Review: Buying Dry Fruits Online in India (on

Isn’t it scary to buy things like dry fruits online? Sure, the pictures look great, but you’re never really sure what you’re about to get. This Diwali Dadi decided to take the plunge and shop online. She had seen Amazon’s Diwali Dhamaka front-page ads in TOI and was tempted enough to make her first online purchase (with me as the conduit).

We bought 3 boxes of Wave-embossed Cream and Gold Diwali Dry Fruits Gift Pack, 600g from on 11th October to be given as Diwali gifts. This first box cost Rs 700 and the following two boxes cost Rs 770 (discounted from Rs 1100). This wasn’t bad for 600 grams of dry fruit (100g Almonds, 100g Cashews, 100g Kishmish, 100g Khubani, 100g Pistachios, 100g Anjeer).

The boxes reached our house promptly on 17th October in Amazon’s trademark brown boxes with ample bubble-wrap inside. The boxes looked quite gorgeous in an understated manner — cream and gold boxes with a slight glass embellishment in blue and white on the cover. Unfortunately, the glass embellishment in one of the boxes was cracked slightly. This was a minor fault probably occurring in transit so we decided to ignore it.

Inside the dry fruits were of excellent quality and fresh (sealed in air-tight bags).

This one product that looked as good as its pictures! Totally recommended. Buy below:

And now that I’m looking, KCN (the retailer on has some other great dry fruit gift boxes. The box below costs Rs 945 (discounted from Rs 1400) for 500 grams. Slightly more expensive but you’re probably paying extra for the gorgeous box.

I also like the one below. Rs 1400 (discounted from Rs 2000) for 1050 grams.

Excellent quality produce, excellent quality packaging! Go for it!

(Coming soon: my not so great review of!)

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