KitKat India Review – KitKat Senses & Slow Churned Chocolate

One of my greatest chocolate pet peeves is that KitKat in India tastes like crap. Apparently, to keep costs low, Nestle does not use any chocolate or cocoa butter in it’s KitKat (ummm.. chocolate bar without chocolate??) — so what you had was a 15-rupee chocolate bar that tasted like crap. Perhaps realising that there was a market of people who like chocolate in their chocolate, they have now come up with KitKat Senses and smooth, slow-churned chocolate.

KitKat Senses

Comes in two varieties, KitKat Senses Milk and KitKat Senses Dark. I’ve tried both varities and have to say both are pretty good. The milk chocolate is much smoother and actually-chocolatey tasting. However, I find it a little too sweet and milky for my liking. KitKat Dark with dark chocolate is much better. Milder sugar, more cocoa, more my cup of tea. The packaging, I must mention, is great. The alluring red of KitKat wrapped in a new sheen looks great!

However, I still don’t understand why it’s so hard to replicate international KitKat in India. I recently had KitKat in Japan and it tasted awesome and was only around Rs 200 for a huge pack.

Ingredients in KitKat Senses (Dark): Plain chocolate 69% (sugar, cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and chemicals) and the remainder is wafer (which also contains sugar, cocoa solids, etc).

KitKat Senses costs Rs 50 for a pack of 4 fingers and is available in your local market. Apparently on 49 calories (per finger!)

Regular KitKat (with Rich New Taste)

Costs Rs 15 for 2 fingers and still tastes awful. BECAUSE IT’S NOT REAL CHOCOLATE! Ingredients include the evil ‘hydrogenated vegetable fats’, sugar, milk solids, wheat flour, cocoa solids (4.5%!!!!) and other chemicals. No cocoa butter, you will notice.

Nestle Extra Smooth

Had this on a Jet Airways flight, and it is quite decent. Again, it’s a little too milky and sweet for my liking, but definitely smoooooth. Slow churned chocolate in the conch is an attractive marketing line, just wish the chocolate was a little less sweet. I’m afraid I don’t remember what this costs.



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