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Buying furniture and home decor items online is no easy task — mostly because photographs are very deceptive and you can never tell what material you are getting till you actually see it in person.

During the time Mr T & I were going crazy buying furniture, we did check out (they were advertising on tv a lot back then). However, the website was quite terrible and there was just so much choice that we would spend hours scouring the site and then come up with nothing.

However, recently I returned to to buy curtains. I was pleasantly surprised to see a new site which was much more user-friendly.

One of my favourite features in the new site is the categorisation of curtains into four broad types: solids, nature and corals, abstract patterns, geometric. I knew I wanted solid curtains, so that narrowed things down quite broadly. However, still there were 1339 door curtains available for me to choose from. And most of them were horrible synthetic curtains which I wasn’t looking for. I didn’t have the time and or interest to sift through all the choices.

Pepperfry Curtains & Furniture

Curtains from (Bedspread not from Pepperfry)

Luckily, Pepperfry has very nice filters: By price, size, brands, materials and colour. I filtered by material —  cotton — and voila I was presented with 51 cotton curtains by a company named House This! Loved it, checked out the price and saw that it was quite discounted. On top of that I added some Pepperfry discount coupons by registering for their newsletter and promptly ordered my curtains. They were delivered within two working days, before my mum-in-law was to arrive. Superb.

While I can’t review Pepperfry furniture, I have to say I love their categorisation. Even their furniture, for example, coffee tables is categorised into contemporary, modern, eclectic, colonial, and indian ethnic. This makes browsing so much simpler.

If you’ve bought furniture from Pepperfry, I would love to hear your reviews below.

Update July 2015: My mum bought a beautiful desk from for my father’s birthday in June. It was supposed to be delivered by his birthday (within a week or so of ordering). However, a few days after his birthday, she gets a notification: your order has been delayed due to extra ‘customization’ required on the desk. It will take three-weeks to be delivered! Yikes! She wasn’t notified this when placing the order. Pretty disappointing. I’ve heard quite a few such stories about Pepperfry.

User Reviews and Comments

  1. sudhir shringare says

    3 out of 6 dining chairs are damaged. Dining table is with scratches even after informing Pepperfry representative did not turned up for polishing. Installation team is not at all equipped even they dont know how to do proper assembly of Dining table. Website interface is worst, not in position to send multiple images.

  2. says

    Pepperfry doesnt even know what customers are ordering and what items they are sending…very disgusting service and customer care is so so dumb they dont even know to read english properly and reply the same…will take weeks to refund ur money after trying to negotiate in refund also..cheaters…dnt waste ur money on this site…

  3. Akriti says

    Terrible experience and an abominable customer service department to match! Unfortunately made the mistake of buying 2 things from your site for the first time (Order nos. 301812769 and 301798898) and what an ordeal!

    1. We are expected to call and place a request for delivery – unlike Amazon, Flipkart etc. who call their customers proactively
    2. On the call one is expected to memorize and punch in the 9 digit order no. In this day and age it seems they cannot manage with just an email address!
    3. After placing the delivery request on Nov 21, I was guaranteed delivery on Nov 22. No surprise that nothing has turned up nor have they bothered to inform me about the delay
    4. Upon calling their customer dept., I had the extreme displeasure of speaking to Pankaj Pokhriyal, who it seems has been trained to be sarcastic to distressed customers – and not help in any way. Needless to say, he had no idea where my orders are – he kept explaining some ambiguous lists to me. As a customer, either tell me the status or have the courtesy to call back. My. Pokhriyal on the other hand went out of his way to be discourteous and unhelpful on the call.
    5. I asked to speak to his supervisor, but Mr. Supervisor is too busy to take customer calls. I have been promised a call back within 24 hours – don’t hold your breath!

    My first mistake was to have ordered from this awful site, the second to have expected basic customer service, third to have pre-paid … I’m not making any more by returning to this site ever. As a frequent online shopper, I can say with certainty that this is the WORST eCommerce site in India!

    • Yash Singadia says

      Tu nai hoti to mera kya hota……na mere tupperware k dabbe hote na mere paise hote
      Bachha diya tune to mereko

      • Manda says

        Recently purchased two 3-door wardrobes from Pepperfry. …the service was prompt, prices were very reasonable, and the products very good. I had an excellent experience. I’m very happy and recommended them to my relatives.

  4. says

    Very very bad service

    please guys don’t order any thing from

    this is bull-shit online shop .

