Urban Ladder Review – Buying Furniture Online in India

This review of Urban Ladder has been a long time coming. Mr T and I got married last December and our lovely cousins decided to pool together and buy us some much needed furniture to add some oomph into our bare apartment. They asked us to choose what we liked online and they would then order it. After scouring what felt like hundreds of online furniture stores including FabFurnish, PepperFry, Amazon, Flipkart, we knew we had only one option: Urban Ladder.

What I like about Urban Ladder

  1. Simply Gorgeous – Yep, no other words to describe the furniture produced by Urban Ladder. It is stylish, sometimes minimal, sometimes retro-chic with a classy look that we couldn’t find anywhere else. The design team of Urban Ladder is great. They take time in creating new products (or sourcing them) but the quality speaks for itself.
  2. Quality, quality, quality – Buying anything online is scary. Especially furniture (read our experience with FabFurnish). But with Urban Ladder, you can trust the quality of the furniture.
  3. Solid wood – Most furniture you buy nowadays is ply and compressed wood. But with Urban Ladder, you are assured real wood. We ordered an Alexandria book shelf, an Striado sideboard and an Edo sofa-bed (seems to have been discontinued). Both the wooden pieces were from solid sheesham wood. It’s real stuff and it’s good stuff, I assure you. (Mr T still has his doubts – but the confusion arises from the mahogany or teak finish to the wood. It’s still real wood.)
  4. Easy to order – Since we never ordered this ourselves, I can’t talk about the process of ordering. However, our cousins had no complaints, so it was all good!
  5. Delivery as a whole – Unlike our experience with FabFurnish (who sent us unassembled furniture and took half the day to assemble it), Urban Ladder sends you the entire piece already assembled. Yes, huge pieces of furniture boxed and crated as the final product. All that remains for the delivery guys to do is put in some knobs. This was awesome.
  6. Lasts long, very long – Like I mentioned, the pieces are solid. They are a lifetime investment. Unlike our FabFurnish dining set which creaks everytime we sit on it!
  7. EMI – Yes, it’s expensive. Ridiculously so. However they do have a nice EMI option on the website which allows you to buy now and pay later.

    Urban Ladder Alexandria book shelf

    Urban Ladder’s Alexandria book shelf

  8. Buy entire looksThis is a cool, recent concept they’ve introduced. Where you can buy an entire look of a room. I have mixed emotions about this – on the one hand, it’s amazing to be able to buy a gorgeous room straight from a picture, but on the other hand, isn’t your home supposed to reflect your own personality and needs and desires? I’m not sure how I feel about this.
  9. Discounts – Urban Ladder doesn’t do discounts like other sites. It’s not gimmicky. Usually you will only get 5% off on certain, limited products. However, I can see now that they have upto Rs 5000 (or 15%) off on their dining sets. Not bad!
  10. Trust – Urban Ladder is backed by some powerful VC firms like Sequoia, Kalahari and Ratan Tata’s group.

What I dislike about Urban Ladder

  1. Expensive – It really is quite expensive. Sadly so. For example,  decent six-seater dining table will cost anything from Rs 30,000+. However, it is good quality stuff. And it is stuff which you can’t find elsewhere (easily). And it is easier than getting a carpenter to make something for you for a cheaper price but with uncertain results.
  2. Urban Ladder Furniture

    Our delightful Alexandria book shelf in the foreground and the Striado sideboard in the distance.

    Limited stock – Very often, you’ll see a product you really like with a ‘SOLD OUT’ sign. You’ll return to the website day after day, month after month — and the product will still say ‘Sold Out’. Quite unfortunate because online purchases are often impulsive.

  3. Limited variety – Almost 6 months after ordering, I can see perhaps a 10% increase in their range of Coffee Tables (which we were planning on ordering back then). If you don’t find something you like on Urban Ladder, chances you won’t find it anytime soon. I mean, it’s good from a quality perspective, but from a buyer’s perspective, if I don’t find something I like, I’m going elsewhere!
  4. Limited styles – You basically have four styles of furniture on Urban ladder right now — a solid wooden minimalistic style, an IKEA style, an ornate Victorian style, and a roadside dhaba style. (Most of the range is in the wooden minimalistic style.)

Overall, I love Urban Ladder and hope to be able to buy more pieces from them in the near future!

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. kumar says

    Nice article! But i just have one question… When you wanted quality stuff like Solid wood furniture plus good service, how could you expect the price to be low? This particular thing i don’t understand, Customer wants Good quality stuff (Could be anything) and also great after sale customer service for lower price. How? Just asking… 😀
    I have bought couple of solid wood myself and they are little expensive compared to other materials like mdf but instead of investing every couple of years on other crap furniture it is better to invest in solid wood that has more life and best of all good re-sale value.

        • nikhil says

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    • Rahul says

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    • Prince says

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      • Nikhil says

        Use the coupon code YOUxME_Nikhil_GBITJH for flat 10 % discount on all the orders above 5k .

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  2. Romnesh says

    Strongly disagree with the article. Had a horrible time dealing with them. their customer service is the worst.

    bought one year ago a sofa from Urban Ladder for 43.000 RS
    I had high expectations, but this has been a bitter disappointment:
    1) The fabric is of a low quality and has considerably darkened and it already frays.
    2) The cushions have very quickly collapsed, although my wife mostly uses the sofa and she is 53 kgs
    3) When you open the bed, there is bar in the middle, which makes it uncomfortable to sleep on
    In conclusion, this sofa is not worth its price and I would advise all to go for Pepper Fry, which has better prices
    François Gautier
    Accredited with Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs
    Rédacteur en Chef La Revue de l’Inde
    Editions de l’Harmattan
    41 Jorbagh, New Delhi 110003, Inde
    (91) 9343538419

  4. Radhika Goyal says

    Buying furniture online had always been a confusing affair for me. Recently , I purchased a sofa from Arterior Shack online. The product is of best quality. The service team of Arterior Shack helped me in every way. Thanks Arterior Shack.

