Dominos Mobile App (India) Review

A disaster of an app. If Dominos wants to improve their mobile game, they seriously need to improve their apps for both Andriod and iOS.

Pizzas, made of refined flour and laden with thick mozzarella cheese, can be generally considered sinful; and when the pizza is from Dominos, it is generally more sinful than others. Let’s get it straight: I am a fan of the mill-produced Dominos pizza. Maybe just because it’s the kind of junk food I’ve eaten growing up, but Domino’s pepperoni and cheese pizza is one of my all time favourites.

Using the Domino’s App in India

We end up ordering a pizza say once a month or less. It’s frequent enough for us to have the app installed on our phones. Mine was installed over a year ago, and the experience is simply horrible.

Domino's App India

The Domino’s App in India is full of bugs like this. i cannot see the veg toppings at all.

One would think that a large multi-national company would have the inclination to develop a solid app that takes care of their customers, but that is simply not the case. The app is astonishingly bad. Here’s what I dislike:

  1. It is slow. An icon of a rotating pizza is irritating.
  2. It is difficult to navigate. Finding the pizza you want within 5 seconds is near impossible.
  3. It is VERY buggy. Whenever I order my pepperoni pizza, I am unable to put any other toppings. It’s a bug, which just doesn’t show any of the toppings. (See image on the side).  I thought this was just my iPhone version of the app, so I downloaded the app on Mr T’s Android. And hello, IT IS HORRIBLE.
  4. The Android app just SUCKS. There is some misalignment in the buttons, so if you want to click on any button, you have to click approximately 0.5 – 1cm above the image of the button! What a disaster.
  5. Track my order generally does not work. It simply states that you have not placed an order.

The only thing that does work well is the notification emails that we receive, indicating the order has been successfully placed.

Order Delivery and Quality

My Domino’s branch is less than 1 kilometer away. Yet, there are usually never able to order within the prescribed 30 minutes. Yesterday’s order took them about 45 minutes. If I paid in cash I would have definitely fought for their 30-minute guarantee, but since the payment has been made online, I can’t bother fighting with them.

The food is quite consistent, varying 10-15% in quality (better if it comes hot, but usually it is only lukewarm).

Domino’s App Coupon Code

The best thing about ordering online is that you can use discount coupon codes. There are a few coupon codes that work consistently:

  • NET07 – Will give you 20% off on your Domino’s pizza order (before taxes). Works on Domino’s website and app.
  • OLO25 – Will give you 25% off on your Dominos pizza order (before taxes). Works only on the Domino’s app.




User Reviews and Comments

  1. Marina Dsouza says

    Worst app….big pain to customer….mapping is over all worst….Zero rating should be given to this app…Dominos being such big brand and such worst app ….nt expected

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