Review: Magnum Ice-cream in India

There is ice-cream and there is chocolate and there is a place where the two meet — in intense chocolate ice-cream or studly chocolate bars.

While I love chocolate ice-cream (the darker the better), I have never been fond of chocolate bars. Cold chocolate is the worse thing that could happen in the universe, according to me. Chocolate needs to be at that perfect temperature when it just melts in your mouth to be enjoyed. Ice-cream covered by cold chocolate has never appealed to me. And to make matters worse, the chocolate used by most companies was usually poor quality.

And then came along the king of choco-bars — Quality Walls Magnum Chocolate Bar. A big bad slab of vanilla ice-cream covered in a thick layer of pure milk chocolate. And an atrociously exorbitant price of Rs 85.

How does it taste? Pretty awesome! The vanilla ice-cream is good quality, but more importantly, the chocolate is real chocolate. Smooth, rich, milky.  Apparently Belgian. (I don’t think you can really call it dark Belgian chocolate). You can taste the difference. There are a whole bunch of flavours available:

Magnum Classic also priced at Rs 85
Magnum Almond also priced at Rs 85
Magnum Chocolate-Truffle also priced at Rs 85 (I tried this — it was too much chocolate for me. Prefer the Magnum Classic).
Magnum Choco Cappucino recently launched for Rs 90. (I recently tried this and it is delicious. Same chocolate studded with delightfully crunch coffee-caramel bits. The ice-cream on the inside is vanilla with swirls of cappuccino flavour. It does not have an overwhelming coffee flavour. Quite delicious!)

Now is it worth the price? I vote yes — if you want to have a good ice-cream for a change. After all, the moment you would go to a Gelato parlour, that’s exactly how much you would pay for a cup of ice-cream. This is equally good, if not better.

But if you are in the habit of ‘an ice-cream a day’ (definitely not keeping the doctors abay) — Magnum is going to hurt your pocket.

User Reviews and Comments

  1. says

    Good Review! I have tasted Almond and Truffle so far and in love with them completely. I believe i never imagined that cold chocolate can taste so good as you mentioned above that chocolate has to be at some adequate temprature. I have cut half stars just because of the price. It should be around 70 if not less.

  2. Harsh says

    Nice!!! (y) Nd great taste… Loved it… Bt price is too high.. It’s OK according to it’s grt taste nd Belgian Chocolate!!! 😉 😉

  3. Nayana says

    Why do we cry over the price when we want great quality? All four varieties are very good though I loved Choco Cappuccino. Its the best i have had comparing it to other well-known brands. Mind you I am not a ice cream person. I enjoy ice creams with friends or great company. I also have tasted different brands abroad.

  4. Skyla Pinto says

    Tried the Magnum brownie. It is ok ,not something I would buy ever again. It’s way tooo much chocolate to digest that absolutely does not go well with the chocolate coating. Prefer the other flavours of Magnum.

  5. shrekanth says

    Please make it available at Kim’s narketpalli u will have good sales please make it available in short time

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