    I ordered my product 3rd of Nov. and upto 23 nov .

    upto now I didn’t get product deliver you know from 3rd nov to 23-nov. Can you count this, how many days?

    This kind of service they are providing

    and also I called at custumer care . they are not doing anything

    very lazy and slow process

    and also I am calling to your customer care . they are saying . just give

    some time, it will deliver .

  5. says

    Worst team ever to get in touch with is
    First of all they deliver a broken item and expect to accept half refund because out of two products one is broken
    It takes 6 days for them to initiate a reverse pickup and much more days to pickup the item
    The customer care team says that they have sent an email but the warehouse authorities have not updated the issue.
    Eventually after wasting around 70rs of my mobile phone balance i have to bear the delivery boys calls who were so helpless that they even called to ask the floor number which was clearly written in the mentioned address.
    Two different delivery boys arrive to take back the single product in which one of them complains that he doesn’t have enough space to take back the product as if it is my mistake but wants to take back the product.
    I got a message that the product will be delivered on so and so date but if we call the customer he gives ambiguous reasons and says that he will schedule the delivery after 5 – 7 days.
    It means that we have to call them even to schedule the delivery.
    Customer care representatives gives various reasons for various issues but eventually confound and befuddle you to accept their convenience is our preference.
    Please don’t buy anything from this ecommerce site and create awareness to all your family and friends about this site
    After all these you wanna give a try its your luck or fate
    Thanks for reading my review

  6. Arshad says This is worst site I came across, it shows the wrong color on website and dont accespt thier mistake, they have their on white color.

    please beware, The item shown does not match the delivered item,

    they say they dont have any refund exchange policy, live with what they have delivererd.

    Pathetic site, never had such bad experience with online shopping, other site can exchange the item of of any cost just to give customer service.

    Just google’pepperfry feadback’ you will see the reviewes.

  7. Narciza says

    Ordered 5 jars. 2 out of 5 that came were different, lesser value jars by the same manufacturer. When I called customer service, was told that the jars I wanted were not in stock. Oh, and there is no exchange service only return service… I was not called and informed about unavailability in advance – I was simply shipped lesser value products. Additionally , the website continues to advertise the same jars that are supposedly “not in stock.”

  8. Pninclan says

    I ordered lock&lock storage solution, got what looks like a bad quality counterfeit product and they refused to refund.

  9. Shopper girl says

    I ordered chest of drawers, product quality was bad plus it was not matching upto the dimentions mentioned on the website….i tried to return n they didnt agree…very bad management & no worth at all

  10. Shijoy says

    I have ordered Queen size bed with box storage (order ID:302204529) on 10th of May. Till the shipping everything was perfect. They shipped the item on 24th of May which is 14 days after my order. But that was fine for me. I got a message that on 27th may it has reached Bangalore ware house. I called Customer care and scheduled the deliver on June 4th Saturday. I have not received any call or update from them. On 6th June I had called customer care and they told told they couldn’t find any delivery request placed for 4th which was agreed date. Customer care person told me that they will place a delivery request on second day as they will process the request one day before. I was expecting the product the 2nd day after my call. But nothing happened.

    Again I called customer care and they told they again need to re initiate the delivery and that would take another 2 days.nothing happened. I called again and they told the same thing and waited for 2 more days.

    I called again and this time I the customer care that I want to escalate this case and they promptly replied that they have no provision to escalate this request. What a customer care!!!!!!!

    Waited for 2 more days. Again called customer care and they told this will be the last time you will be calling customer care and the product will be delivered in 2 days. I asked them to transfer the call to Manager and they told you will receive a call back in 24 hours. No body called me and delivery also not happened

    I called them again (Kumar from Pepperfry) today and they told that they called Bangalore warehouse team and no body is picking the call. He told he will try again today and make.

    In short my product is delivered to Bangalore ware house on 27th May (25 days till today) and after calling customer care 10-15 times and I have not delivered my product still.

  11. Surabhi Rai says

    I had ordered on 1st of July vide order Number #302316400
    1. A spacewood engineered wood classic wall shelf and
    2. A Craftter Plain Beige Half Shade Fabric Wall Lamp
    It was communicated to me through an email that the items would be delivered to me between 7th to 11th July.

    Further an email was sent on the 6th of July stating that item number 2 in the list had been shipped to me with a blue dart AWB Number 14847815452 which was incorrect and could not be traced on Blue Dart.

