Britannia Good Day Chunkies Review – Chocolate Chip Cookie

After being bombarded by all the drool-worthy marketing, I decided to try Britannia Gooday Chunkies
for myself. Picked up a small pack and discovered six individually wrapped cookies inside for Rs 50.

Once I unwrapped the cookie, I found myself face to face with a healthy-sized disc with which I could play frisbee (not quite). The cookie looked good: sufficient chocolate chips, rough texture, cookie-like appeal.

However, after the first bite, I wasn’t too impressed. The cookies are hard and definitely not “melt-in-your-mouth”. I prefer soft, crumbly cookies (more American) vs the British hard cookie. That’s a personal preference, I guess, but aside from that there was an artificial flavour in the cookies.

Despite that, the cookies are pretty delicious. Relatively quite soft with huge chocolate chips. I like!

(I still prefer Milano chocolate-chip cookies in the packaged cookie market! Or better still, bake your own cookies.)

Update Feb. 1: I recently tried Parle Milano chocolate-chip cookies (Hide & Seek) and they were nothing like what I remembered! They were, in fact, pretty disgusting. Very hard, very non-chocolatey and with a strange after taste. Mr T agreed with me.

So the vote goes back to Good Day Chunkies! Seems to be the best packaged chocolate chip cookies in the market!

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