SpoonJoy Meals Review

Average 'homely' meals delivered to your doorstep.

After a few days of FreshMenu-ing, my taste buds were dying for a ‘normal’ Indian meal — dal, roti, sabzi, and hence, I ordered a meal from SpoonJoy, which delivers fast ‘homely’ meals in Bangalore.

How to Order from SpoonJoy

 You can order a meal from SpoonJoy via their website or via their apps. I prefer the website (like most working people) — it’s quicker and I’m already at my laptop. You can order lunch from 12pm to 3pm or snacks (dinner not available at my location). 

The website is not as beautiful as FreshMenu, but the meals look pretty decent. ‘Homely’ is their catchphrase and that is what I’m seeking. You add whatever meals you want and click on ‘Proceed’, where you are asked to enter your personal details. There seems to be no online payment option as of now. You have to pay cash on delivery.

The SpoonJoy Menu

SpoonJoy meals

‘Homely’ meals delivered in a box

The focus of the menu is mostly Indian food (dal, roti, sabzi, rice, chicken curry, raita) with some exotic items (grilled fish, paneer steak, grilled vegetables, Chinese veggie-noodle combos) and basic snacks and desserts.

Delivery & Packaging

The SpoonJoy delivery was without fault. The delivery boy reached my door step without any questions or annoying phone calls. The food was somewhat hot when delivered (not piping as you would want Indian food to be). 

The packaging is nice — a large SpoonJoy box with the smaller items inside. Again, too much plastic to use for an eco-friendly world! I can just imagine the thousands of office goers who order one meal and chuck away so much plastic.

Flavours & Food Quality

spoonjoy meal review

Thin dal and okay aloo sabzi. Okay food, overall. (sorry for the blurry photo).

I’ve ordered from SpoonJoy only once: a meal of 3 rotis, rice, aloo jeera sabzi, dal fry, and dahi. The rotis were good, soft despite getting somewhat cold. The dahi was nice – sweet and thick. However, the aloo jeera was disappointing — there was something wrong with it; not sure what — but the quality of the aloo didn’t seem the best and the flavour was just okay. The dal was superbly disappointing. While it tasted fine, it was incredibly thin and reminded me of Indian railways dal! Diluted to fill the container. 🙁 

Overall, the SpoonJoy meal definitely did not look like the photos they display on their website.

SpoonJoy Prices

SpoonJoy is incredibly reasonable (especially if you compare it to FreshMenu). You get a full ‘homely’ veggie indian meal (3 rotis, rice, 1 sabzi, 1 dal, dahi) for Rs 100. A non-veg meal with chicken curry costs Rs 120.

Overall, I would prefer a FreshMenu meal any day. SpoonJoy should really improve the quality of their food in order to match up against FreshMenu.

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  1. Shristi Jain says

    Awesome It very Delicious Indian Foods. and Heard Of Indian. People… Thank you for sharing Great Experience with us


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