How to Get an One Plus One Invite

Yesterday, the father lost his old, drained Samsung Duos phone in a taxi cab (quite happily). Mr T got  it in his brain that the father’s replacement phone has to be a One Plus One. If you are like me, you are asking One Plus What? (I’m guessing I’m in a minority because everyone seems to know about this phone!)

So for those like me, One Plus is the name of a company and OnePlus One (64GB, Sandstone Black)- Invite Only is the name of the phone. It’s a Chinese company which has somehow gotten rid of the tag that Chinese phones are cheap but crappy. The One Plus One is cheap but awesome. Great specs for a superb price. (Check out the specs here.)

Only issue is that you can’t simply pay money to get this phone! Nope, you have to ‘earn’ an invite to get this phone. (Except on Tuesday’s – when you can buy the phone on for Rs 21,999 for 64 GB version).

Unfortunately for us, today is Wednesday and the father desperately needs a phone. So we needed to get an invite ASAP — either through friends or through my best friend — Google!

So I went on a massive Google hunt to find an invite to the One Plus One!

  • Started on — which offers you the opportunity to win an invite through contests, newsletter, fb activity, etc. This is waste of time, so I decided not to do this.
  • Then went to the One Plus One forums to search for an invite. Here it seemed like I was on a different planet with an entirely new code of conduct. I was a ‘cupcake’ or a doughnut or some such crap and had to behave well and not beg in forums and then the ‘invite’ would be awarded to me. ‘Eclairs’ get invites directly or some such crap. Seriously, don’t have the time or interset for this.
  • Then scanned some reddit posts where there were helpful people posting invites. Unfortunately, they were mostly all claimed. However, I understood that the invites were usually in this format:**-****-****-**** for India
  • So then I googled with a wild card*
  • And then refined the search to the last 24 hours.
  • And I found an unclaimed invite on twitter! Woohoo.

Once you have an unclaimed invite, you can claim it and use the code for up to 2 days before it expires. To buy the phone you will have to log on to and input the code above the OnePlus One purchase button.


Update: Free OnePlus One Invite Giveaway

Yep, got an (international?) One Plus One invite in my inbox today for a 64 GB Sandstone Black.

INVITE: For One – 64 GB Sandstone Black
EXPIRES: 1 day(s) after claiming.
You can claim it either on (not sure if it works) or
Fastest wins it all!

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