Furniture Review: – A Not So Fab Experience

A few months ago Mr T and I decided to go furniture shopping. The online type. We scoured lots of websites trying to find a modest dining set that would fit well into our modest home. While we found dazzling dining sets on, the prices were also quite dazzling. Since budget was a concern, we decided to buy something cheaper that would last us for a while, till we could invest in something better.

However, there were two basic caveats: 1) Aesthetics were very important to us — we wanted something that wasn’t too ornate yet beautiful. 2) It had to be a six-seater.

We saw thousands of dining sets on Snapdeal (terrible quality) and PepperFry (Dad saw some ads on TV, we checked it out and found pretty ugly stuff, with a terrible user experience/filter options).

Enter A good user experience and good looking dining sets. Moreover, dining sets that fit into our budget.

Enter the Carolina Dining Set with Six Chairs:


Hey looks good! Damn good! Was discounted at Rs 15990 from its original selling price of Rs 20,990. (Hmmmm… I am kind of sceptical about these kinds of discounts now!) Add to this processing charges of Rs 500 and subtract a discount coupon of Rs 3000. Total price of Rs 13,490. Not bad at all.

I was a little unsure about the quality of wood (Rubber wood). However, the reviews seemed good and there seemed to be something about FabFurnish that reassured me. Decided to go ahead and order it.


The process of ordering was smooth and without problems. The delivery was punctual and a guy came to install the furniture free of charge. (He did take unbearably long — about 3 hours!)

The problem came when we actually started using the furniture. Mr T said the chairs were kind of short and he would like to put heels on them. That wasn’t too problematic for me. What was problematic was that the table length and width was so tiny that we could never fit all six chairs in (2 chairs had to jut out awkwardly). This was still bearable.

What was absolutely unbearable was our first dinner — when we hosted a couple of friends. As we were munching through our dinner, regaling in stories of yore, Mr T leaned against the side of his chair. Leaned. Not jumped on. Leaned as in adjusted his body weight slightly.

And what do we find? A piece of the chair in his hand!! Snapped off completely. Not loose from the screws or anything repairable. But snapped off! Clearly horrible quality wood.

fabfurnish table

fabfurnish table

I mean if you can’t use your chair to sit on — what are you supposed to use it for?

I immediately write to FabFurnish customer care. Thankfully, the chairs are under warranty (1 year I believe).

I get an automated reply and the next day Mr T gets a call saying that a technician will visit to assess the chairs. (The furniture was ordered in Mr T’s name, hence, the call went to him.) The same day I get a nice apology mail saying that the ‘Returns Team’ will get in touch. And two mails follow about some technician visiting — scheduled, etc.

No technician visits or contacts us further.

I’m doing my accounts and see FabFurnish has credited Rs 1390 to my account. I’m confused? What is this? Are they paying for the damage to one chair?

I write to them again. Asking them specifically to call me on my number. And obviously Mr T gets the call (not me!) — saying that they are looking for a replacement. No timeline mentioned. And the Rs 1390 was probably a cashback (which took 3 months to process!!) There is no email reply to my mail this time.

Next mail I receive says “Please be apprised that the technician visit has been completed with reference to the complaint raised.”

Well, no technician visited and no timelines mentioned as to when the furniture will get replaced.

Not a very fabulous experience, I must say.

A few days later, I’m leaning back on my chair and hear a gentle creaking sound. I quickly sit up — I know these chairs can’t take body weight well — better to be cautious than to land up on my fabulous floor.

Update: Jan 6, 2014. A few hours after writing this post, we received a mail from FabFurnish thanking us for choosing one of their ‘bestselling furnishing products’. What this mystery product is or when we should expect to receive it is a mystery. All we have been told is that when we receive it, we should contact FabFurnish’s assembly team.

Update: Jan 7, 2015: Finally some clarity. Get a mail from Team FabFurnish apologizing for the defective product and informing that a replacement chair has been shipped and is in transit. We should receive it in a couple of days. Clarity! That’s all we were looking for.