  5. Swetha Chakravarthy says

    Have been a regular with their products. But offlate the quality has deteriorated, for furniture related items. I had bought door mats from them and all of it tore into 2 pieces in a matter of 20days. Utter waste of 500 bucks on this. Road side products last longer!

  6. Debashis Goswami says

    This article confused me completely. The wife and I have been contemplating shopping for a bed from Urban Ladder. This piece also glorifies the website. However, the reviews don’t back up what you wrote. The percentage of positive reviews here is alarming, even more so in mouthshut, a website I tend to visit before making purchases online. Most of the reviews there are negative and Swetha Chakravarthy has written the same review there.

    Is this a paid article? I wouldn’t want to believe so but cannot ignore the thought completely.

    • Hi Debashis, firstly this is not a paid review at all. This review was written by me based on my personal
      experience over a year ago. I think the gist of the article is that compared to the other furniture players on the online market, Urban Ladder wins hands down. Pepperfry and Fabfurnish were horror stories in my experience. Another thing to note is that this was one experience by one customer over a year ago. The company has grown and evolved, and I’m sure each customer has had a different experience. Generally disgruntled customers are more proactive in writing reviews and that’s why you may notice more negative reviews online. Having said all that I have no affiliation with Urban Ladder, so I have no interest in whether you do go ahead and purchase something from them. All I can say is that I had a good experience. 🙂

    • Rahul Sinha says

      Hi Debashis, I would recommend you check thearmchair.in .Found really unique and fresh designs with them. I purchased a dining set from them and was really Happy with the purchase. They have great quality product and customer support is just awesome.

  7. Lara says

    we were gifted a swing from urban ladder for our housewarming> it was damaged. they said this much denting and minor damage ‘chalet hai’ (delivery personal) i was unimpressed. a replacement was sent. it was in a worse state. customer service rep (on the phone says) manufacturer says this much happens coz they bend the pipes. really? did we get a NEW product or something from OLX or second hand store? this review seems to be of another company not the urban ladder we have been dealing with!

  8. Muke says

    Buy from any store but certainly not from Fabfurnish. They are big cheats and have no concern for customers once you complete payment. I had a horrible experience with their after sales service and I have come across thousands of compaints against them. I warn everyone to buy from Fabfurnish and do some research online.

  9. Rahul says

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  10. Prateek says

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  12. Amit Daji says

    I am sharing my personal experience with Urban Ladder Mumbai. Requested for paid kitchen consultation services and got confirmation for 30 Dec at 3 pm. The guy did not turned up and needed to follow up to get the person visit our home which ultimately happened between 7 to 9 pm. Got first cut of design on 9 Jan 17 which was entirely wrong, generic and included nothing which was discussed with us. We highlighted this by detail email on 11 Jan 17. Post an official complaint on 13 Jan for shabby service. No response till 17 Jan so again chaser and ultimately get a response on 19 Jan without design and few clarification point requesting a call back. We call back the concerned designer on 20 Jan, clarified everything again who essentially acknowledged on phone that the person who visited and the person who design (with whom we had call) got the entire discussion wrong between themselves and was promise corrected design on same day 20 Jan with all the regular regret for inconvenience communication. Till today 27 Jan, we have still not received our correct design and had a follow up call with UL team again with a promise that we will sort this out. So much for a paid consultation and very unlike the earlier experience of buying furniture from them.

  13. rahul says

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  14. rashi says

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  15. Abinash says

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  16. Subboy says

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  17. Jayee says

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  18. GS says

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  19. Mama says

    We had ordered a sofa set from Urban Ladder on 27th Aug (Order ID: #R699072497) and got the delivery on 16th Sep after a delay of 1 week than promised while placing the order and multiple follow-ups.
    To our surprise the product delivered was defective and the delivery person confirmed the same , so we had to return , since then I have been following up on the delivery of the product but no luck.
    Our bad luck that we had made the entire payment during booking and couldn’t change to a different vendor. It has been 1 month that we have burnt our time and energy in the follow-ups but no luck yet.

    Its a pain to deal with their customer service too as they say we will get back within 24hrs and you can rest assure that they won’t call you .

  20. Raghu says

    I had a semi decent experience with their sales. But the after sales is horrible ! Bought 5 items for the drawing room.

    The lamp went bad within the first month
    The bookshelf door came off its hinges within the first 3 months

    After a month of follow up with their after sales team they finally came and repaired the bookshelf, but the lamp is still pending. Apparently next month now !

    The bigger issue I have with them is that they don’t support with dismantling the products they sell. So if you have to shift houses you feel kind of stuck. Some of the products they sell have specific ways in which they are to be installed or dismantled. So it becomes tricky to get a normal carpenter to do this. They don’t provide any sort of manual with the products either.

    So to wrap up. Great app. Decent delivery process. Average quality products Horribleafter sales. Buy small items from them. Stay away from anything with moving parts (cabinets, beds etc. )

    Verdict – Buy furniture offline until after sales processes are set !

  21. Atul Kumar Thakur says

    I will summarise my experience with Urban Ladder :

    1. Products are average
    2. Customer support team: Pathetic and unequipped
    3. Policies : Poor

    Overall: Bitter experience dealing with them, will never try in future.

  22. Uma says

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