Paper Boat Drinks Review

Yesterday, Mr T brought home Paper Boat’s Tulsi Ice Tea — and I have to say, it was quite lovely. So lovely, in fact, that it inspired me to make my own ice-tea at home today. 🙂

Coming to the review: Paper Boat has amazing packaging! The design of the container is unusual and immediately eye-catching. Great flat graphics in appealing colours. The flavour is also pretty damn good! Obviously, I have my own favourites: loved the tulsi tea, didn’t so much care for the aamras flavour. The tulsi tea is subtly sweet (even though it says a notch down on sugar, there is 6 gms of sugar in it). The great thing is that there are no preservatives and no added colours to these drinks.

Drinks and memories is the tagline of Paper Boat, however, I have to say I don’t have any memories of most of their products (except Aam Panna, which does remind of me a jug in my Dadi’s fridge!). Overall, love the concept and wish them all the success!

Priced at Rs 30 for 250 ml it is a little expensive, but a much better alternative to all the aerated drinks available in the market.

Paper Boat Juice (Mixed Pack), 6x 250 ml available on for Rs 180.

User Reviews and Comments

  1. gunjan tripathi says

    I saw paper boat ad.days back vo kagaz ki kasti….yesterday i drank paperboat aamras suddenly i reached back in my childhood when we were use to eat mango under tree in my Nana ji’s place really i luv it -Gunjan E2 villa kristal campus near dommasandra sarjapur road banglore 562125

  2. parth says

    i bought a tetra pack of paperboat flavour aamras. when i opened a sealed packed bottle a got a piece of fungus in it which would be dangerous to my health. i reqiest everone to share this and dont drink any flavour of paperboat.

  3. vilas deshmukh says

    Blindly go for it if u want natural juice . Lot of fruit content less bakwas . Really loved what I tried mango and litich . No other brands can satisfy u as this one . No Tropicana, no real, no active, . Paper boat stands first . Once u taste u will stick for it. Grab one

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