Furlenco Furniture Rental Review

If you’re looking to rent furniture in Bangalore, say hello to Furlenco! Furniture shopping should never, ever happen in a rush (especially if you are shopping for furniture online). A few months ago, we were expecting Mr T’s parents and… More »

Id Foods Idli Dosa Batter & More

One of our great Bangalore discoveries is ID Foods — producer of awesome idli/dosa batter, parothas and now even chutneys. Mr T & I rejoice at the thought of crisp dosas for breakfast — and ID Foods Bangalore makes that… More »

Manjhi Movie Review

In an effort to start reviewing more movies, we begin with the latest movie on our list: Manjhi – The Mountain Man. Like almost everyone else, I already knew that Manjhi is based on the story of Dashrath Manjhi who broke… More »