Schmitten Chocolates Review

I first heard about Schmitten Chocolates when I read a newspaper article about how some big real estate mogul wanted to tap the exploding chocolate market in India. My thoughts were: 1. Schmitten is a pretty good name — sounds German/Swiss enough, while being alluring. 2. I’m pretty sure the chocolates are going to be crappy because real cocoa and real cocoa butter is expensive. 3. Swiss-made chocolate in Surat?? Ahem. Reminds me of Scotch whiskey made in Amritsar.

However, Schmitten aimed to be targeting the ‘luxury’ chocolate market with their ‘premium’ chocolates priced from at around Rs 60 for 50 grams. And so when I was wandering down a shopping aisle I found an entire row dedicated solely to Schmitten chocolates.

I decided to try Schmitten Intense Dark (to figure out how dark is dark) and Schmitten Creamy Milk (to figure out how milky is milk). There are a whole bunch of other flavours with raisons and nuts and orange peels, but I was interested in understanding their quality of chocolate so decided to be pure in my choice.

The packaging, I must say, was quite nice. Alluring. We unwrapped the Schmitten Intense Dark first and came across a bar similar in size and shape to Nestle Milk chocolate.

The flavour of the Intense Dark flavour, I have to confess, was not bad. Both me and Mr T said ‘not bad’ the moment we had it. It was dark enough, not too sweet, and somewhat satisfying. Having said that, it was not very memorable. We compared it to Bourneville, since that’s what we’ve been binging on lately. Bourneville has more texture and more flavour. Schmitten was smoother, but not in the best way. Real Swiss chocolate like Lindt takes you on a smooth cocoa journey and leaves you with a clean palette. Both the journey and aftertaste in Schmitten was missing.

The Creamy Milk chocolate, on the other hand, was quite disappointing. It was overly sweet, not chocolatey enough, no substance to it. It reminded me of Nestle Milk Chocolate (in those red packs) that were sold for Rs 10 when I was in school. Schmitten Creamy Milk Chocolate is definitely not Swiss, definitely not premium, definitely not luxury.

I see hope. I hope that Schmitten revises their recipes in the future.

Schmitten chocolates are priced at Rs 60 onwards and available in your local grocery store or online on

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  1. yash says

    I m planing to start my chocolate company …we r going launch in September… sir i request you to taste my chocolate and give the feedback… plz tell me how i can contact yoy…my no. 7385678885 thank you

  2. Paul says

    After reading the rating of the team I got surprise. They gave good rating to cadbury product which is totally worse and that is not a chocolate product at all except a flavour. Schmitten chocolates are real and I got the test of cacao….give review after knowing the product contain… Thanks

  3. Hinal says

    We hav found fungus type thing in our recent schmitten chocolate, mfd : 11.10.2016 & yet it is spoiled. Worst quality. I can send images if needed. & yes sample also.

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