Furlenco Furniture Rental Review

If you’re looking to rent furniture in Bangalore, say hello to Furlenco! Furniture shopping should never, ever happen in a rush (especially if you are shopping for furniture online). A few months ago, we were expecting Mr T’s parents and grandmother to visit within the coming 10 days. And our new home was lacking in respectable (adult) furniture.

In our 9 months of marriage, we had happily gotten accustomed to having a cardboard box as a centre table, a sofa-cum-bed and two low chairs as our sofa set. But with the parents visiting, we needed to change and change fast! Hence, we said hello to Furlenco, home to furniture rentals in Bangalore and Mumbai.

We went shopping online and offline, stopping by at the Pepperfry Studio, Home Centre, and several other places. To our shock and dismay, everything online and offline would take a minimum of 2-4 weeks to deliver. WTF? Who can wait that long for furniture?

We were getting desperate and so went where no normal person dares to go — to the land of furniture rental! Sounds icky and gross when you first hear about it, right? But Furlenco makes it much less so.

What is Furlenco?

Furlenco is a service offered in Bangalore & Mumbai by which you can rent furniture (sofas, tables, beds, lamps and even appliances) on a monthly basis. Their website offers limited looks, which you can order and have delivered at home at no extra cost. 

Our Furlenco Experience

Furlenco Furniture Rental - Our experience

The sofa, the lamp and the center table were all provided by Furlenco.

To be honest, our delivery experience was quite abysmal. We checked the Furlenco.com website and saw a couple of designs we liked. However, their ready-made package wasn’t exactly what we wanted so we spoke to them and got exactly what we wanted for around Rs 2000 a month. 

Delivery was prompt but disastrous. The sofa set we ordered was not delivered, but a ghastly brown sofa showed up instead (which was quite stinky — strong cardboard smell). We got two lamps instead of one and even a couple of side tables for no reason. The delivery team of Furlenco was extremely responsive and courteous and they said they would get it sorted out immediately.

When they did get it sorted out, they realised that what we ordered was no longer in stock and we would have to wait a week. Well, the parents saw the ghastly brown sofa and left and we waited for the correct sofa to show up.

A week later, the supposedly correct sofa showed up in a nice Furlenco van. The boys carried the sofa up the stairs (slightly damaging the wall) only to realise it was again the wrong sofa.

It finally took another trip for the correct sofa to show up. And since then, the experience has been smooth!

Furlenco for those with a keen eye

If you are looking to do up your room beautifully and our particular about small things, then Furlenco may not be the best bet for you. Most of the furniture that they deliver is not exactly the same as on their website, but somewhat similar. Even though there are two ranges (Pico & Milli), there are variations within these ranges.

The soft furnishings (like cushions) are all from Home Centre and often don’t fit appropriately with the set (our rug was much too tiny for the room — it’s lying in a cupboard). The lamp is a little wonky (the shade can never sit accurately).

Who is Furlenco targeting?

Well, my guess is most likely bachelors who are starting off their careers (with little time or interest in furnishing their homes), people who have newly shifted into the city, students, and those desperate for quick furniture!

Is renting furniture hygienic?

This was our major concern when renting furniture. All furniture delivered by Furlenco is packed either in cling-film (refurbished) or cardboard (new pieces). The Furlenco guys told us that when a piece of furniture is returned to them, the fabric is removed and dry cleaned before being put back together.

The website says this:

At the end of your tenure, once we receive the furniture back at our warehouse, we strictly refurbish and repair the furniture before it is sent to any other customer. Our refurbishment process includes UV sterilization of the wood, sandpapering and polishing of every wooden furniture, sanitization and UV cleaning of the mattresses and other soft upholstered parts of the furniture, HEPA filtration to extract allergens and dust particles, foam shampoo and cleaning of couch and anti-dust mite spraying on the wood to save it from termites.

The soft-furnishings like cushion covers and rugs need not be returned.

Overall Review of Furlenco

Furlenco is great for those looking for a quick-fix cheap solution to furniture; they are currently in Bangalore and Mumbai and are doing a decent job.

User Reviews and Comments

  1. Mokchada says

    Verey quick whle it comes to payment and delivery but once u call/ mail and request for return….the entire team vanishes and that piece of furniture which was a great deal initially becomes pain in ass and definitely on pocket…because they keep BILLING YOU despite of return request……………..Never using Furlenco again, will rather buy furniture and pay EMI from pepper fry or similar places and own it completely. Totally disgusting…

  2. Rahul says

    In my experience, very bad service. Provide damaged appliances and ask for rental for damaged appliance. Delivery scheduler are worst, rude and unmannered.

  3. antom raphael says

    This is fraud company.

    I did not get the products as promised on time. So i canceled.
    Even did not receive My money (witch i gave advance) also.

  4. Anand Sharma says

    I rented sofa but that sofa was dirty and it has proI rented recline sofa for my little son, but we faced back pain problem. Once we used 4 hours that sofa, we faced back pain problem (sofa was old and unadjusted) The sofa was dirt inside (under of arm rest side lot of dirt and garbage was their) . I returned back that recline sofa next day. I am pursuing that company for money return back more than month I am calling to company and customer care but they do not responding. I wonder why I believed on furlenco.
    I do not trust and suggest same to you (do not trust on furlenco).

  5. Anand Sharma says

    from last one month I am calling to Customer care (Bangalore) from Mumbai but they do not give positive response. That is my first experience with that company but it is very bad. Poor response from customer care. I hope they will not take some other people hard earn money.

  6. Anindita Deb says

    Furlenco is nothing as it features itself to be..
    Firstly they claim to deliver within 72 hours which they did not. Therefore due to delay in delivery I cancelled my order. Secondly I was promised to get my deposit refund within 2-3 days which I did not again. It’s been more than a month and still no refund. Everytime I call them I only get fake promises of actioning it within 2-3 days.
    Guys please beware and think twice before renting furniture from these people. They ate my money and they will eat yours as well.
    Very unprofessional and thug people

  7. Tarun lather says

    Just tried renting furniture from furlenco. Worst possible experience. So, first thing, nobody called me on the scheduled delivery date. Next day is Sunday, nobody gives a shit at furlenco because its a holiday. And when i asked for the refund, because they charge you first and later inform about the delivery dates and documents, so no clear indication about refund. Plus zero help from their team when it comes to documentation. i personally had better experience renting from city furnish.

  8. Birchi.in says

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