    I rang up the customer care on 7th of July which took a full 15 minutes of my call time ( Your helplines were awful) and spoke to Mr Gregory Rodrigues who assured me that the issue would be resolved and also received an email to the effect .

    On the 7th of July I received an email saying
    1) Spacewood Engineered Wood Classic Wall Shelf Walnut :- is being procured and will be delivered to you between 07-07-2016 and 11-07-2016.
    2) Craftter Plain Beige Half Shade Fabric Wall Lamp :- is being procured and will be delivered to you between 08-07-2016 and 11-07-2016.

    On the 8th of July I got an email at 4.58 saying “We are glad to inform you that Spacewood Engineered Wood Classic Wall Shelf Walnut has been shipped and will be delivered within 7-10 Days.
    However due to some unforeseen situation the order delivery has got delayed and we are trying our best to minimize the delay as much as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused and look forward to fulfilling this in the best possible manner.”
    Again on 8th July at 7.00 I got two emails saying that the order for Spacewood Engineered Wood Classic Wall Shelf Walnut has been cancelled due to unavailability and refund has been initiated.

    On the 11th June the day on which my Craftter Plain Beige Half Shade Fabric Wall Lamp order was to reach me according to your emails dated 1st and 7th of July ; I got another email saying ” Hello Surabhi , Thank you for contacting us.We apologize for the delay in the shipment of the order Would request if you could allow some more time as keeping a follow up with logistics to arrange the delivery on priority. For any further details feel free to contact on ‘’. Thanks & Regards, Jitesh”

    Till date I haven’t heard anything more from the Pepperfry team.


  12. Sergio2016 says

    Pepperfry ignores the rights of customers
    Yesterday 9th Sept at 22:00 I placed an order. Today, 10th, I am calling and emailing Pepperfry to cancel the order before further inconveniences are there.

    They are saying that no cancellation is possible.

    But two days ago I received a called from them and they cancelled one of my orders!

    They only say that am executive will call me back in 24/48 hours. Which means that they are adding time to the issues.

    Before purchase, be very sure as they are cheaters!

  13. Sergio2016 says

    Pepperfry ignores the rights of customers
    Yesterday 9th Sept at 22:00 I placed an order. Today, 10th, I am calling and emailing Pepperfry to cancel the order before further inconveniences are there.

    They are saying that no cancellation is possible.

    But two days ago I received a called from them and they cancelled one of my orders!

    They only say that am executive will call me back in 24/48 hours. Which means that they are adding time to the issues.

    Today I talked to Ms. Shweta, Mr. Vishal and finally to Ms. Kritika. She told me that today only an executive was going to call me before 19:00. And the executive has just not called…

    • Pepperfry says

      Hi Sergio, we are sorry to hear this, request you to share your order number so that we can look into it and revert with a resolution on the concern.

  14. Dp says : 7-day refund policy is a joke. Please do not go with it.

    Their hidden terms and condition is they will take returns for damaged products only. For Customers do not like the usability, features and quality of the product, there is no return.

    In this 21 century of e-commerce business, where amazon and flipkart take returns with no questions asked, pepperfry is duping customers by saying 7-day hassle free return in product description page.

  15. Vidharva Nanda says

    How PEPPERFRY harasses a normal person ?
    I ordered a BED and matching bedside stand from Pepperfry with Order No. 302578957. Which was probably my biggest mistake !
    I have a whole story of pain that I am sharing:
    The ordered arrived in time without issue however the carpenter who came broke few pieces. Then he confirmed the bed was missing few pieces. He talked to customer care told everything, I clicked pictures of broken and missing pieces uploaded it to the pepperfry link they sent.
    After that my agony started , I have called numerous times(Maybe around 20+) to pepperfry customer care to start the refund process and no one calls back. I have talked to many customer representatives and every time I tell them send me an email or get the person on line they say they are not authorized.
    After that they initiated a refund for my bedside stand which was absolutely correct, they said it was a mistake on their part and that the images provided was not clear. This was communicated to me 13 days of my following up with them. Mr Karan was the refund manager who never bothered to call me after multiple follows ups, pleads. I have even requested them saying kindly return my money as I am salaried person who saved for the bed.
    It’s been 15 days since the fateful day and I am still waiting for a call. I would request everyone to share this message so that the GIANT online company do not take the common man for granted.
    Till today I am trying to get my bed refunded back.

  16. seema says

    First time I am writing a bad review for any ecommerce site I have done business with. Obviously I am a pissed off customer, why?


