London Dairy Ice Cream Review

A couple days ago we got 3 tubs of London Dairy Ice cream for a house party, and both the party and the ice cream were a success! For whatever reason, I had been hesitant to try London Dairy (perhaps because of the price). Why should a 500 ml tub of ice cream cost more than Rs 500? Anyway, because of the lack of other options I picked up 3 tubs: Double Chocolate, Tiramisu, and Natural Strawberry. Something for all palates, I thought.

What The Party Thought of London Dairy: A Review

A lot of the folks attending the party hadn’t heard of London Dairy. They thought it was an imported ice cream, somewhat like Haagen Dazs (which I recently learnt was an American brand trying to sound Dutch). Unlike Haagen Dazs it isn’t prohibitively expensive (it’s half the price) and has better packaging.

The thickness and creaminess of the ice cream is great. As good as any ice cream out there if not better.

The flavours of some of the London Dairy ice creams are great. Natural strawberry has got real chunks of strawberry and is the perfect blend of sweet and sour. It isn’t ridiculously pink either (less artificial colours than your regular Mother Dairy / Nandini ice creams).

London Dairy’s Double Chocolate was a miss for most of us. It is double chocolate because it is chocolate ice cream with flakes of dark chocolate. However, the ice cream has a rough texture, and the flakes of chocolate just heightened the roughness. The base ice cream didn’t have the depth of true cocoa that a chocolate lover like me needs.

And the superhit of the evening was London Dairy’s Tiramisu flavour. I loved it and so did most of the guests. It didn’t have an overwhelming coffee flavour, but more was a blend of chocolate, cake and coffee. The chunks of cake were absolutely divine, soft, chocolatey, delicious. A great flavour for chocolate lovers, but probably not too great for hardcore coffee fanatics.

I haven’t tried their other flavours (the Pralines and Cream sounds interesting to me, not interested in their Mango though!) but do share your reviews below. The variety looks a little limited to me, but if you have chocolate, what else do you need? 🙂

The Little Red Dot of Non-Vegetarianism

One thing which we didn’t notice till too late was that the Tiramisu was actually a non-vegetarian ice cream. It had the little red dot on its box, probably because the Tiramisu cake had egg in it. Hmm. Not a deal-breaker for me, but unlike Baskin Robbins, one needs to be aware that not all London Dairy ice creams are vegetarian.

London Dairy Ice-Cream vs Other Brands

Yes, we are ice cream addicts. Some of our recent favourite brands are Baskin Robbins (love their Mississipi Mudslide — wow!) and Hokey Pokey (Mr T loves their fussy French vanilla and I love their Manic Monkey flavour). London Dairy is as good as Hokey Pokey in flavour and texture, and comes slightly below Baskin Robbins in the innovativeness of their flavours.

London Dairy Ice-Cream Price

All 500 ml tubs of London Dairy Ice Cream cost Rs 325. This is more than Hokey Pokey ice cream (Rs 225 for 500 ml) and is also more expensive than Baskin Robbins (Rs 269).

I’m not sure if I can justify this price differentiation through the flavours alone.

London Dairy ice cream is available at Nature’s Basket.

User Reviews and Comments

  1. Nirjhar says

    Thanks for the beautiful review .You can hokey pokey in Bigbasket on Tuesdays with icici cards at 25% discount .


  2. NG says

    Also in Bigbasket , price of 500 gm London dairy (all varieties) are priced at Rs 325(in Hyd).If you buy on Tuesdays ,you get a 25% off on icici debit/credit card . So net price comes to 325-80 = Rs 245.Which is almost half of original Mrp.Hope this helps .


  3. Sunny says

    Horrible products the entire pack was sandy and crysteled the mood the post diwali party all for a toss
    Where is fassi and are they active looking into how consumer are abused a or simply another group sleeping

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