FabFurnish reviewUpdate: Jan 16, 2015: Almost 3 weeks after raising our initial complaint regarding the broken chair, FabFurnish delivery guys finally arrived today with the replacement chair. And when they began installing the chair, they made a delightful discovery: the replacement chair was missing a piece!! I told the delivery/assembly guys to call their head office. Their response: We don’t work for FabFurnish. You’ll have to complain online. We’re just the courier guys. And so I returned the entire (incomplete) chair back to them and wrote back to FabFurnish who reassured me and apologized for “failing to deliver a hassle-free and fully satisfying experience.” Ugh. And so the never-ending saga continues.

Update: January 20, 2015: All done, finally! Replacement chair arrived with all pieces and assembled soon after. Phew. Not ordering from anytime soon!

User Reviews and Comments

  1. says

    I’m having a similar experience with purchase of Spacewood wardrobe on
    Got it delivered in a broken state after 20 days. Two wood planks were broken. After repeated calls to customer care, I see no next steps being taken. And there is no option of getting refund.(I appreciate for having money back policy). Fabfurnish customer care keeps saying that they will replace it and there is delay from vendor, but they dont even give an estimated time, its an endless wait. Very frustrated with online shopping experience with Fabfurnish. Will never shop with them again.

    • Mvp says

      Horrible experience with Fab Furnish. Ordered a bar and I was delivered a damaged piece. I’ve been struggling over a month now to get the refund. There’s a standard reply I get when I call the customer service, our team will call u and update u in an hrs time. Nothing happens- no calls received at all, I get a reply after 3-4- days that they are arranging the packaging team to pack the product. However it’s over a month now there is no sign of anybody from fab furnish.
      Please do not buy any product from fab furnish.

  2. Ramya says

    I am currently facing an issue with FabFurnish as well.
    I ordered a lounger for a whopping price of ~25,000 Rs/-!
    Initially i had a bit of trepidation, because its an expensive piece and what if it does not seem as it look on the website??
    So I mailed them for more information about color & fabric of material. I received a response saying its “Upholstery fabric” and they sent one more photo from vendor saying there’s a color difference.
    As per layman person’s understanding, upholstery fabric is some soft type of fabric typically used for sofas. And the new image showed color to be yellow, which i was happy with.
    Like stated above, I had also not read anything so negative about the website so I went ahead and placed the order.

    When it arrived…..The product was not at all as described in their website! Or in their emails to me!!!!!
    It was PURE WHITE in color and, the material was leather type.
    I raised a complaint but they refused to accept their mistake even after I sent them all the written proof I had.
    Whats more, after I received the order that they have sneakily updated the product listing with the actual facts, and they tell me that the website is showing correct information.
    They say its a case of “dissatisfaction”, not a defect & hence they will not accept return.

    I would advise anyone to never buy from this website.

  3. Surya singh says

    We bought a king size bed online. its been two months and we are struggling for getting the bed delivered.
    The experience is very bad. With delivery, with customer care.
    The delivery will happen according to their comfort. Its the delivery person’s choice to deliver the bed and they will not listen to you at all.
    We got the bad after 1 month which was queen size. The tag on the cover was KIng size so we thought it will be King size but then we measured the size and found they faked it and it was queen size.
    We raised the complain then they came up with the idea of providing 1k coupon, and the difference between the king size and queen size bed was more than 2000. So we asked for the return then they made all the escapes for not providing the refund and take the exchange instead. So we agreed for the exchange.
    No today they again came and I took the leave from office for getting the bed delivered but what I found was again queen size bed given. WTF. they cant even manage the delivery no customer care nothing. just stupid. So we waited for 2 months for nothing and all they say is sorry sorry sorry. 2 months gone and my one day salary also. Please dont buy any thing from this site, it will be just a waste of money and time. Dont ever.

