Myntra Review – An Un’Appy Online Shopping Experience

I have ordered from in the past and have been quite happy. The range of products is good, the pricing and offers are great, and the delivery in Bangalore is even faster than Jabong. ( has faster delivery in Delhi & NCR though!).

Today’s Times of India had a blazing full-page advertisement by Myntra (no longer about their ‘Appreciate Yourself’ App-Only Sale. The sale prices looked pretty good and so I decided to check it out.

The Experience

I didn’t have the app installed in my phone so I decided to check out their website, even though I was aware that has shut down and the site only works on their app. I had some kindling hope that perhaps there was something on their website — alas, nothing! Not even the ability to log in. homepage message simply says — download our app or get lost. So, much to my reluctance, I decided to download the app (again).

The Myntra App Experience

I had downloaded the app a few months ago and ordered a few thing. But, since I did not want a lasting relationship with Myntra on my phone I deleted it. I’m not looking to order clothes or shoes everyday, so I really don’t want a Myntra app on my phone. It’s not like it’s a news application that I want daily updates, so even the few notifications I was getting from Myntra immediately began annoying me, so app promptly deleted.

Myntra App Review

The sizing help page on the Myntra app.

Since this sale looked good, I decided to download the app once again. My experience:

  1. It’s bloody annoying shopping for clothes on a tiny screen. Not all of us have iPhone 6’s or Samsung Galaxy Out of This Worlds or One Plus One’s, so it not the easiest to browse through.
  2. On my laptop, I can browse through maybe 50 designs at one go — on the app I can see a maximum of 4 products on my iPhone 5c screen at one go. It’s not a great experience, I have to keep scrolling and scrolling.
  3. The sort and refine functions are fine (but not that intuitive). The fact that I have to select ‘Apply’ after refining the item wasn’t intuitive at all, it should have happened automatically. I waited a couple of times, nothing happened, then went back, then realised I had to press the Apply button.
  4. I was browsing dresses, but it was honestly taking too long to find things that I liked.
  5. And then when I did find something I liked…
  6. THE SIZE HELP SCREEN WAS NOT WORKING! Instead of giving sizing information, I got a message saying ‘Sorry, this page is temporarily unavailable.’ Repeatedly. Across different products. It was ridiculous, so I immediately left the app, went to my laptop and went to

And so instead of buying something from Myntra, I ended up purchasing stuff worth Rs 2000 from Jabong, which I had no intention of doing today in any case!

So good job, Myntra! I’ve heard that ever since went App-only their sales have dropped 10%. I guess if you aren’t giving your customer what they want, and instead imposing what you think should happen, this is what the result will be.

Now let’s see if Flipkart (who recently purchased Myntra) will learn their lesson. I believe that they intentions of going App-only in a couple of months.

Bad, bad idea.


User Reviews and Comments

  1. DD says

    Also you forgot to mention one point which makes them stand apart from jabong i.e. their notify me option..which is missing from the primitive aged app..

  2. SS says

    Horrible shopping experience. Prices are higher than Jabong. App only is very irritating and difficult to browse. Now you can’t check your order details even when you are logged in they ask you to enter order no. Sent through SMS or email. WTF

  3. Vicky Mukherjee says

    Super Fast Delivery. Wide collection. But the products look a lil bit different from the licture shown in the site.

  4. Sunny says


    Hi people, the app has some really good collection of products but it looks good in app only when u buy it you come to know the cheapness in it.

    I recently purchased a product and the quality of the product was worse then the one sold in streets. I have requested for a refund and the myntra person has took the product back. It is now almost 2 months that I have not received my refund. Myntra person has even called me up and confirmed I would receive the money within weeks but still I didnt received it. I have also shared my bank statement. After continual request there was no response at all. Myntra PLEASE STICK TO YOUR WORD ATLEAST BRAND WITH NO HONOUR OF ITS COMMITMENT.

    Fellow users incase you like any product in myntra I would suggest for a COD. They donot have respect to your money so please think before you buy from here

  5. Bob says

    Cannot find customer reviews section anywhere for the products, which makes it difficult to decide whether the product is good or not


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