Chef’s Basket Review – Thai Green Curry & Jasmine Rice

Tired of the usual food and bored of ordering, Mr T and I finally decided to try Chef’s Basket Thai Green Curry and Jasmine Rice, 302g (available for Rs 300). For those unaware, Chef’s Basket is an attractive recipe kit with almost all ingredients required to make a delicious meal for two at home. 

What’s in the Chef’s Basket recipe kit?

Chef's basket recipe kit

All the goodies inside the recipe kit.

The box itself is really attractively designed — however, it was a pain to store and a pain to open (didn’t notice the side slit till after I had ripped open the box). The box includes the green curry paste, dried coconut cream powder, jasmine rice, dried herbs, and a paper cup.

However, one thing I missed when buying the product was that no vegetables or meats are included. So I had to go back to the store and buy some broccoli, mushrooms and boneless chicken. This made the total spent on one meal quite expensive.

Following the recipe

Chef's Basket instructions

Following the instructions… quite simple. However, I would change the order and begin with Step 3.

The recipe was pretty easy to follow, step by step instructions given at the back. I wished they had started with the vegetables /meats section though (because I started sautéing the chicken in regular oil instead of using the oil provided in the kit). The rest was really quite simple.

Chef’s Basket Thai Green Curry Flavour

My favourite part of this kit was the jasmine rice. Who knew adding some star anise could add so much flavour and scent to the rice. I will be definitely doing this in the future.

Regarding the green curry, to be honest, the flavour did not meet meet my expectations. It didn’t taste like good green curry. It had a strange strong Indian flavour to it — like a garam masala sort of heat. Hard to explain. Mr T said it was good, but he too preferred using the Thasia Green Curry paste. 

Chef's Basket Green Curry

The final product — not Thai enough for me.

Overall Review of Chef’s Basket Thai Green Curry

Overall, I think this is a pretty good concept for those of us who do absolutely no cooking at home. It is expensive, but a good option for those who want a step by step kit to cook a pretty decent meal. Moreover, they claim the kit is 100 percent natural, with no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.

Personally, I think I would prefer to make my own green curry using Thasia Green Curry Paste, 50gm for Rs 69. Adding Dabur coconut milk also tastes better than the powdered coconut milk in the kit. It’s cheaper and tastier options.

I’ve read reviews that the Chef’s Basket Arrabbiata in Fusilli Pasta, 524g and Chef’s Basket Creamy Tomato in Penne Pasta, 559g are much better. I shall give them a go soon!

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