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After a long trip abroad, I returned to India craving for some normal dal, roti, sabzi, and thus, turned to Faasos for a meal delivered to my home.

How did I choose Faasos?

faasos cities

Available in several cities across India

Faasos.com has been around for quite a while with physical branches in the city. I assumed they only made rolls (Faasos Bangalore), but remembered Mr T telling me that they had jumped onto the food tech bandwagon and were delivering diverse meals at home.

The only other company I could think of that delivered normal meals for 1 person was Fresh Menu, and their exotic menu seemed quite unappetising at the moment. Thus, I went to Faasos.io and checked out what vegetarian meals they had (enough non-veg abroad!)

Faasos.com Experience

Faasos UI is pretty clean and clear. Select your city and location and it gives you a wide variety of meals: A la carte, wraps, rice, breakfast, chai, desserts, and what I was seeking — the Great Indian Meal.

On first look, the food seemed to be mostly North Indian punjabi — chola kulcha, dal makhni, butter chicken types. I decided to go for the veg nawabi meal which included dal makhni, veg nawabi, and either rice or roti. Optional extras included an omlette and masala paneer. The meal cost Rs 149 with taxes extra, coming to a total of Rs 170.

I chose roti and pressed the check out button.

Now here’s where something went wrong for this first time.

Ordering Food Online

I’m pretty damned certain that I chose roti, but what was delivered to me was “flavourful rice”. I checked the invoice that was sent to me, and that mentioned “flavourful rice” too. The confirmation page, see image below, doesn’t mention roti or rice, so there is a chance I got it wrong, but I doubt it. I’ve been craving rotis for 3 weeks, so I’m 99% certain I did not choose rice.

Anyway, moving on…

The Delivery Experience

The meal was delivered to me within the prescribed 45 minutes, after getting confirmation messages via email and sms.

The packaging was fine, nothing out of the ordinary. When I saw the rice in the meal, I told the delivery guy to hold on, let me just check on my laptop what I had ordered. But he beat a hasty retreat, saying I should call customer care, he can’t do anything. 

That was that.

The Taste Factor

Faasos Meal

This Indian meal provided by Faasos was a disappointment!

The taste of the meal was quite disappointing. Everything tasted the same — the dal, the vegetable curry and the rice. Each item had too much garam masala and tasted ordinary. 

I can best describe it as an average to poor meal, similar to what you get at mass-produced weddings or meals served by the Indian Railways.

Overall Review

All I can say is that I’m not planning to order from Faasos ever again. The taste was substandard, and the price was far too high for the quality. I wouldn’t pay more than Rs 50 for the meal I received. It reminded me of the now defunct SpoonJoy

If you are looking for a quick bite at home, I’d still recommend Fresh Menu. Despite the fact that they don’t compete in the same cuisine, they are leagues ahead. Other competitors to order from restaurants include Swiggy, FoodPanda and Zomato.

Faasos Coupons

For those of you who do want to give Faasos a shot, you can use the following coupon to get 100% cashback (Faasos online order only): CNF100

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