  4. kvk says

    Thanks for the post. The site looked good and user friendly and products were looking good too. I was about to order, but thought of doing some research before that. It is difficult to buy furniture online unless quality is more reliable, it could look good in picture, but what if it breaks? Thanks for helping me make a decision, i will not buy it from fabfurnish for now and watch it for more mature service.

  5. R says

    Thanks for all these reviews guys I was about to order a bed from Fab heard that its not best to order such an expensive thing online where you cant actually see it with our own eyes before placing an order but I was in a dice situation as with the same price I was getting a much better things online. Well, finally thanks to you all made up my mind won’t be ordering it atleast from Fab….anyways anyone have any experience with pepperfry pls leme know .Tnx again

  6. Please read the reviews of FAKE Furnish before buying anything.
    Un professional and Lair ‘s customer care executives.
    No further escalation matrix.
    Now I believe that Vaibhav Aggarwal is sleeping.

  7. Mukta says


    I ordered a double bed from fab furnish on 2nd April 2015.
    They said delivery within 17-22 “business” days.

    For 28 days I kept calling them and sending mails to them and they kept saying your order is in “Process”.. I dunno what kind of process, one needs to do for 20 days after an order is made.
    After 28days, I got a mail saying my order has been dispatched from near mumbai and will take another 10days to reach bangalore.
    when I questioned what was happening for 28days, I did not get any response from fab furnish, neither in mail nor on phone.

    Today, more than 48 days later, I donno what is happening to my order.
    After continuos followup they say “Business days” means working days, so it seems 17-22 working days means actually, 13-22nd may, 2015.

    Never order anything from this website, the service is horrible and though they say its cheap they in the end add all taxes and delivery charges and the end cost is more.

  8. Chandrashekar says

    I purchased a Bench(JP05165) directly from the JP Nagar store, Bangalore. Sales person fooled us by saying that he is throwing an additional discount of 25% on the actual price since the product was a display piece. After I returned home, figured out that the discounted price offered to us was way higher than the normal price from online.

    I registered a complaint on the following day & requested for order cancellation.

    Now company claims that they cannot cancel the order because the price discrepancy is a trivial factor & not ready to acknowledge the unethical trade practices they are involved in by giving a discriminated pricing on the products on different sales channels which they own by themselves.

    When I contacted the Seller, he mentioned that he has routed the complaint on the day I spoke to him which was 10 days ago but figured out that it was never registered on their tool until yesterday i.e. after 10 days of purchasing the product. They are not accepting that it’s totally ridiculous to do something like this & talk about their hilarious policies.

    Someone calls me in the morning from Gurgaon to sort out the issue & she confirms that product has already been dispatched & order can’t be cancelled. On other side, Seller confirms that the product has never been dispatched from their stores yet.

    Seller confirms that they can offer additional 10% to retain the sale. Customer Care says that they can only give 5% discount that too in the form of a voucher to do future purchase.

    Unsure if they still believe that someone would do the business with them after going thru all the agony because of them.

    I was promised to receive a call back by end of day today after thorough analysis & never heard back from them yet. It’s very annoying to spend 20K & sit back & wait until they solve our problem.

    Buyers, please please please don’t go by moderated positive reviews which are totally an eyewash which you find about this company.

    Day 11:

    I never received any call back from Returns team somebody by name Shikha was suppose to call me back to update me on the status. I din’t get a call until I took pain to call them to seek update.

    After few hours, she calls me that she is proactively calling me to share the same update thru standard dialogues she threw at me yesterday. She was incapable to understand my agony & continued to say that she can’t do anything & she couldn’t take it any further. She says after all it’s a mere issue & can throw additional 5% which I ideally deserve not that company is doing any favor on me to satisfy my ego.

    Guyz. Please share this with your friends & relatives to avoid such disasters & mental stress.

    Day 14

    Eventually, I was told that somebody will call me from Gurgaon to provide some comprehensive solution to my problem. But never heard back from anybody yet. I am planning to chose some other platform to blog until I receive some resolution around this problem.