    And then the fun part begins when you decide its not value for money and try to return the stuff. They make you run around for days.
    1). The site doesnt work (I was unable to upload images running to KB when they said I could upload images running to MBs). Mind you, mandatory to upload images if you want to return anything. And the site made sure I cannot even submit a request. On purpose??
    2). So i called the customer care unit. And I called them multiple times, each time a new representative talks, no one registers my case and then finally they tell me I cannot return it as there is no case registered in 7 days timeframe:):):) How is that???

    Overall, I was much better off physically going to a store near home and picking up items I like post quality check:) I opted for online shopping because I had no time, but now the frustration and writing reviews is taking away so much of not only my time, my piece of mind too:)

    Beware people. I wouldnt recommend pepperfry to anyone. Dont believe, order and see:)

  17. Sayan says

    I am not sure if anyone has noticed this already. Pepperfry is actually selling us stuff at a much higher price when compared to the price of the product on the vendor/merchant’s website. And when I am saying Merchant’s website i am referring to the Merchant information of any product that is being listed on the pepperfry website. Will directly give you an example. A few days back I had ordered a “Lightspro White and Yellow Glass Wall Lamp” and the price after discount was INR. 2750. But the product was delivered to me in damaged condition. I had raised refund request at pepperfry and no doubt they were courteous enough to give me a full refund and saved me the hassle of reshipping the damaged product back to them. Really appreciate that part. Today i again thought of ordering that same product again and out of curiosity I thought of checking the product on the mentioned merchant’s website(Lightspro in this case). I was shocked to see the price of the exact same product to be INR. 1352 as against INR. 2711 on pepperfry website. A slight variation in price is understandable and here it seems that pepperfry is completely fooling us by selling us over priced products. Thankfully this merchant had it’s own website so i came to know about this. This thing is completely unethical and outrageous. And i am pretty sure this would be case with probably almost all the products that are being sold on pepperfry website.

  18. Megha Patel says

    Worst experience with pepperfry … Please Dont ever order from that website … They dont refund your money if the item is of poor quality. They also sell products which are much at much higher rate .

  19. Abbas says

    Please see this mail from Pepeprfy.There is a delay of around 7 days and when i requested to cancel on the ground of delay, they said it is not possible.

    I want everyone to please note this and think thousand times before placing an order at ppperfry. They will only fry you, grill, increase your BP. I request the authorities tom please take stict action against pepperfry on this ground. when there is a delay from their side, why are they not cancelling the order.

    They want the everything in their favour and customer for them is just like a prey. Pepperfry Alert 2:44 PM (2 hours ago) to me. i dont want to giv eben halg star to them. you should provide negative star as well because they deserve 5 negative star.

    Dear Abbas Mehdi, This is in regard to your order# 302774749-FN1499468-P-WH10778 which you placed with Pepperfry. We regret to inform you there might be a delay in delivery of the Bruno End Table *** Magazine Rack in Walnut Finish by Royal Oak you ordered with us. We at Pepperfry strive to provide the best to our customers.

    Unfortunately, your product didn’t go through our Quality Check parameters for the product delivered by our vendor. Hence we are trying our best to minimize the delay as much as possible. However, we are compelled to inform you that there might be a delay of approx 7 days. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused and look forward to fulfilling your future orders in timely manner.

    We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you better in future. Regards, Team Pepperfry Need help? You can contact customer care on 022 61576157 from 9 AM to midnight.

    Disclaimer: This is an auto Generated Mail .Please do not reply to this mail.This mailbox is not been monitored.

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  20. Rama Shankar says


    Never use this site Pepperfry. I am just simple customer which needs product in respect of money. But a terrible experiences given by pepperfry.

    It is such terrible services and customer shopping experience. It take my money by showing good product with amount 33000/- and after issue with product they deny to take back, even replace the product.

    They simply close my complain and even not informing me.


  21. purva velapure-gokhale says

    I had placed my first order with pepperfry of chest of drawers(Rs. 23000). First of all they do not have good tracking, the delivery times are not so good either.

    1) The product we received was wrong.

    2) After requesting return; the product was picked up after 8 days and 4 calls.

