Nutella Review – Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (in India)

Once upon a time, God created this splendrous world of ours and uttered a few key words: “Let there be light… and Nutella!” Oh yes. Nutella is literally manna from the heavens. It is dark and intoxicating; smooth and smothering; heavenly and uplifting.

Made by the same Italian folks who make Ferrero Rocher (yummity in my tummity) — Nutella is a delicious chocolate spread that’s a combination of cocoa, hazelnut, and sugar (and other stuff).

Have it on your bread, with ice-cream, or just spoonfuls directly from the jar — Nutella will never disappoint. (Just don’t look at it from a calorie perspective.)

Most importantly, Nutella Hazelnut Spread, 350g is now available in India (not just the imported variety!) for Rs 250! Woohoo!

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