    Day 16

    To add to their irrational behaviour, today Mr. Ramesh from store had his commitment to deliver the product after 16 days from the date of sale. But they continued to exhibit negligent & non-customer centric attitude by not communicating the status of delivery & failed to deliver the product as agreed. This is highly ridiculous & shows how irresponsible they are in adopting fair business practice

  9. Savitha says

    I ordered a four seater dining table from with part-payment(THANKFULLY!) on 29th April, 2015. Until today the 6th of June 2015, there is no change in status(Order is in process.).I first raised cases using their website, but never got a proper response(Was asked to continue waiting). I have emailed the customer care 3 times asking for a specific date of shipment, got a response with apology but no date, then I asked them to cancel the order for which there is no response. I spoke to their customer care and was promised a call back on 5th June, but nothing of that sort happened.

    My hands are tied now since I paid these guys without knowing their wonderful reputation.I cannot go and buy another dining table until they refund my money(4770.00).

    If I had stepped into the shop next to my house, I would have had my dining table delivered on the same day.Thanks to online shopping and FabFurnish I know whom to trust now.

  10. Priya says

    Worst service ever.
    Literally harassed for 5 out of the 6 orders I placed with this brand more than 16 days ago.

    One order in still “non-traceable” after thousands of calls with their customer care.
    Order Id: 205775246. This was supposed to get delivered on 8th. No one in their logistic team/customer center has an idea on where the product is. Even now they are saying if they could not trace it, they will cancel the order [after 16 days].

    Two orders took several cases to be registered and numerous tracking with them and their delivery partners, fedex. Order ID: 201175246, 205775246. Got them after 3 days of delay and tons of fights with the courier guys, because fabfurnish had turned their back on with statements like “we are trying to get an update”

    2 orders got delivered but even after 48 hours there is no assembly. #209974646, 206674646. The assembly was committed for yesterday by their Bellandur, Bangalore store and in the evening their store guys turned back on words. 10 minutes before I wrote this, I had a final word with the store manager, and have got another promise of assembly today. Let see!

    Their store @ Bellandur Bangalore, customer care folks, performance excellence team just add to the agony by “call back” commitments but no updates or any call backs.
    Ordered everything more than 16 days ago. Worst decision ever.

    You order for products worth more than 45K and then you fight for every single delivery that you want. You fight, track, log calls, call them back, explain your case to a new executive everytime who would say “within 48 hours they will call back”, take leaves and sit home waiting for deliveries [they are not flexible with delivery timings], once u get the delivery, take another leave, sit home and wait for assembly and get a call at 6:45pm in the evening that they would not make it.

    Performance excellence team @ their customer center made personal request to me last evening to wait till today i.e. 16th june 12pm before I escalate. I call up at 2pm and I do not have any updates. The person concerned is on “leave” and no one has a clue about whre things are. Now they have given timeline till 7pm.

    This is a messed up brand, worst service with absolutely no concern of what a customer goes through once they have the money credited in their account. Stay away from this brand, it isn’t as rosy as it looks

  11. Kapil Dutta says

    I ordered a recliner from fab furnish, despite commitment made with regard to the delivery, there is still no delivery. Even the customer care is also useless which was of no help. If the delivery & customer care is of this sought god knows how the product will be ??? GOD PLEASE HELP…..

  12. prashanth says

    Hello All,

    Here i sm sharing my experience with FabFurnish, As per my suggestion is don’t buy any of the products from fabfurnish, As the customercare wont take your calls,
    And they are least bothered about you as the amount is credited in there account they don’t even bother to attend the calls.
    Other thing is the goods will not be delivered ontime even it cross the mentioned date but the Fabfurnish people are least bothered, Reckless behaviour, pathetic service.
    Worst of all my suggestion is buy in any of the stores but not like this in Online.


