FreshMenu Review

Incredibly delicious meals delivered to your doorstep.

Want to order a quick, gourmet meal without much thought — then FreshMenu is available to your rescue! Available in select areas of Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi, FreshMenu delivers delicious and healthy continental meals at reasonable prices within the hour.

How to Order from FreshMenu

The website is where I prefer to order, even though they do have apps available (Android & IOS). The website is quite nice with decadent images of food as the primary focus! It’s well-organised and unbelievable simple to use. You scroll down, see delicious pics of food and click buy now! That’s about it. You could go into the details page to learn about the meal but I don’t find it necessary.

Once you order — you are requested to input your personal details and taken to a payment link. You can request your delivery time or just let them order immediately. Superbly simple!

The Daily FreshMenu Menu & Order Timings

FreshMenu Meals

Scrumptious chicken caesar salad by FreshMenu

The menu is quite limited with no more than twenty items available at a time. It’s a daily rotating menu so you’ll see different items every day — varying from Italian & European (pastas, grilled chicken, salads, fish, etc) to Chinese (hakka noodles with chicken, rolls, etc) to American (sandwiches, burgers, sliders) and desserts (cakes, cookies). 

There are no Indian meals available, which is unfortunate (there’s only so much gourmet food my Indian taste buds can have). I think some healthy rolls Indian-style would be a good addition to the menu.

You can order lunch between 12pm and 3pm and dinner between 7pm and 10.30pm. During these hours you will see a more varied menu. If you order between or before these times, you will see their ‘All Day Menu’ — basically sandwiches, burgers, salads, tapas platters and desserts. Most hot meals won’t be available during these times.

Delivery & Packaging

freshmenu cookies

Fresh cookies – how tempting!

Delivery is incredibly fast — usually within 30 minutes. My one big complaint with FreshMenu is their delivery process. Every time I’ve ordered, the delivery boys have called repeatedly asking for instructions of where to deliver. Come on, guys… the address is given to you, why are you bugging me about it?

The packaging of the food is tasteful and quite nice. The containers seem to be very well thought out and tailored to FreshMenu. Again one complaint would be against the excessive use of plastic — not the most eco-friendly product.

FreshMenu Flavours & Food Quality

Cookies by FreshMenu

Cookies by FreshMenu — not that incredible! 🙁

What’s great about FreshMenu that the ingredients are fresh and flavourful. The meals are usually excellently balanced — it feels like a gourmet experience rather than a packaged meal. Kudos to the chefs for the balanced flavours as well as created unusual dishes.

I have ordered the spaghetti with chicken meat balls (which was nice and peppery with a tangy tomato sauce although the meatballs were a little dry), Caesar salad (which was scrumptious — delicious lettuce leaves, olives, shredded chicken, onions and (somewhat soggy) croutons with mayo), and the Sumo Chicken Burger (not my favourite, a little too large and messy — the chicken patty again was a little to dry for my liking), and the chocolate chip cookies (large, crisp but a little too sweet for me).

It really feels like restaurant-quality food and reasonable prices delivered to your home.

FreshMenu Prices

The prices are somewhat expensive for regular consumption. The chicken burger, for example, costs Rs 250. The chicken Caesar salad was for Rs 150. The cookies were for Rs 80.

While the prices are very reasonable for the quality of food, it is a little too expensive for daily consumption.

However, after having tried Spoonjoy (read my review), I much, much prefer FreshMenu meals.

User Reviews and Comments

  1. Girish says

    Ordered a stuffed veg pizza and feta-infused grilled veggie salad today. Delivery was very fast. With regards to the food, the salad was decent although the feta seemed very sparse. The stuffed veg pizza was average – hardly any stuffing.

    Overall, I felt the pricing to be on the expensive side. Still some way to go before it can be considered value for money.

  2. Shalaka says

    Great variety and quality of international cuisine. Awesome , pasta, tacos, sandwich, burger, salad , soup, cakes , tart and my most favorite chilli fish.
    Awesome food. Value for money.
    On time delivery.
    I just love it😘😘😘😘

  3. Madan says

    Not sensitive to customer requirements. Food was not delivered in time and that too with missing item. Food delivered was cold. I was left hungry for more than an hour. No commitment on delivery time.

