ZopNow Review: Online Grocery Shopping in India

While ZopNow offers good competition to BigBasket with its quick delivery times (3 hours), the user interface is poor with limited stock and limited reach.

Having been a frequent customer of BigBasket.com for my online grocery shopping, I decided today to try out ZopNow.com. Mr T and I had been out of town for several days so the fridge was bare and quite a few basic staples were missing from our kitchen.

I started out searching for Aashirvaad Select atta, which had come recommended by one of the guests in the hotel we stayed in (who works for Aashirvaad). Apparently, it is made of some incredible wheat found only in certain districts of MP and creates rotis that are soft and fluffy.

The User Interface

Anyway, I went to the website and typed in atta in the search bar. I assume that the search dropdown would show me options. However, it was empty aside from one brand of atta (which wasn’t in stock).

search results

No filters in search results!

So I pressed enter and was shown a search results page displaying all atta items. I didn’t like this interface at all — no filters available, so even items like atta noodles were showing up.

And so I decided to go to the category page for Flour. Quite simple. Lots of options immediately populated. The filter here only gave me the option to filter by type of flour (wheat, rice, rage, etc) and not by brand. This was strange. Anyway, I filtered it by wheat flour and promptly found my Aashirvaad Select Sharbati Atta. Phew. Finally.

The UI, I have to confess, is quite poor (being a designer I’m particularly nit-picky about such things). The photographs of products aren’t great; the placeholder images are ugly; the layout is a little confusing ; the price is much bigger than the name of the product (font size) so I have to strain my eyes; and most importantly the ingredients aren’t clearly labelled: I wanted to check whether the Select Atta had any maida, but the huge block of text below the product was just too difficult to read.

However, the experience is very fast. For instance, just hovering on any product quickly gives me the various sizes with prices. That’s nice.

Out of Stock

No brooms on ZopNow. Only ugly placeholder images

Almost no brooms for me. Only ugly placeholder images

Next I wanted some watermelon. BigBasket delivers great watermelon — sweet, delicious kiran watermelon (better than any watermelon I can pick out in the market!) So again, I found the only watermelon with a picture (uncut) was a 6kg striped watermelon which was anyways out of stock. There was another 4k mithila watermelon that was available, however, there was no picture. Just an ugly placeholder image.

Then we need a new broom. The maid said something about a monkey brand (I’m sure I didn’t hear her correctly) which has 555 written on it. On the website there were only 3 brooms available and only 1 with an image. So no luck here

Quite disappointing, so I headed to BigBasket.com to do the rest of my shopping 🙂

Quick Delivery: The ZopNow USP

I’m going to try ZopNow.com again soon. Mostly because I’m intrigued by there 3 hour delivery policy. BigBasket takes forever with all their best slots usually filled up much in advance.

I’ve also read that customer service and issue redressal is faster on ZopNow, so would like to experience it for myself. Especially since BigBasket.com has started to mess up my last few orders (items missing from list, wrong items delivered, etc).

ZopNow Delivery Areas – Limited!

Zopnow is supposed to deliver groceries in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon. However, in Bangalore, they only operate in South & East Bangalore and cater to Adugodi, BTM Layout, Banashankari, Bannerghatta Road, Basavangudi, Begur, Bellandur, Bilekahalli, Bommanhalli, Brigade road, CV Raman Nagar, Doddabeesana Halli, Ejipura, Electronic City, Gottigere, HAL post, HSR Layout, Hosa Road, Hulimavu, Indiranagar, JP Nagar, JayaNagar, Kadubeesanahalli, Kadugodi, Koramangala, Kudlu, Lakkasandra, MG Road, Madivala, Marathahalli, Residency Road, Richmond Circle, Sampangi Ram Nagar, Sarjapur road, Shantinagar, Singasandra, Tavarekere, Thippasandra, Ulsoor, Vivek Nagar, Whitefield, Wilson Garden.

No delivery in North / N.E. Bangalore! (Image from Zopnow.com)

No delivery in North / N.W. Bangalore! (Image from Zopnow.com)

I suppose I will leave the reviewing to people who can actually order from ZopNow!

User Reviews and Comments

  1. In order to ease the pressure of my ageing parents in travelling to the neighbourhood bazaar in the heat, haggling with the shops and get their daily necessities, fruits and vegetables, had decided to make use of the online shopping networks available in their hometown, Kolkata. On Aug’14’15 had registered with http://www.urbangroceryshop.com and had made a purchase over their minimum stipulated amount of Rs.500. Had received a confirmation, an invoice on the same day, acknowledging my earlier place order. They also stated that the order would be delivered by next day 15th Aug’15.