  13. I ordered an outdoor swing online with Fabfurnish on 24th June which got delivered on 6th July. I called the customer care on 6th July to arrange for an assembly. They said someone from assembly team will contact me shortly. After a few days I made another call and they gave an excuse telling that they are having some manpower issues and would be sorted soon. Its more than ten days I didn’t get any support from customer care. Finally I organized a carpenter (my own) to assemble. It was an absolute waste of time and energy to wait for Fabfurnish people. Very poor customer care response. Disappointing…..
    I will never order anything from Fabfurnsih again…

  14. Generally you will find bad comment that good. I have so far bought furniture only from Fabfurnish online. Delivery time is little higher and the response to email are slow. BUT the most important aspect quality, there quality is rock solid. I guess they are a true furniture company who know what they are selling. The quality of the Bed that I ordered ELMWOOD is outstanding and I am sure it will come years all together which we miss in many of the new imported products. I will purchase from there again just that compared to other sites they have less items listed.

    • Just to add I had a defective piece delivered BUT Fabfurnish shown the best customer service and was able to refund the money back to my BANK ACCOUNT and not store credit.

  15. says

    There is no negative so HAD to give 1/2.


    Ref: Order # 203481246 (re-order # 203948926).

    Let me start with the latest situation. The product is a third party vendor product and hence are ordered only when someone places order for the same with FABFURNISH.COM (FF). Keep this in mind; now last friday Aug 14, when i expected the re-ordered product delivery, on MY FOLLOW UP was informed; product did not pass QA and hence once again cannot be delivered today. But if i agree can be delivered on Aug 17. Aug 15th national holiday and Aug 16 Sunday, surprised I asked how you can get another replacement so soon? and was told another customer ordered the same product and they can convince him to wait. Wow really who will agree to something like this when the initial delivery time is 25-30 business days. So please beware of games FF can play. They have money from at least 2 orders and neither full filled. What is way to make money.

    Going back at 10:30 AM, Aug 14th I was told to expect a call with update on delivery status within 3 hours. After a follow up at 12:30 PM call received at 4:30 PM. All that they wanted to do is get update from their warehouse. Really 6 hours is needed to just get an update?? My guess FF team spent time thinking of what should be the new excuse.

    From the time I have placed the order – all follow ups are done by me; there is no update on FF website except “in Progress’. No calls to me even when my order was delayed nor when it was past due date. On me calling them to check on the status; reason given for delay was product did not pass QA inspection, need to wait for new one. I would have thought 25-30 business days delivery would have been taken this case into account.

    Moving on; finally after a delay of 2 weeks the product delivered was DEFECTIVE. How did this pass QA inspection? Moreover the product is left half assembled in my house making the room un usable. Again no call from customer care even after being informed by the assembler of the issue. I had to call and was asked to send pictures? Really should I be doing this?

    After I sent the pictures; next day received call from FF; replacement order has been placed and delivery is confirmed for Aug 8. No news again on Aug 8. No calls. I called on Aug 10 and reached from what I am told the senior most escalation point Keerti Thakur and she ‘assured’ delivery by Aug 14. What I requested is to keep me posted on the progress. But again no call.

    Aug 13th my wife followed up and was told delivery will happen today. Going by our previous expieriences we decided to call on Aug 14 to re confirm. And wow at 10:30 there was not status available.. rest of this is already mentioned above.

  16. p says

    i too have been fooled by fab The product is poor quality, shoddy service.
    why cant we pass a message to other peoples on whatsap to Not to Buy form thees cheaters.
    Even if we can send message to few people then it might consider them to change their customer service.

  17. Babitha says

    I was about to order rocking chair from fabfurnish but thank god, i read what you all went through. Ordering furniture online is a bit risky thing esp. the customer service provided by most of the online store is crap. So i did browse a little and found this site, delivery in very limited locations and i am from chennai so they do in-person delivery. Very few models but all solid wood so i went ahead and ordered. Timely delivery and good customer care. The product is fabulous and it was exactly what they had described on their site. Thank you all for saving my time and money.

