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Had a very pleasant experience with over the weekend. I was going for a wedding to Hoskote in the outskirts of Bangalore (40 kms from Malleshwaram!) — and had no idea how to arrange a cab for the duration. I contemplated Uber or Ola cabs, but it seemed difficult to convince them to go so far. And even if we got a taxi to drop us at Hoskote, getting a cab to drop us back past midnight seemed impossible.

Mr T suggested that I look at Savaari — through which I could  a cab for a duration of the day, instead of relyiing on a transitory Uber or Ola.

Went on and came across a pleasant, minimal user-interface which offered three options – local taxis, airport transfers and outstation taxis.

Within the local options, they had clear prices stated with a range of vehicles offered. For 8 hours unlimited, the starting price was Rs 1500 for a Tata Indica or equivalent. (We actually got an Etios, I believe). This was inclusive all taxes and exclusive only for actuals — tolls, parking charges, etc.

The next steps were simple — email address, pick up location, payment options. Everything smooth as silk.

Mr T warned me that the driver’s may be reluctant to go to Hoskote, saying it’s not in Bangalore. I called the helpline to verify — and they confirmed that I could take car wherever I wanted for the next 8 hours.

A few hours later I received a mail with the driver and vehicle details. And promptly — at 5 minutes to 6 pm, the driver had arrived at my doorsteps. We kept the driver waiting for almost an hour (saris take time to perfect!) — and hopped on at around 7pm.

The driver was very well-mannered and knew the areas really well. We didn’t have to explain the location much. Moreover, as two females, felt quite safe even when getting dropped home almost at 2 am.

Once the journey was complete (7 hours 55 minutes) — the driver plugged in something into his mobile which created an electronic receipt. Since we hadn’t crossed 8 hours, we didn’t have to pay anything more. (Which was a relief, I thought the driver was going to argue on the basis of him car clock, which was around 15 minutes ahead!)

The only negative, as Mr T warned, was when I first mentioned Hoskote as the destination to a driver, he said that it was too far and not possible. I told him I’d already spoken so he called his manager and things seemed to be resolved.

Overall, a great experience. I’m happy to see that you can hire cars for out of station trips (Bangalore – Chennai two day trip costs around Rs 7000) and even for airport pick-ups and drop-offs (Around Rs 600 to Yeshwantpur).

User Reviews and Comments

  1. bharat says

    donot travel by savari when u are going for international flight

    they donot have any office , they donot have own taxi, they have contract with local taxi driver
    no one is ready to take responsibility of the customer

    only cheap rate with cheap service

    donot reply on savari taxi

    bharat chaniary

      • Deepa says

        We also had really bad experience with savaari and driver Manjunath.unpleasant behaviour and also he cheated us around 400rs .he told us that the road tax is 2000rs and he will pay and come back. When we asked to him to show the bill it is 1560 and we asked about the team remaining amount he said that he had given it the government tax collecting officers,never helped in getting luggage down .Really bad experience.

          • venkatrv75 says

            We used Savaari cabs for Kerala trip for 6 days. Here is our experience:

            What is good:
            . Clean car.
            . Good drive, except for one point (below).
            . You have some one to speak to, should issues arise during the journey.
            . They upgraded our car.

            What is bad:
            . Hidden costs
            a. As per agreement, need to pay 250Rs. extra for every journey between 10.30pm and 6am. But even for 10.05PM, we were charged.
            b. Driver charged extra 35km, as per him it is the distance between his garage and Airport in Cochin where we were picked up. Glad his garage is not in Bombay.
            c. After settling the bill in hotel, 3hrs before our return flight, driver started again in the airport, with all the other bills ( god knows what they are) knowing that we are running out of time. For every question, he was calling his owner(really?) to delay further. This was a total un-professional attitude. I think this is a common trick they play on each customer.

            . At times, it is difficult to get hold of Savaari customer service. You need to have patience. Lot of it.
            . Overall, Savaari is good for people who don’t care much about money. Everyone else, stat away.

