Lay’s Maxx Chips Review: Sizzling Barbeque & Macho Chilli

Something different in the market finally! Great flavour, great texture.

Last weekend, we went on a roadtrip and decided to carry a small picnic hamper: sandwiches, apples, and chips! We went to the market and what caught my attention: Lay’s Maxx chips! Very appealing in dark, fiery packaging with captivating names: Sizzling Barbeque & Macho Chilli Flavours.

We tried the Sizzling Barbeque flavour and I have to say — I quite loved it. The chips are large, wedge-like (sort of like Uncle Chips with deep ridges), and much thicker than regular Lays. The flavour is strong and reminiscent of a good barbeque. I think the flavour will appeal more to someone who enjoys continental cuisine and is experimental with their meats.

Lay’s Maxx Chips cost Rs 30 per packet and Lay’s Maxx, Sizzling Barbeque & Macho Chilli, 4x58g is available on for Rs 120! Woohoo!

Didn’t try the Macho Chilli flavour. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Side note: Lay’s PLEASE BRING SALT & VINEGAR FLAVOUR CHIPS TO INDIA. It’s really my favourite flavour and suits the India palette perfectly!

User Reviews and Comments

  1. Srijan says

    Macho chilli is just incredible….. Lays is d product which is often mocked as very expensive……. Very little amount at regular cost but this new version actually has a lot more than d usual n Macho chilli is just incredible.. Amazing… I kept on licking my fingers first time I ate it on my birthday…..

  2. anil says

    Lays maxx barbecue is quite disappointig.taste is bad and no taste at all.totally waste of money.I thought it would b something very Yummyy but not up to the has no sizzling factor as my 11month kid tasted it .

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