Nature’s Basket Review

Great for gourmet goods, not so much for other food items.

If you’re looking for gourmet goods in India, head to Nature’s Basket. Nature’s Basket by Godrej has segregated itself in the grocery and fresh foods market by catering to the niche higher income buyers: those looking for fancy pasta sauces and sushi rice and good quality fresh meat.

What I like about Godrej Nature’s Basket

  1. Offbeat gourmet food products — If I want to buy the best cocoa powder in the world offline (Hintz), i go to Nature’s Basket. If I want to buy fish sauce, I go to either Nature’s Basket or Food World. If I want healthy, alternative farm-fresh milk, I buy Kiaro milk from Nature’s Basket. If I want greek yogurt, I buy Epigamia yogurt from Nature’s Basket. For niche items like this, Nature’s Basket is absolutely wonderful.
  2. Exotic fruits and vegetables — From New Zealand avacadoes (ridiculously overpriced) to celery to lemon grass to strange mushrooms, Nature’s Basket has got all the ingredients for your exotic dishes.   
  3. Meats & Cheeses – Nature’s Basket has a nice dedicated meat areas where you can buy fancy exotic hams and cheeses. They also have other fresh meats and seafood which I find a little too overpriced for my liking.
  4. Organic produce – I love organic stuff just because I wish to control the number of chemicals I’m consuming on a daily basis. Nature’s Basket has some great organic products such as Keggs Eggs, 24 Mantra products and so on.
  5. Lots of stores — I’ve luckily had a Nature’s Basket close to my home always, so the penetration of Nature’s Basket stores seems pretty decent (at least in major Indian cities).

What I don’t like about Nature’s Basket

  1. The space is often quite cramped. Obviously this depends from store to store. Earlier, we used to visit the Nature’s Basket in Sadashivnagar which was huge. Lots of space, easy to amble through. Soon after, we started visiting the Nature’s Basket in Indiranagar which feels like a sock drawer. A messy, squished up sock drawer. Two people can barely pass in this store, and if you’re thinking of carrying a trolley — well, good luck!
  2. Not too fresh vegetables — My local vegetable seller has vegetables that are fresher than Nature’s Basket. He even keeps broccoli and fresh basil leaves, which seems to have become a staple in the average middle-class Indian’s diet.
  3. The staff — While the staff is generally quite helpful, they aren’t too helpful when it comes to fresh vegetables and fruits. They tend to mechanically weight it without checking if it’s fresh or good. Then I had one experience where I bought a whole bunch of things, and the person who was putting it in the bag didn’t given me one bag. They were so lost in the confusion that they didn’t even realise that it till I came back the next day.
  4. Limited variety of ordinary products — If you want something ‘ordinary’ like cornflakes manafactured in India or Kissan tomato sauce or Red Label tea, look elsewhere. This store keeps all the fanastic phoren goods, but not too many ‘Made-in-India’ products.

Shopping on Godrej Nature’s Basket Online Store

To be honest, I’ve never shopped on Nature’s Basket online. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried. I have tried, a whole bunch of times, but I can never find what I want. 

If I want the offbeat products, eg, Epigamia Greek Yogurt, Hintz Cocoa or Kiaro Milk it’s not listed on their website. If I want ordinary products like Red Label tea or ordinary Indian Kellogs cornflakes, it’s not listed on their website.

What’s the point then I ask? Might as well shop for stuff on BigBasket.

Overall Review of Nature’s Basket

Nature’s Basket is catering to a unique niche market like Food World. However, unlike Food World, I find that Nature’s Basket stores generally aren’t that well-kept or well-stocked.

User Reviews and Comments

  1. Parvinder Dhawan says

    selling face glow green tea @ 550 per 50 gms with live insects. On raising a complaint same day reverse pickup was done and it has been a month no refund has been initiated from their end/ they are just fraud people befooling innocent customers.

  2. prasad says

    Nature Basket is the 100% worst website and please don’t buy anything by using this website(fraud).
    No quality food and they are selling everything old stock. This the number one fraud and useless website in all over the world.

  3. Anuja says

    I wish I had an option of giving negative rating! This review pertains to BANGALORE branch and online shopping experience. I admit that spread of products available is good, but I dont see a point if the quality of products available doesnt match what is expected, especially for the price we pay. I had TWO consecutive BAD experience.

    1 – My first try with nb and ordered for cream cheese. I did get what I was looking for, but only with a layer of fungus on top when i opened the package. I had to return the product. I swore not to go back to this place but they smartly credited the amount to my e-wallet, leaving me with no choice but buy from them again.

    2 – I tried cream cheese yet again after a month or so. This time again i got the product delivered, but with a twist. They sent me cheddar cheese of the same brand and said these are same. I had to send the product back. this time I am adamant about getting my money back. But guess what, close to 2months they are still apologizing and asking for time to resolve this.
    Never ever will i buy from here, If you want to, please opt for COD check product and then pay. saves you a lot of hassles

  4. rahul says

    Please do not go for it. Pathetic services and non-responsive customer care. I regret no option for negative rating.

  5. Sourav says

    Godrej Nature’s Basket near Sarjapur road has pathetic home delivery services. I have been facing problems with home delivery for the last five to six times now. They commit that they will deliver the product within an hour but they just don’t. At times I had to call atleast 2-3 times to just book the order let alone the delivery. I have tried to speak with there store managers Rahul and Alfred and informed them about this issue couple of times but they are just not willing to improve. I am fed up with this really unprofessional behaviour. Please refrain yourselves from such filthy services.

  6. Poornima says

    Really bad service. I called their store and ordered items to be delivered to my home. They promised to deliver in one hour. It’s close to 6 hrs now and still not delivered. Not responding to calls also. Pathetic service ugh!

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