Zoomcar Car Rental – 20% Discount – Coupon Code 2017

Looking for a Zoomcar car rental coupon code? Then look no further. We are offering our readers a very special discount on their first car rental ride with Zoom Car.Zoom Car.

Zoomcar Coupon Code 2017

Use code ODY4MTQ4 to make your first booking with Zoomcar and get 20% off! Maximum discount applicable is Rs 500.

You can download the app now – http://onelink.to/tg44qu. 

Zoomcar Review

Update: While we had terrible things to say about Zoomcar in the past (car breaking down, terrible customer support), we recently were forced to use Zoomcar again and had a pretty decent experience. We were deciding between Avis and Zoomcar, and surprisingly, Zoomcar won.

zoomcar advantage - car rental 2017

The big difference between Zoomcar and an international company like Avis is not in their costs, but in their insurance policies. If there is any damage / collision / theft to an Avis vehicle, the renter will be held liable. This is astonishing. There isn’t even a provision to add extra insurance. Zoomcar, on the other hand, includes damage insurance.

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