  2. Sumeet says

    Worst Experience. Booked a sedan from Gurgaon to Delhi airport. Cab came 30 mins late and was in bad condition. To make matters worse it got a puncture on the way. The driver didn’t even offer any replacement of cab. I had to take another cab on the way to reach the airport. Another 5 min delay would have missed my flight. Nightmare.

  3. Pranav says


    I have a request for you to please review uber once…this will be helpful for many people and also we would be very happy to know your thoughts on the uber safe practices for their vehicles. Generally just wanted to know how safe are they.

  4. sunil kumar says

    never book a cab by
    my name is sunil dobriyal 0989921745
    if any one want to know about my experience, please contact at 9899211745

    first they confirm my reservation( Booking Confirmation: S0315-1862440 on rs 5447 )
    on the mean time when i reached the air port they cancel my reservation by saying only sorry that they have no cab for me.
    on calling them they offered me a cab on extra 2500 t0 3500 charges.

    Please note the name of Their Customer care executive;;;;;;;; and mr AAkash

    They are all bull shit .

  5. Bernd Staudt says

    We had an extremely negative experience with Saraari. We booked a car with driver for pickup at Bengaluru International Airport. During the enquiry phase everything went fine and we got all required information. However nobody showed up at the airport. After several phone calls (not really cheap if you have no Indian mobile phone) we were told that somebody will be there in 5 minutes. Nothing happened, so we took a “normal” taxi for our drive to Mysore.
    For the next day we had booked a car with driver from Savaari for a trip in the vicinity of Mysore. A few hours before the planned pick-up time we got an email that the car will be not available.
    Absolutely disappointing service. Everything else we booked for our 3 weeks trip in South India worked. Don’t trust Savaari, this is at least our experience. Two tries, two failures.

    • Team WeReview says

      That’s quite disappointing, Bernd! Seems like lots of people have had bad experiences and I just had a lucky day!

  6. DND says

    Savaari is a hopeless, terrible and completely clueless provider. I had booked an Innova cab for an early morning drop to the airport in Bangalore. The prior evening I had called them up and they told me that the booking is confirmed and the driver details will be provided in the morning – 2 hours before my booking. Come morning, no driver details. Reached their number with a lot of difficulty only to be told that there will be no cab for me. Had a very tough time getting to the airport.


  7. Sachin says

    One of the worst service providers. I booked for an Innovative on Saturday evening for Sunday morning 8.00 AM. Immediately I got a message that my booking is confirmed and Driver will contact me at 6.00 AM Sunday morning. No one contacted me till 6.15, I tried calling on the numbers published on their site, but it kept on going to automated response system that you are in queue and someone will attend shortly. After a wait till 7.30 I had to make an alternative arrangement. Finally some called me at 9.15 to inform that they’ll not be able to provide a cab. My earnest request, don’t take Savaari, even if they are offering it for free.

  8. says

    Worst Experience I had with this booking. My booking was at 3 PM from Old Delhi Railway station to Airport. when I called driver on 2.40 PM he said he is coming in 10 mins. Booking was on 3 PM and he reached to me at 4.20 PM. I waited with my family at railway station for One and Half hour. After Reaching Airport I literately bagged with flight people to get my boarding passed to catch flight.
    Your People made a joke of Airport drop.
    I will never use Savaari in future.
    Worst Service by Savaari in Delhi.

  9. Mitra says


    Yes they are economic and good, but one cannot rely on their services. So always have a backup ready when you book with Savaari Or simply do not book with them.

    Even after confirmation of your booking, the driver may decide not to drive you or report on time. And Savaari team do not have any control. The call centre numbers are responded by people who never act.

    Savaari should close down their business. At Least that will help others not to miss their flight.

  10. Danilo says

    I’ve been a fan of your internet site for a long period of time, however this write-up Taxi Review: – Car Rentals – is the most effective.

  11. preeti says

    while booking the cab,i was informed to pay only for extra kms over and above the package cost,but the payment settlement took around 45 mins because the driver was asking for driver bata charges and fare for 30kms which driver drove for reaching the pickup location from his office.Also the driver took longer route intentionally to make more money and also took wrong route for 20kms and was asking us to pay for extra 40kms(20kms to and fro).Highly disappointed.

