Cadbury’s Silk Bubbly – Chocolate Review

Say hello to chocolate that is both silky and bubbly — Cadbury’s Silk Bubbly! Saw this inflated bar of Cadbury’s chocolate in the supermarket this afternoon and I knew I had to try it! Why? Because I love Cadbury’s, because I love Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, because I love Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Silk, and now I have to see if I will love Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly! Phew..

That Bubbly Chocolate Flavour

Cadbury's Silk Bubbly

The chocolate was literally bursting out of its package.

Cadbury’s Bubbly is quite delicious. It’s the same smooth flavour that you would expect from Cadbury’s Silk — with the added twist of bubbles (completely non-flavour altering). It is milk chocolate, so it is on the sweeter, milkier side. The bubbles simply make it a little bigger to bite into, a little airier when you are chewing. When you hold it in your hand, you can actually feel the bubbles bursting. It’s quite cute.

Cadbury’s Silk Bubbly Shape & Packaging

The shape is what got to me: lava-like flowing bubbly chocolate! It really looks big and inflated. The packaging, like most Cadbury’s products, is great.

Cadbury’s Bubbly Price: Exorbitant

Cadbury's Silk Bubbly

Bubbles all the way!

Hmmm.. Priced at Rs 70 for a 50 gram bar, Cadbury’s Bubbly is relatively expensive. Especially since Cadbury’s Silk costs Rs 57 for 60 gram pack. So not are you getting less chocolate, you are paying more — for air!!!

Availability of Cadbury’s Silk Bubbly Chocolate

Cadbury’s Silk Bubbly is available in your supermarket. Cadbury’s Silk can be ordered online on Cadbury Dairy Milk, Silk Chocolate, Pouch, 160g

User Reviews and Comments

  1. Antara Sarkar says

    Its no too good as per its price.Taste is same as silk with bubbles twist.
    I m a fan of cadbury so I like it overall.

  2. Priti Das says

    It looks very appealing. But it hardly satisfies your taste buds. You cant get the smooth texture of chocolate on your tongue instead a grainy or granule like pieces you get after each bite. My teeth felt I am eating chocolate but tongue couldn’t realise it. 🙁

    Plus its way too expensive for that gram of air filled chocolate.

  3. Ishita says

    The choclate is low on expectations….it looks very appealing but doesn’t taste that well!!
    And I feel it’s really expensive!!

  4. says

    Really love this one. I was not a fan of the Silk chocolates, but Bubbly is super-delicious. It’s very similar to the Aero chocolates that are available in Europe. I do so hope they will do Bubbly with more flavors too.

  5. Malashree says

    will never eat bubbly again 🙁 Because I couldn’t share it equally with my friend which lead to fight :'( .
    sorry bubbly 🙁

  6. Priyanka Gotsurve says

    Price is too high as compared to the quantity of the product (considering actual weight). In addition to this, product designer should consider the psychological effect of this product on the people who have the Trypophobia (Circular). I couldn’t even see the full advertisement of the cadbury’s new product “Bubbly” as it includes few close up shots of inside view of the chocolate (which looks slimier to wound). Product design team please guys take car of this review. I can’t even imagine to buy the bubbly . When I told view to my friends they are also looking towards this product in same way they also are not at all interested to buy the product . Price is later part, before your product should be liked by customer .

  7. sunny says

    Tastes same as silk no difference except for some cracky feeling in the tongue ,Not at all worth the price better go for silk or the imported ones we get in this range or even lesser in the super markets.

    • Shraddha says

      Dear this is a place where people can all place their opinions forward. So it would really be great if you do not use foul tongue. 🙂

  8. Princess Honey says

    It’s delicious! Very SMOOOOOOTH. OM NOM NOM!!! Just the shape.. Umm… like cluster of boils!! Eww like seriously the most disgusting shape a chocolate can have. But delicious ????

  9. Pravash Mohanty says

    The worst ever product of Dairy milk, to be very honest. Rest products r awesome and incomparable with any other product of the same category. believe it or not.

  10. Ms ShaktI singh says

    I’m a great fan of Cadbury’s chocolate since 1973 now Silk made me crzy… will be great if we can have hazelnut flavor in silk…….. Waiting!

  11. Mehul says

    its is really great product form cadbury. Bubbly Silk is their new product and its creating buzz now a days

  12. Ambika sharma says

    It smells like mud from wall. N doesn’t at all taste like chocolate,, I was excited to eat this but all in vain..


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