  4. vimal says

    I just got to know that fresh menu has introduced delivery charges on food ordered below Rs 200/- i am very disappointed with this 🙁

    I frequently order food worth 170/- & 180 range but now i will have to pay extra Rs 30/- for order below 200/-

    So going forward it will not make sense for me to order food of 170 and pay extra 30 which makes it to 200/-,
    instead i will order food worth of 200/- directly.

    By this change, Fresh menu sale will be effected for food items whose price is below 200/-

  5. Suhas s says

    I am not a person who would write long posts but today Fresh-menu has given me an opportunity to do so which I never thought would occur. I am writing about an incident that took place on the 19th March Sunday 11:00 PM IST.

    I am Hindu a vegetarian and a Vishwakarma Brahman in religious and cultural practices I follow since, my presence on earth.

    So I was heading out to meet a friend for dinner and had my mom alone back home because dad was out on a trip and would be back anytime that night.

    Since I was heading out I thought I would have my mom have a meal of her choice and asked her what she would like to have and mum having tried a few different cuisines she wanted to try something different and asked me to take the lead and I thought of Fresh-menu since they serve world cuisine and their menu is fancy. At about 8:52 IST I place an order for Mexican burrito bowl/Dal chawal arancini (VEG) combo, a pineapple ice tea, and a banana cake.

    Usually, Freshmenu takes about 45 mins to deliver from the moment you place an order apparently I received a message saying that the delivery will be delayed due to the high volume of orders for that night which I was totally okay with. At about 10:20 the order was delivered.

    My mom is 56 years old a 10th Pass out and dad 61 years old and a BA LLB retired government employee. Mom can barely read and write English but can do it and takes her own sweet time and I appreciate her for her skills being just a 10th pass out from the 70’s but that’s not the point here.

    Having lived 5 to 6 decades of religious and cultural practices of a typical orthodox Brahman family i think everyone can understand the level of dedication and depth in the religious practices and mainly concerning the Food habits being a Brahman.

    So, it happened that the delivered food consisted of Mexican burrito rice bowl/ CHICKEN SAUSAGE PEPPERY FRY (Non-veg) which I never order for, Pineapple ice tea and banana cake.

    Mom certainly believes I would never order a non-vegetarian dish for her and I bet I wouldn’t. Why on earth would I? We have been following a strict vegetarian diet since birth which comes from the religious and cultural practices. Believe me my mom doesn’t know what a chicken sausage looks or tastes like she hasn’t seen a chicken sausage her entire life not even at this moment.

    But due to the irresponsible work ethic of Fresh-menu employees, my mom ate chicken sausage thinking heartbeat something different she has never had, never seen. Since she had asked for different food she hadn’t tried she didn’t think much and believed it to be a different dish and didn’t realize it was a non-vegetarian dish. I am certain it’s not her fault to have eaten the food. The mistake is from the FRESH-MENU TEAM and this is totally unacceptable if in the first hand you Fresh-menu team did your job right.

    I am back home at 11:00 and that’s when I am asking mom if she enjoyed the food and her reaction was I liked the rice bowl but she did mention that she felt weird about one dish which was chicken sausage which mom was not aware of. That’s when i looked at the delivered food package and I skipped a heartbeat the moment I realized she had consumed chicken sausage without her consent. I quickly took the package away and didn’t want her to find out that she had consumed chicken cause I know how much it would affect her mentally and physically taking into consideration her religious beliefs and practices followed for over 5 decades to the present moment. I absolutely know how someone of great religious and cultural standards would feel when something like this happens.

    Immediately I tried the customer support to inquire and report about the incident since it was already 11:00 the customer support was shut and I couldn’t do much. So, I called the delivery guy to inquire why he did so and why he didn’t do a thorough check before handing out the food and asked him to pass his manager’s contact info who he reports to and the story went further on where I spent about an hour and a half talking different managers and finally the Operations manager Mr Ali who works out of the Freshmen corporate office in kormangala and reported the issue to him. All I had happening was every manager just cutting a sorry figure out there and talking about refunding the money. I wonder how on earth can one talk about a refund when they have done the damage to a level concerning one’s religious and cultural practices. Further on I asked Mr Ali to look into the issue and keep me in the loop about the steps they are taking in order to find out about why this incident happened and what are they going to do about it? Which never happened and I see to what extent a brand like fresh-menu is really concerned about their customers and the kind of service they are providing.