  18. Unknown says

    Really horrible experience. Form the web site, it looks promising. Will never ever buy from this online store.
    suggest others also to think before ordering.

  19. says

    Never purchase Fabfurnish products and repent later, They have the worst service and delivery also the products are not original. I purchased a Double cot and to my surprise the product which I received was not made of wood but was made of saw dust particles. Just beware these people are frauds as now there is a crack in my Bed but the Service team is not responding. Worst product and service. Never go for Fabfurnish instead just spend sometime and go to a nearby shop and purchase at least you get a genuine one.

  20. Hima Bindu says

    We bought a King siz4e bed from fab furnish and its such a worst experience we had here the moment we bought bed within a week there was a damage and they said we will get it repaired and once done its been three times in a year that i had to call them for such a worst piece been provided as i had similar issues and have lodged so many complaints and the worst part is their own sales person who comes to fit the bed says its a worst piece and get this exchanged and when i call for exchange or service i get a response that we cannot provide.

    I have spend 25000 on such a worst piece which is particle wood and please ever dont buy these beds before you go and see rather do online shopping

    Dont ever see the looks and buy the piece rather have a look personally and then go and buy .

    The most worst experience i ever had and its the worst piees of cots they have . Dont buy dont buy

  21. Anoop says

    The worst on-line shopping experience in my life. Don’t every buy anything from them unless it’s COD and please open the item and check before paying. You’ll thank me later.

  22. anu says

    Dear ALL
    Please Please ….
    Do not purchase anything from fab furnish ,they are big cheaters ,there is no after service on the name of 1 year
    they always try to delay the complaints to complete one year and i had very bad experience with the wardrobe and the bed.
    They can change there warranty rules,Product appearance was beautiful but material is soooo bad.
    Dont be fool to purchase anything.

  23. Mosharraf says is a online fraud.. they will neither deliver product nor refund but instead will create delivery receipt with forged signatures. Beware of this fraud website.

  24. Hetvi says

    Horrible horrible experience at fabfurnish.

    I bought a lounger for 10000/- bucks. It’s mechanism is broken and now say it’s not manufacturing defect so doesn’t covered under warranty. They are bloody liars. Never buy from fab furnish. It’s simply shit website.

  25. aamrapali says

    I dont even want to give half a star to this stupid company.
    This is my first comment about any firm on the internet.I had a horrible experience with this company.
    They are just impossibly unprofessional.Struggling since 2 weeks to get an item returned.

  26. Sashant says

    Dear Users,

    Thanks a Million for the Valuable Feedback from your guys!

    I had made made up my mind to actually Buy 100% furniture for my entire house from Fabfurnish… Bedroom sets, Dining sets, Living Room sets, Study, Shoeracks etc etc etc.

    The pics looked very genuine and sturdy… I even opted for the Solid Wood furniture…. to get a Better Sturdy Product.

    But after reading the HORRIFIC reviews from endusers and the Pathetic CustomerCare, I have Cancelled my plans of buying from this Alleged Online Cheat.

    Thanks a million once again

  27. Mathew Manoj Joseph says

    Horrible experience Their customer care keeps mindlessly saying sorry with no action. For the past 5 days every day they keep saying they will come to pick up a return but never show up. Their LOUSY courier DELHIVERY are LIARS who don’t even attempt but send sms saying they did. FabFurnish has no control over their LOUSY courier DELHIVERY. So be prepared for a super run around if you ever want a return/refund. Order No:303124796 (jb’s Original Turntable Lazy Susan Large (JB914KD17SPQINDFUR -188831)