    3) Very poor and non-confirming replies from team on phone

    4) After 20 days also refund is not received

    I thought this would be one of the cases and placed another order of decorative items(23 items – Rs. 23000)

    5) Received 3 bad products

    6) One is delivered to wrong address and no one knows where is my product

    6) Again returning them is a big hassle and no one responds properly

    7) Keep getting 3 calls a day



  22. Archana Jaiswal says

    Disgusting experience with Pepperfry….As you might know that it is an online shopping, and when the product actually arrives is not up to the mark as seen in photo and there is no policy for exchange and refund of money. Isn’t that painful and awful experience. And also noticed that product is charged at very high price compared to market. Sincere request never to order on pepperfry as no customer service or refund or return of product is feasible. Poor quality products and I had wasted 17000Rs. Moreover the site never works properly for return .
    Its a huge loss to book on pepperfry.

  23. Manoj says

    I ordered the product on Pepperfry a month ago. The product is still not delivered and the prices of the product has now reduced by 1000/- rupees. When I called the customer service the representative “Vandana” was useless. She did not know what to reply. I said either refund the difference or cancel the order, I will place a new order with the reduced price. She said that once you have placed the order you cannot cancel it and we cannot refund the difference because you have ordered it at that price.
    Had the product been delivered and the price had reduced after that I would have not complained but the product is not yet delivered and the prices have reduced so I am entitled to get the refund of the difference.

  24. Nagesh says

    I had the worst possible experience with pepperfry recently when i had ordered a coffee table.When I first ordered they delivered me a wrong product.After sending them the order details and the picture of the delivered product and after lot of follows they agreed to take it back.Then I ordered again the product what i wanted on Jan 20th 2017 and I ws told that the product is not of the shelf and i need to wait till Mar 3rd to get the product.I paid and was made to wait till March 7th and On 7th I was told that the product is damaged and they will return me the amount ( As if they are doing kind of favor)..The customer care/escalation team was pathetic in handling my concerns.Their escalation manager says that they are returning the amount which was paid,that’s the best they can do …I was made to wait for 40+ days/did lot of follow up y mail/phone etc and the end result is that i have to start my look for a table again..
    I wouldn’t do business again with Pepperfry..The other online retailers like Urbanladder/Fabfurnish although slightly costly do their job neatly and w/o any followups….At least you are safe that the product will be delivered..Take your won call after my bitter experience with Pepperfry

  25. Solomon says

    They Just want to sell. well you know you are paying high prices then you atleast expect good service.

    I have ordered a table worth 40000 nearly and they gave me a six seater in the size of a 4 seater. Chairs are huge and table is shitti small.

    the delivery was done on 15th april. I was waiting for it since 2 to three weeks. they gave a dismantled dining table and promised me a carpenter to fix it.

    For which after three days I received a call SAYING SORRY THERE IS NO CARPENTER IN YOUR AREA.




  26. Vikas Agrawal says

    I placed an order using PepperFry website of value 44, 216 Rs. My order number is 303189030. When I entered the pin code of my delivery location, it was showing that products will be delivered by 13th-14th July. After adding those products into the cart, I made the payment on-line, but I was shocked as soon as payment was done. Because it was showing the completely different delivery dates(04-August-2017). I was really into pressure as my parents are supposed to come by 15th July, and I have placed the order, so that product is delivered before they come here. I called the customer care in the morning but I haven’t got any response. Then I twitted about my problem using #Fraud, and I got the initial response after an hour around. Then she said, she won’t cancel the order, if I use the fraud term again. I said ok don’t repeat the things. She was literally threatening me that she won’t cancel the order and I can do whatever I can. After that she disconnected the call. Please don’t buy products from them there, they are all fraud.

  27. Achint says

    Fraud goons company. I will say no return policy they have. I ordered Silver color Chimney and they delivered blue color.

  28. Dr D Khurana says

    STOP TRUSTING PEPPERFRY ! A bunch of fraudsters sitting in the espace ! They just need to take a break and learn the art of doing serious business !
    Just happened to recieve a curt reply that I had exceeded the days after which I can request a return( on requesting a return of a damaged item shipped by me)
    Interestingly their website still shows this product as not delivered and therefore one cannot initiate return of the product – so I had to resort to write to the customer care after waiting for a few days for the website to update the status of the product – which they still haven’t !!

    • Dr D Khurana says

      URBAN LADDER is highly professional and trustworthy ! these guys are just a bunch of street goons !

      I am pleased to give a rating of -5

  29. Manoj says

    I have used pepperfry multiple times but never used it for any furniture. The brands, prices and quality of products pepperfry sells are quite good. I have purchases most of the drink ware and glass storage from them at excellent prices and must mentioned that it has been always packed quite well and with lot of care so experienced no damage during shipping. (in past all other websites including amazon/limeroad/fabfurnish delivered broken glassware/stoneware due to insufficient packing) So overall very happy and would recommend pepperfry for tableware/kitchenware.