    First thing the next morning I call the Customer support to report the issue and spoke to the customer support agent who escalated the same to floor manager and I explained to him about the whole scenario and mentioned to him to take this as a priority and to keep me in the loop as to what their actions would be concerning the issue and how they would resolve it.

    Let me tell you FRESH-MENU doesn’t care about their customers at all it took time for me to realize when they didn’t take the initiative to resolve the damage caused or got back to me until I happened to call them back again on Wednesday and I still see people trying to cut a sorry figure and an apology and not taking necessary steps to restore the damage caused. This is just not done this is not how a company like fresh-menu should treat their customers and the damage they have caused pertaining one’s religious beliefs and cultural practices.

    The question that revolves around is:

    Is this how fresh-menu treats their customers and addresses the issues they create??

    Is this level of service being a world recognized brand?

    I do not see any fresh menu employee I got in touch with taking the initiative or responsibility to restore the damage caused.

    If this has happened to me I am sure there are a lot of customers like me who might have faced similar or different issues but didn’t raise or did and was not attended properly by the company.

    Despite the busy schedule as a corporate employee I have invested so much time into this Bullshit FRESH-MENU has caused me and i do not see any corrective measures taken from FRESH-MENU which is a shame to the brand and the employees involved

    Imagine though you consume meat and your meat diet restricted to just chicken and mutton. What would you feel if someone served you dog meat or meat that you are not willing to eat but you ate cause you had no idea what that was ?

    I am writing to let people know the kind of service FRESH-MENU is providing and how serious they are about their customers and the issues they create for their customers. i will take legal action against them and I have all the necessary proof to do so.

    Thank you for taking time out to read this post and please support the cause if you feel appropriate.

  6. basu says

    This was my first ever unfortunate experience with Freshmenu couple of minutes back, I ordered non veg appetizer chicken peri peri which looked liked ditto pokada’s fried and sent ! am sorry but couldnt stop laugh seeing the prep, you seriously need to check that thing out. I wish i could upload the pick here vs what is been depicted in the menu :).

  7. Kavya says

    Their services are really going down day by day.I had ordered 1.5 hrs back and yet haven’t received the order. The delivery executive denied coming home. Customer care didn’t receive call. I am scared if they continue such poor services then they will be soon out of business.

  8. vivek pradhan says

    Here the reason why it should be 1 or even lesser if given an option.

    I am not a person who would write long posts but today Fresh-menu has given me an opportunity to do so which I never thought would occur.

    Firstly, the quality of what Fresh Menu used to offer earlier and what it is now is 10 times low. Sad to see all Businesses ONLY doing well in the beginning and maintaining the food quality. Rest is all a story. Even then, no matter how good it looks to the eyes when you see on the website, at least try and come a bit closer when it comes to the quality. Photographers does all the hard work when it comes to making it look so irresistible, but when the food reaches you, it’s just the opposite.

    Secondly, I saw this add this morning and tried to place an order around 10 o’clock. I didn’t realize that the window opens from 11. Therefore since I was at work, so got occupied and tried to place an order for Black Bean Veggies ‘N’ Hakka Noodles which was initially at Rs. 99. Took about 5 minutes to place the order and the time I entered all my Debit card details, the page got refreshed and the next thing I see is that the price is DOUBLED !! Called Customer care at 080 40424242, someone picks up the call in 10 minutes and says: Your time is up !! When asked if there was any instructions or terms and conditions to the offers, says its till 11:45 which is nowhere on the website. If this is how Fresh-menu does Business, then it would not take much time for overall customers to file a case against the company. What happens tomorrow when each one of us starts ignoring Fresh menu? All your offers WOULD NOT work at that time when your customer are not happy. SICK !!!

    Is this how fresh-menu treats their customers and addresses the issues they create? If this has happened to me I am sure there are a lot more customers like me who might’ve faced similar issues but didn’t raise or did and was not attended properly by the company.

    It isn’t value for money too anymore as the food just doesn’t match up to the price.

    I don’t intent to order anymore from it as it really a huge disappointment.

    Well Fresh menu, you’ve just lost a customer and gained a hater. Maybe the next time you take a customer’s money, you will at least try to earn it.


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