  12. Firdaus V says

    They promised to send a car for me and sent me a confirmation email. Then, in the morning just as I am about to leave, they inform me that the booking is cancelled as they dont have any drivers!

    The customer service guy I spoke to was useless, and worse still, refused to let me speak to a manager saying “he is in a meeting.”

    Would not recommend using this company.

  13. L R Sahoo says

    I booked a taxi throufh Savaari for airport drop at Bangalore. The taxi did not show up and the customer care was continuouslt busy. On contacting main custemer care, I learnt that they also can not do any hing. MY ADVICE TO ALL “DO NOT BOOK SAVAAR” . ITS MOST UNRELIABLE SERVICE.
    The custemer care has no clue as to what they should do. The driver nos given was switched off. The mobile no of driver seems disconnected or not in use. So Savaari has all kinds of useless drivers & hence unreliable.

  14. Kanika says

    Very bad experience. Asked for a ac sedan taxi for sight seeing in Calcutta for about six hours. They said they will send a tavera instead of sedan car due to lack of sedan cars. The car sent was not a tavera, instead was some rand car that looked like tavera. The ac was not working. We called the savaari number at least 5-6 times on the way. Every time a different person took the call, we had to explain each of them the problem and finally there was no solution to it. Even after so many calls. Got pissed in the Calcutta afternoon heat.

    • Sandipan says

      Savaari has the worst service in Kolkata, and even I have been victim of their “Tavera” which is actually a local brand (Force) car made for call centers, where the ACs never work properly. Even if you each their customer care, they will simply give false assurance to end the call.

  15. Amarjit Ghai says

    This is the most un reliable car service being run by the people sitting in ac work stations who do not know or do not care to know the Facts of the road. If you really want to spoil your vacation or trip please book your car through this service. I had booked V model innova with ABS and Original Acs from mumbai from 21st to 27th april for me with family from Delhi Agra Jaipur and back for 7 days. . But what was sent to me was A “G model with fitted Ac( not working) and no safety features. I have number of emails “with me of booking details. When I asked the owner from the airport about this he dared me, abused my wife and told me to take another vehicle . Even Savaari people had the guts to tell me to book a hotel in the night in delhi and take another vehicle the next day. Can people imagine my condition when you are on the road with all female family and arguing with un known people. The travails did not end there. With the intervention of the local police I took the vehicle to agra. The next day the driver took the vehicle for AC repair and what did he do? He increased the kilometer setting by 160 kms. God forbid as we are from mumbai and bit street smart I handled the driver accordingly and he he promised me personally that nothing untoward will happen for the remaining trip and he kept his promise and was tipped accordingly. But what about family / families who book their vacations and get fleeced by the this so called rental companies in un known territories where the car owners and drivers are locals and working in a syndicate. No representative from Savaari has yet called me up to enquirehow my trip ended. It could have been worst.

  16. Anuradha Narayanan says

    I totally agreed with the above review about savari cab services. Hope I would have gone through them before. I booked a cab for day out for family trip and he has spoiled it. Their driver has not shown up and it’s already more than an hour they have not arranged for the second one.

  17. Kulbir Kaur says

    Agreed – Savaari has horrible service. I called for an Innova at 6.30pm. I got confirmation that the cab is booked. I called the driver at 6.30pm and it sounded like was watching TV with family. He, of course, didn’t get any confirmation from Savaari. I called the number given on their website and he said a local representative will call you in 5 minutes. I got a call in about 5 minutes and he said, “Ma’am, this is to inform you that your cab is delayed by 45 minutes.” Utter lies. He didn’t say that someone forgot to tell the driver and it will take 45 minutes now to get here. In doing all this, we were at 6.50pm already. He asked, “Should I send the car?” I told him he was lying about the reason. He apologized and said operations team told him to say this. There is no coordination whatsoever. In the end, when I cancelled the cab, they lied again, this time in writing, “We’re very sorry. We’ve noticed that we have sent the wrong car for 6:30 pm, 18 Jun 2015 and have to cancel this booking. We are taking necessary steps at our end to avoid such a recurrence. ” They DIDNT SEND ANY CAR.

