How to eat a subway sandwich without mess

I love Subways. Good bread, fresh veggies, a nice filling (Tuna is my favourite) and a layer of cheese. Everything good in one filling meal. But how to eat a sub without looking like a mustard splattered monster is another thing.

My favourite tip: Open up the subway sandwich and eat the vegetables first (with a fork). Once you have completed this delightful task, you are left with a much more manageable cheese + meat/tuna/aloo patty/paneer tikka + bread sandwich. Far neater, far more enjoyable! Save the best for the last of course.

subway sandwich

Fork those veggies into your tummy


And then relish your tuna + cheese + bread sandwich.

And then relish your tuna + cheese + bread sandwich.

I have to say, I love the way Subway uses a layer of cheese to segregate the meat from the veggies — keeps the vegetables crisp much longer!

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