Food Review: Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate (Original – Imported)

Now when it comes to chocolate, I am pretty damn particular. And, much to my sadness, I find that chocolates under the same brand in India taste completely different from what’s available abroad (for the worse.) Case in point being Nestle Kit-Kat. I do not know what cost-cutting measures they have in place India, but a Kit-Kat in India is definitely not chocolate! It is crap.

Cadbury’s also has a different flavour in India and abroad (not for the worse). I tend to prefer my Indian Cadbury’ Dairy Milks to a UK or Australian Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

However, when it comes to Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate, the imported version seems to be of better quality than the Indian version. It’s still not my favourite, I have to admit. But being drinking chocolate standards, it’s not bad.

Talking about the flavour, the cocoa is light (not too dark) and there is sugar added to the product. So all you have to do is add milk to make a cup of steaming hot chocolate. I find it a little too mild and a little too sweet for my liking, but I know plenty of folks who love it.

When used for baking, it adds another dimensions to a cake. Lighter, fluffier, sweeter. Quite delightful, really.

While Cadbury Original Drinking Chocolate (Imported), 250g is not for die-hard bitter chocolate fans, it is an item I would recommend wholeheartedly.

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