  28. Rao says

    PLEASE DO NOT order from Fab Furnish. I regret the day I ordered some office chairs from them. First of all, it took them 7days to deliver the first order which turned out to be completely defective. My complaint was not answered at all for the next 3days except the usual automated response. The second order of chairs that were delivered were even worse. Supposed to be new chairs, they had black stains and scratches all over. After repeated complaints, they sent me a “technician” ( an ordinary carpenter) who, on inspection said that they had misled many people similarly. Now, I am forced to run around these people who hide behind telephones. They are not willing to refund my money despite bad business where other companies like GOZEFO had no problem refunding the money when they realized that they had delivered a bad product within 24hrs. Everything was sorted out in less than 24hrs with GOZEFO whereas even after 2 weeks, I am sitting in my new office with defective chairs and old, beaten up, dirty chairs, thanks to the INEFFICIENCY of companies like Fab Furnish. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR this like me. Do not go by the pictures you see since the products that will be delivered can easily be very very different from what you see and after that, you will be running around in circles, trying to get a replacement or try to get a refund.

  29. Muke says

    Buy from any store but certainly not from Fabfurnish. They are big cheats and have no concern for customers once you complete payment. I had a horrible experience with their after sales service and I have come across thousands of compaints against them. I warn everyone not to buy from Fabfurnish and do some research online. You will see a good review written about this bed with name hausLife streak king storage Honey on their website. It is a fake review put by vendor himself. This bed has a design issue and once you use it for 2 months, the head panel will separate from its joint on both side. Fabfurnish will not bother about your problem . So be cautious of these cheats!

  30. Muke says

    Never think of buying hauslife streak king bed honey on fabfurnish. The reviews are all fake. I am the actual user of this and it has design issues. The joint in head panel separates. I tried to put my remarks on their site 2-3 times which they are not publishing. They are big cheats and I warn every to refrain from transacting on Fabfurnish. They have zero after sales service especially post Future group taking over. Rest, it’s your decision.

  31. Anjlai Garg says

    Hello Guys,

    Some Customer says Fabfurnish products is truly good and some says not but i wanna share my personal experiences with you guys. Before buying furniture for my home i visited so many sites and read customer reviews of paytm, Filpkart, Amazom, Urbanladder and after reading i get totally confused to read customer reviews bcoz of same problem some says its good some says its bad.
    Afterthat i look furniture on all sites and finally bought “Shastri Furniture Durkin King Size Bed With 2 Pcs Bed Side Table White” complete bedroom set from Fabfurnish 3 months ago with some decorative ideas and stylish products bcoz they also have Fab Ideas or looks to choose design. Fabfurnish delivery timing is little bit higher but i got the product in good condition without any damages and product was packed good but the most important part i would i like to say that the quality of furniture and finishing is good and genuine product was delivered as shown on the fabfurnish website. Yes, some times product is delivered wrong from every online shopping sites but it does not happen all the time so you can buy from this website or any other website all are good.

  32. Subba says

    The worst site. Customer care service is pathetic. If you want to waste your hard earned money, try to get one product from Lucky that they don’t give your money that you had paid towards a product back at any cost even if you die. I wasted 30K on one product and haven’t got it delivered being reminded n no. of times. its like you are screaming aloud for help in lost woods…. no one will come to your rescue. I pity those who are shopping at such as FRAUD online selling ppl. yaaaak.. big time sucks.

  33. Kartik says offers and delivery commitment are not honoured. They have insensitive customer support, which has no help. I spent 25k for two single beds and haggled to honour their Diwali offer, which didn’t happen due to their software/technical issue. Their customer support is blunt and rude. The product has not been delivered in the promised timeline of 15 days.

    Please think twice before buying from!

  34. meena says

    I placed an order for a bed at about twelve thirty in the afternoon on 10th jan 2017. I went to the market in the evening and found better deals. At around four PM i called to cancel my order and requested refund. They said there is no cancellation of furniture. The so called process has started… within four hours their process has started so ok.. deduct the processing charges..why cant i refuse or cancel an order that has not been effected
    I have approached the consumer forum..lets see
    But one thing is certain…beware of this cheats…They are a shame


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