumar says

    It is worst. I did purchase two time and had problem both the time. First time all vegetables are in bad condition and smelling and second time they scheduled my delivery two days later. And worst part is they do not give the receipt of your purchase. Better to go with other online shopping.

  12. Raj chawla says

    Myself ——Raj Chawla
    My order to grofers on 18 nov 2017..
    Super Store – Sainik Farm
    Order ID : GR14703772•4 items
    Borges Canola Oil (Jar) – Buy 1 Get 1 Free
    Borges Canola Oil (Jar) – Buy 1 Get 1 Free
    2×5 lt
    1₹1895 ₹1895
    MDH Chunky Chat Masala
    MDH Chunky Chat Masala
    100 gm
    1₹57 ₹57
    Catch Chatpata Chat Masala
    Catch Chatpata Chat Masala
    100 gm
    1₹45 ₹45
    English Oven Multigrain Bread
    English Oven Multigrain Bread
    400 gm
    1₹44 ₹44
    Subtotal₹2041Delivery ChargesFreeTotal Amount₹2041—-paid online in advance—
    some my friend told me i also purchase the same product from big basket same day—at rs.799.00 for 5Lts.(Borges Canola Oil ) and can pay to grofers 1895.00 for 10Lts/–
    GROFERS say Guaranteed lowest price ———
    so please to say Grofers –don’t missgiude the customers….
    say to customer donot Trust on their slogan like Guaranteed lowest price

  13. Sapna says

    Experience with Grofers was really bad. Fruits like Sapota/Chikkoo were very small in size. I had a very bad experience. I ordered groceries and other items on Dec 1st which was supposed to be delivered the next day. The amount was around 4k and I paid it online. After ordering, I didn’t get any message from and neither did the order reflect the website. even after 2 days, the items were not delivered. With great difficulty, i got the phone number. When I called them, they are saying that I haven’t placed any order. I had transaction ID. Now they are saying they are going to refund the money.
    Don’t ever try grofers, especially fruits and veggies. It may look cheaper than the other websites, but the quality is really bad.

  14. Mrs Gupte says

    Poor service 😔 ordered on 1-01-18.. simple everyday stuff but still not received it. Got a msg saying due to operational issues they will be delivering 2days later.. was disappointed. Will think twice before ordering again !


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