    I have had to face rough looks of my guests who were visiting the city for the first time. I will never call or rely on them again.

    I am still furious.

  18. Mark says

    Try in mumbai, recently used them for airport pick and then full day, superb service! I am from Australia and really like the service.


  19. Ashish says

    I think Savaari is good. My experience was awesome experience. I had taken their outstation service for coorg when my family came to Bangalore.
    The driver was really good and the car quality was also one of the best. Our hotel booking was not confirmed in Coorg so on the way to coorg, I just called Savaari number to get some help as I was not getting internet on my phone. They went out of their way and helped in just 20 mins with list of hotels and details. I just chose one and asked the guy to give me the phone number of the hotel.

  20. S Bhat says

    Totally crap service. I booked an Innova for travel to Bangalore airport through their website 1 daybefore the journey which was promptly confirmed. On the day of travel, I didnt get any call from the driver till 12:30 while I was supposed to start at 1 P.M. I got suspicious and called up the call center when I was told that there are currently no cars – and here I need to catch a flight at 3:30. They couldnt provide me any alternative. I had to call cp a local cab company and arrane for alternate arrangement. HORRIBLE Experience.

  21. Ramprasad says

    I advise all to never ever use Saavari taxi services as the company is managed by incompetent and inefficient persons. I am narrating my experience of yesterday. I booked 2 Innovas at Bangalore more than 1 week back for 25th February 2016 and I received confirmation of my booking. On 25th I received an SMS giving the the driver’s name, his mobile number etc. for. 1 vehicle though I booked 2. When I called the started giving all cock and bull stories and no cars were sent. It was a very important occasion and our presence at 8.00 AM was necessary. Later I received an email that all their cars were booked hence they cannot send any cars for my requirement despite having confirmed my booking a week in advance and also providing the details of the car etc. This how I was cheated. That’s not all the previous day on 24th February too the car they sent was not the same they sent the details about. The second car ditched us midway and there was a third car and he manipulated the meter and overcharged. This experience I share with you to be aware of the fraud by Saavari and I all of you share so that others don’t fall into Saavari taxi services trap.

    • Savaari Team says

      Dear Sir,
      Please accept our sincere apology for all the inconvenience caused. We are very sorry to learn that your experience with us for your booking on in Bangalore was not what you expected. This is something we deeply regret as it is not what we strive to provide our customers with and has caused you considerable inconvenience. Please, accept our sincere apologies for it again.
      Savaari Team

  22. avinash says

    Jignesh driver was so helpful during complete journey and really appreciate support from customer care . Getting appreciation from my family members 😉

    Your genuine endeavours will bring success. Keep it up…..

  23. Prem says

    Being working with a multinational it company I used to travel Mumbai and bangalore frequently and really amazed to know about savaari. In coming next few months i”ll be travelling to Ooty so request you to take care of us . I already made the booking through your app and I will share my reservation id by today eve.

  24. Nantha says

    Worst services have ever seen.. Please do book for any emergency.. On the way they are bargaining for hidden charges.. Finally we cancelled and went by bus…

    • Vikash says

      Dear Nantha,

      Apologies for inconvenience caused. Kindly share your cancelled reservation ID and your package so we can look into the matter.

      Savaari Team

    • Vikash says

      Dear Mr.Pranav,

      Apologies for inconvenience. As we would like to look into it. Kindly share your reservation ID.

