Dabur Red Toothpaste Review

Around six years ago, I noticed I was having teeth problems: mainly bleeding gums and slight nerve sensitivity. I also needed fillings in my molars. I was using mainly Colgate or Pepsodent at this time. And then I stumbled upon… More »

Subway Prices in India

6″ Subway (Vegetarian) Prices / Rates Veggie Delite 6″ Sub — Rs.110.00 (Rs 129 with taxes) Veg Shammi 6″ Sub — Rs.125.00 (Rs 147 with taxes) Veggie Patty 6″ Sub — Rs.125.00 (Rs 147 with taxes) Chatpata Chana 6″ Sub — Rs.110.00 (Rs… More »

Domino’s (Oven-baked) Subwich Review

Common sense should signify that sandwich + subway = subwich. What’s a sandwich? Two pieces of bread with some sort of meat, vegetables, cheeses, sauces inside. What’s a subway? A submarine shaped sandwich. Now what’s a Domino’s subwich? I have no freaking idea…. More »