Printo Review: Printing Services in Bangalore & Hyderabad

Fast, efficient, pain-free! Love Printo's offline services!

For those of you who have ever tried printing anything on a commercial level in India, you know what a pain in the #*# it is. In fact, printing anything in India that can’t happen at your local Xerox shop or home, is a pain.

When I lived in Delhi, I would go to Nehru Place to print material like brochures and pamphlets and business cards and posters. And I would return after 6 hours — exhausted! It was usually a horrible experience in small, claustrophobic places without any system and order. Chaos everywhere. You would literally have stand on the heads of the guys in the shop to get your work done. And obviously, summer made the printing experience even worse.

Along came online printers (I’ve used and — will review later) which are decent for standardised products like business cards, but pretty impossible if you want anything custom printed.

And then I found — and fell in love.

  1. Firstly, there is a token system and there is order.
  2. Secondly, the shop is air-conditioned and nobody is shouting and people pay attention to you as a customer. (That may just be a Bangalore thing).
  3. Thirdly, they have samples of paper quality and products. Wow! (So many times I’ve requested the shopkeepers in Nehru Place to keep samples — there response is standard: we have too many samples to keep samples of. Ridiculous!)
  4. Fourth, the quality of printing is excellent. The Printo in Malleshwaram has a small printer where you can print small-scale things if you are in a hurry. If you want something in bulk (or stuff like lamination) it goes to a centralised headquarters where they do large-scale printing. The quality, overall, is excellent.
  5. Fifth, customer service is awesome. The guys in Printo Malleshwaram are respectful and efficient.
  6. Sixth, they actually do quality check! There was some problem with my lamination and so they repeated the order without even asking/telling me. Sure, there was a delay, but they ensured my product met their quality standards.
  7. Seven, they pay service tax. (All Nehru Place printers would quote me a price and then if I were to ask for a bill, they would say then we need to add Service Tax; it’s better that you take it without Service Tax.)
  8. Eight, you an FedEx stuff right from inside Printo.
  9. Nine, it’s not exorbitant! I thought it would be ridiculously expensive, but the prices are comparable to the smaller shops, especially if you print in bulk.

Now that’s what I call awesome!

(You can order stuff from Printo online as well. This review, however, is regarding their offline services.)

User Reviews and Comments

  1. says

    I happen to make a collage on the printo website. I went to the store to print it and specifically asked for a black frame. 2 days later they give me a brown framed picture with half the pictures in the collage missing. They don’t pick up their phones either. Had to go to their store. The man at the counter tells me he can’t do anything about it. The fault being at the website which is their problem. After creating a scene, he agrees to reprint it and tells me he’ll give me a call once his manager comes to the store. 3 days later I’m still waiting for the call. They have absolutely horrible customer service. They do not give the status of the product at all. Again i had to make a trip to the store. They refuse to give my money back and tell me the manager story again. Finally after 2 weeks I collected my frame. To top it all, they laugh at the customer’s face even though the mistake is theirs. Would never recommend printo to anybody.

  2. says

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  3. says

    Worst experience ever i had at any shop as customer. I reached there at 11:00 am, which was already informed to them as i was in touch with their owner, waited 1 hour for the sample cards to arrive after one hour waiting i was shown the blank sheet as sample. In between their owner came and he convinced me to sit with their DTP operator and print a sample. I was suppose to select an image, the operator went on google to look for it, by the time i shortlisted one image, another customer who could speak kannada came in between and i was asked to wait for 10 minutes, which took 45 minute, that to after arguing with one of their staff. Some how that at 1:10 pm the operator called me again, in next 2-3 minutes i short listed 2 more images, while saving 2nd image the operator told me decide fast, i dont have time or else there is net cafe next you take download image from there, that too in a very rude manner, and this he was not doing for free, they charge 200/- for half hour. I lost my patience and came out. Never seen such rude careless staff who are least bothered about customer (atleast who cant speak kannada). I dont have words to describe my time spent there. worse then govt offices. I waited there for 2 hours and this operator couldn’t spend 5 minutes patiently with me. For 100 Pcs i was paying 5000/- + DTP charges + sample cost.

  4. Sorry Rajesh , but i had one of best experiences @ printo. Staff is very supportive, prices are best possible, and delivery is always perfectly timed. Any day i will recommend this as best service

  5. Ravi says

    Here is my experience:
    I ordered for a Mug in the 7:30 pm – 10 pm slot. I get a message at around 5pm that the order is out for delivery. At 9 pm a guy calls up saying that the order won’t be delivered because the Mug wasn’t sent. At that late, I couldn’t even go out and buy Gift to my Wife on her birthday.

  6. mahadevaswamy says

    numbar thakondu bere bere hesarinali lone
    kodtivi antha helli dudu katskondu mosa madtre adake dayavitu yaru v k clasek nali barudela
    sullu frad news adanu nambabedi

  7. Sunil says

    Never had any issue with Printo. Both online and offline. My experience of their customer service is great. And I relate to the article. It’s a rare gem in the muck out there.

    • Sunil says

      Well, there’s my rating for them. Definitely top-notch for folks who talk kindly and keep customer’s interest at heart.

  8. Bharadwaj sampath says

    I am wondering as to who has given them a good rating !!
    Worst place to give your business cards !

  9. Archana Ramesh says

    This was my worst experience with any store(not just printing or gifting). I went to the Printout store at Kammanahalli on a Monday and I wanted 2 photo books to gift to my friend whose Birthday was on that Saturday. I had all the photos ready, in order that too, before walking into the store. I walked into the store, saw that all the guys were busy. One person at a counter was attending another lady so I waited. Twenty minutes. When I felt that the other customer could take more time, I approached another guy standing there. The moment I said I have come for 2 photo books, he said please come the next day! Please note that the time was 3:00p.m and the guy didn’t even ask me when I want them or if I have got the photos with me. Just like that “come tomorrow”. 25-30 minutes of waiting and this is what I get. I went ahead and spoke to the first person who apologised and asked me to wait while I insisted that this guy work on my request and not the attitude fellow. The first customer’s request was done, post which this guy attended my request. I gave the photos in 2 folders explaining to him that I just need 2 photo books and photos have been placed in the same order. When I insisted about payment, he said “Ma’m I will send you the design by Tuesday and you can make the payment online and your photobooks will be ready by Thursday.  I came back home releived. Tuesday whole day I waited -no news. Wednesday morning I called up the store and the guy who picked up the phone said “Ma’m I am only a finisher, I can’t help you, the other guy who spoke to you is not here.” I told that’s fine, but keep me updated and I wanted the designs by that day. Waited the whole day again – no news. I had lost hope by this time and managed for another ready made gifts for my friend

    Thursday night I am calling to the number given in their Website – of a guy named Praveen(+918861000989). First call it’s engaged, later I get a text message saying he’s driving. I sent a message “Apologies, please call back its urgent” but as expected, :). No response.(Refer screenshot) Hence, please please please have another option if you are thinking of gifting someone one of their products. Unless you have sufficient and more time to beg them for your product, DON’T!:)

  10. Ankith says

    I’m giving this a 1 star because that’s the least I can give . It has taken them more than15+ hours to give me a Quotation for my requirements and everytime I contact them the say I will be getting it in the next 5mins.(Yet to receive a response from them) The funniest thing is the have an award for “Best Customer Services” very confusing right? Its sad that I need to review them on the bases of Product quality, Delivery timelines etc.etc maybe it’d take a lifetime for me to understand what they all that as I’m going by the Response rate of their emails. So guys I’ll write another review when I get to the next step.

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