    On the next day, 14th Aug’15, i received a call later in the day, letting me know that my order would reach my residence in Kolkata, by 1PM. However, the order nevere reached me. On prolonged delay, i made a call in the evening, enquiring of the same. On the date/time of delivery they state my order has no record in their system. I receive a cancellation on 17th Aug’15.

    Interestingly, while canceling they are able to trace and cancel the order n send me both email & sms about it.

    Am not only had to bear the harassment of not getting my articles of purchase. Also, one of their payment methods was online payment. Had i used the same, would have had a further harrowing time in getting my money back. Thankfully i chose COD. Would request you to investigate (the invoice and string of emails can be published, if required) and cancel / police the establishment such that any malpractice or maleficence is not practiced by them in the future.

  2. M P says

    The co. never oblise what has been committed:
    1. Delivery will not be on time.
    2. U will not be able to contact customer care. A long music and then phone cut off…..
    3. The product supply is not of good quality.
    4. The discount and cash back are being refused after applying and accepting coupons during shopping.
    1. U will get e-mail reply where it will be mentioned SORRY, We will take ur feedback for further order.

  3. Anju says

    Horrible booked some stuff at 8:30 in the morning to arrive by 1:00pm did not arrive even by 3:00 , called them and they said they will send in 4 to 7 slot it was already 7 still not arrived and I had to call again only to hear they are not delivering today ????Wtf. Why do you take orders damn you guys opens grofers and had to order with them zopnow keep hopping now ????????????

  4. Deepak says

    Zopnow has extremely poor customer service. they reschedule deliveries without bothering to check if the time suits the customer. I have had to cancel 4 out of 5 orders on account of this. Moreover, when they do a refund, despite telling them to refund to your bank account, they do a zoppies credit. In other words, they force you to order again from them. Please avoid ordering from them if you value your time and money.

  5. Harish Gaikwad says

    I ordered 10nos Nissan scoupy noodles and made payment through bank. The next day I got an email that my quantity is decreased to 9nos without my permission. I emailed Zopnow they told me that they will ship me 9nos because of unavailability. It was Okay. Then they were going to deliver the product next day. On next day the delivery boy called me and told me of his problem that he will not going to deliver today and he will deliver tomorrow. I told him that it is Okay. But tomorrow again I got a email from Zopnow that they will ship only 1 Knorr soupy noodle pack 80 grams pack. I immediately emailed them to cancel my order and refund the amount to my bank. But till today I had not received my amount in my bank. I showed them my bank statement. Don’t buy from Zopnow.

  6. shashidhar says

    I have ordered for kansal organic eggs (2 varieties) through zopnow. But in between they made a change in my order I.e. Replacement of herbal eggs with some other eggs because of non-availability.

    yesterday I have received the product but on opening I was found that the eggs are not the one which I have ordered and they have delivered duplicated eggs of some other company. Being regular user if Kansal eggs I can know the quality of that eggs. even six eggs also of not the same type and size. while delivery I as unable to open the pack, they have poured lot of gum into the box. and the expiry date also one day from the date of delivery.

    Zopnow cheated the customers by sending the duplicated brand eggs which are in damaged condition in the Kansal brand name. I have never seen a online cheating company like zopnow. they charged double the price for duplicate items.

    I will never recommend zopnow app or suggest any customer to purchase any goods through online. please don’t waste your money and time above all your health by purchasing products from zopnow.

  7. Pradeep says

    horrible experience at zopnow.
    Order id 14905721
    1. Ordered for 1 kg. “Red Delicious” apple 20th December 2016.
    2. Received order at around 5 PM the same day.
    3. Instead of “Red Delicious” apple got some other variety mixed with that.
    2. Complained immediately about the same to the customer care and initiated return for the same through the website.
    3. 21st December and still No pick-up yet.
    4. Complained about the same to the customer care, told they will not do.

    This is really unprofessional and unethical. Harassing innocent customers and fleecing their hard-earned money seems to be your motto.


    Most hopeless customer service.
    First I got wrong supply of product. After returning the product inspite of several calls and e mails i have yet to receive my refund. It is cheating. They show photo of product but the supply is different. Besides very high shipping charges.


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