  30. Richa garg says

    I bet if these cheaters can give one good reason to buy any product from their store. Poor delivery services, no quality check at all, poor customer care n response from their side. Even after delivering the product more than 1.5 months late they deliver a very very third class product .The product is in extremely pathetic and very unacceptable condition which they say is delivered after their so called quality checks. This nuisance has not happened once with us but twice .
    I STRONGLY recommend not to trust them at all and waste your precious money and time on this completely AWFUL brand!!
    A very disheartening experience!!

  31. Vikram says

    Pepperfry is the WORST online store I have ever purchased from. I bought an expensive TV unit from them and asked for installation a couple of weeks after the delivery since my house was under renovation.

    When the Pepperfry carpenter came for assembly, he found that 3 panels were damaged. When I called up Pepperfry, they told me that it has been more than a week since delivery so they would not be able to accept the return. I WAS NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY. They sold me a damaged product and refused to accept a return. Customer care also does NOT know how to talk politely. They must have been recruited from some village and paid low wages, because they do not understand the concept of customer service.

    I had no choice but to go ahead and ask the carpenter to assemble the product even though 3 panels were damaged, because I had paid a large amount. The carpenter (Mukesh Thakur) was not able to complete the assembly on Saturday, because my apartment does not allow workers beyond 6 PM. He had promised me on the phone that he would reach my house at 3 PM, but finally showed up at 5:30 PM. Horrible!

    He informed me that he would come on Monday morning and complete the installation. I asked him FOUR times for confirmation and told him that I would be applying leave from work on Monday just for this and he assured me that he would come on Monday. I again called him on Sunday evening to confirm and he assured me that he would come in the morning.

    Monday morning he does not show up. When I called him, he told me that he is in some other place and I have to call customer care. He did not even bother calling me. He is cheap, unprofessional and rude. Then he gave me another number to call but that person never answered the call. Thereafter, Mukesh Thakur kept cancelling my calls. These guys should be fired from their job.

    5. When I called up customer care, they were not even bothered. They just told that they would take another request and there was nothing else they could do. When I explained how I was harassed by this man Mukesh Thakur, they were not even bothered. The customer care representative then started raising his voice telling me not to complain and then started shouting at me, telling me that I should not complain and that I should just wait.

    I really hope this company Pepperfry shuts down. They sold me a damaged product, refused to take it back, their carpenter was cheap and unprofessional and rude, their customer care is rude and horrible and not bothered. I wasted a day of leave because of these people. I really want to go to the consumer court and file a case against Pepperfry.

    DO NOT BUY FROM PEPPERFRY. You will be harassed and tortured by their customer care and their carpenters. I’m praying to God that their company shuts down, because this kind of pathetic service is not acceptable.

    I had a much better experience from UrbanLadder, they are professional and customer oriented. Pepperfry is like a local road side shop with cheap products, cheap people and have no idea how to talk to customers.


  32. Chandu says

    Very bad service. Bunch of pirates who are set to loot money.

    order id:303858390

    We have ordered crest super metal shoe rack mid of March’18. The product was delivered on 2nd April’18. On opening the packaging it was very badly damaged and the paint was coming off from everywhere.

    When we request for replacement/refund. They stated different policies and said they could not help us. And now they are saying

  33. Chandu says review

    Very bad service. Bunch of pirates who are set to loot money.

    order id:303858390

    We have ordered crest super metal shoe rack mid of March’18. The product was delivered on 2nd April’18. On opening the packaging it was very badly damaged and the paint was coming off from everywhere.

    When we request for replacement/refund. They stated different policies and said they could not help us. And now they are saying

  34. Shobha Kunwar says

    I placed an order for 24 plates on 30th March, I got the delivery on 18th April that is after 20 days. I called pepper fry to help me with the return and the customer service person tells me once sold it cannot be returned. they dont have a return policy unless it is damaged. I told him that the product is not as per what i expected and also it was delayed by 20 days so i had to purchase it from somewhere else as i needed it early.

    He has blankly refused to take return and when i told him i will take this to consumer court, he in return is telling me no use coz they will just take your complaint and close the case.

    I have been forced to keep a product that i do not want.

    Such ridiculous company…I will never ever recommend anyone to purchase from pepperfry, coz if you did and you didnt like the product once its delivery they will not take it back and you will be stuck with the product.

    Great way of fooling people and making money.


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