Best Speakers in India: Harman Kardon Go + Play Speakers Review

Want speakers with the kick-ass bass? Treble that is not shrill, but a perfect compliment to the bass? That is sleek to look at but portable? That can be connected to any device? But most of all — a speaker that is SOLID! Your search is over. Say hello to Harman Kardon Go + Play Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speaker (Black).

The specs:

  • Wireless Bluetooth audio streaming with Harman TrueStream technology
  • Two Atlas woofers and two Ridge tweeters deliver powerful sound
  • USB charging port for charging other devices
  • Battery and AC power modes
  • Free Harman Kardon Remote app to control your favorite music
  • Cost = Rs 23,000

Mr T has an older version of the speakers (Harman Kardon Go and Play II Dock Speaker – around Rs 16,000 now) which doesn’t have the wireless technology but is basically the same device, and I can say with certainty, these are the BEST SPEAKERS I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED! Really. Wow.

What I like:

  1. The sound is unbeatable. Crystal clear. Bass that never cracks. Super sound.
  2. It is LOUD. It’s not very big (around 2 feet by 1 feet by 1 feet) but you can crank up the volume and have awesome sound.
  3. It is SOLID. Doesn’t feel fragile. Mr T has had it for around 6 years now and it works as good as new.
  4. Easy to carry around. It’s a little heavy, so you don’t want to carry it on your shoulder, but to have around the house, it’s awesome. Easily portable.
  5. Our version of the speakers doesn’t have the wireless function/ batteries, so I think it’s a great edition to the new version.
  6. Changeable audio jack – The audio cable (2.5 mm male) can be unplugged from both sides. This is awesome! I’ve had so many speakers where the audio cable becomes a little loose and ruins perfectly good speakers. With Harmon Kardon, if the wire becomes loose, you can just the cable entirely. Too good!

Overall, there’s speakers are AWESOME! Definitely worth the money. And definitely comparable to the likes of Bose Speakers. Go for it !

User Reviews and Comments

  1. S K Mahajan says

    Impressed by extremely positive reviews, I ordered JBL Flip2 only to get disappointed as the speaker failed to charge. The piece I received as replacement also presented the same problem. I had to again request for return of the product. However, meanwhile I kept trying to charge using other chargers available with me and finally succeeded. Then cancelled the request for return and enjoyed the music for the text few months. But the joy didn’t last long and the same problem surfaced again. Since then it is lying useless. What’s the point in having a quality product if you can’t use it?


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