JBL Flip 2 Speakers Review: Big Sound for a Small Device

JBL Flip 2 is an excellent device to have at home... Highly recommended!

I received the JBL Flip 2 as a birthday present last month (yippee!). If you are looking for a small speaker that packs a punch, look no further! Gone are the days of annoying aux cables (that are perpetually loose) — bluetooth is here, baby! And no more speakers crackling in fear of Metallica… the JBL Flip 2 is here!

The JBL Flip 2 Device

The device is cylindrical — made of plastic, I assume —  with a rubber strip running down the back (to prevent it from becoming a rolling stone). It’s around 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. Perfect to easily carry around in your hand. The centre portion of the stereo speaker carries the mid-range and treble sounds, while the base speakers are on either end.

It can stand vertically or rest horizontally. I think it was designed to rest horizontally because the bass notes get muffled when you play it standing.

Ease of Use: Flippin’ Easy!

The JBL Flip 2, my friends, is almost a homage Applesque minimalism. There are precisely 3 buttons on the speaker: On/Off, Bluetooth, and Phone. That’s it. There’s a place to plug in the mini-USB charger in the back and 5 lights that indicate the battery level.

It is the easiest to use speaker I have come across in my entire life. (Was trying to connect a Bose portable speaker to my phone the other day, had no idea what to press!) It immediately and easily connects to my phone and laptop (via Bluetooth). No problem whatsoever.

It also has a built-in mic so it can be used for my group phone calls back home! Awesome. 

Battery life

The battery lasts long, pretty long. On full charge, it gets drained after approximately 3-4 hours usage. Not bad at all. The mini-USB charger that comes with it can be connected to a power socket or directly to your computer.

Sound Quality: JBL meets Harman Kardon

I’ve reviewed Harman Kardon speakers in the past. Let’s face it: a palm-sized speaker can never compete with the real thing. The sound quality is not a patch on the Harman Kardon, however, it is made by the same folks (or half of the same folks — not sure what the deal is between the tie up.)

The sound quality is AMAZING for its size. Sure, the bass notes don’t send the room shaking (and are honestly slightly weak), but the clarity in the higher notes are amazing. We’ve used the speakers for a dinner party at home, and it was just perfect. Not too loud, not too soft, easy to connect, no problemo!


The Flip 2 comes in several colours: from a muted black to a plain white to more colourful yellow, reds and blues.

Availability & Price of JBL Flip 2 Speakers

The speakers are available on Amazon.in between a range of Rs 4,990 and Rs 7,990.  I got the yellow speakers with the case and the adapters for Rs 5,770 — and I’m loving every second I spend with them.

If you are thinking of bringing music back into your life, I would seriously suggest buying the JBL Flip 2.

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  1. Saurav Chaudhuri says

    JBL provide a good quality product but still I would like to inform you that do not purchase their life style product Such as JBL Flip 2. The have only service centre in Mumbai and Bangalore . So if you are from other part of India then you will be in trouble to get their service. So please do not go for JBL .


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