      Savaari Team

  25. Anjali says

    Great experience with your one way service. Would like to avail more packages.
    My family had a Very good experience with you in chennai and hyderabad. Going through one of your promoting image in facebook so thought to write something about my experience . My family is happy with your service. Best part of my trip was driver provided us chilled water bottle with news paper in this hot summer. He was supporting throughout journey and worked as driver cum guide. Just because of his helping nature I will suggest his name for my next trip. Sriniwas . Will catch you soon savaari when i”ll be back in Mumbai.
    Great experience with your one way service. Would like to avail more packages.
    My family had a Very good experience with you in chennai and hyderabad. Going through one of your promoting image in facebook so thought to write something about my experience . My family is happy with your service. Best part of my trip was driver provided us chilled water bottle with news paper in this hot summer. He was supporting throughout journey and worked as driver cum guide. Just because of his helping nature I will suggest his name for my next trip. Sriniwas . Will catch you soon savaari when i”ll be back in Mumbai .Great experience with your one way service. Would like to avail more packages.
    My family had a Very good experience with you in chennai and hyderabad. Going through one of your promoting image in facebook so thought to write something about my experience . My family is happy with your service. Best part of my trip was driver provided us chilled water bottle with news paper in this hot summer. He was supporting throughout journey and worked as driver cum guide. Just because of his helping nature I will suggest his name for my next trip. Sriniwas . Will catch you soon savaari when i”ll be back in Mumbai

    Keep it up

  26. sameer says

    I had booked the cab from savaari for local 1day before putting the booking I said to them plz send A/c cab with hygnic cab.but I alight at Mumbai airport that time they were sended bloody old model non A/c indica and thats car condition………leave it buddy’s
    Which was worst condition and that time it self I realized thats better to I have to book Ola or uber Cabs that conditions is better than that savaari car I never ever sit any single minute in thats Cab.

    I requested to all customers who is entering in mumbai city plz plz don’t used bloody savaari cab

    • Vikash says

      Dear Mr.Sameer,

      Apologies for inconvenience caused, as we would like to look into the matter so kindly share your reservation id.

      Savaari Team

  27. Vinay says

    The savaari that never happened despite booking a day before. Possibly worst service in the market. The booking was cancelled because guess what they were sold out. why could be guessed – they got other bookings that paid more.

    • Vikash says

      Dear Mr.Vinay,

      Apologies for inconvenience caused, as we would like to look into the matter so kindly share your reservation id.

      Savaari Team

  28. Ritu says

    If you want to book a cab in Delhi and Ncr and want to get best rates and qualiliy then call just ride cars.They are new in the car rental industry but provides the best services in terms of rate and quality. I found their website when i googled innova rates in Delhi.when you call them they talk to you very politely.their website if anyone intrested in booking cabs in Delhi

  29. Mohan says

    We had booked a taxi for a day to tour Delhi. The night before the trip, I had called Savaari and confirmed that a taxi would pick us up at 9am from pour hotel. With only a few hours from pick up, I received the following email from Savaari. “We’re very sorry. We’re sold out for 9:00 am, 13 May 2016 and have to cancel this booking. We are taking necessary steps at our end to avoid such a recurrence. ” Savaari is very unprofessional, unreliable and cannot be trusted. I would recommend against using Savaari.

  30. Mohan says

    Subsequent to Savaari cancelling our reservation with them on May 13, 2016 for a day tour of Delhi, I went ahead and cancelled a second reservation with Savaari for another tour of Agra, Mathra, and Vrindhavan by sending them the following email. “Mr. Shyoraj, and Mr. Ash Raj,
    I’m disappointed and disgusted with the truly unprofessional nature with which you cancelled my reservation within hours of the scheduled pickup at 9am today.
    As a result, note that I’m cancelling my reservation 2503866 with you for May 14. You are too unreliable and unprofessional.” We booked a taxi with Pollus travels which we used from the Delhi International Airport to our hotel. Do not use Savaari if you do not want to take chances with your reservation being cancelled.

  31. Mohan says

    In response to my emails related to Savaari’s cancellation of my booking with them within hours of my departure, I received the following email from Savaari:
    “Dear Sir,
    Greetings from Savaari Car Rentals !!
    Sorry for all the inconvenience & discomfort caused to the you we hereby assure no such thing will repeat again in future.We had to cancel your booking because we do not have any cab available at requested time.As per your mail we have cancelled your tomorrow`s booking.

    We do offer our profound apologies for the same & As quality service is of our prime importance henceforth we assure no such thing will repeat again in future.Please give us one more chance to serve you in a much better way & we will be personally keeping a track of all your future bookings & we will take extra care in future.

    Once again we apologies for the inconvenience caused and look forward to serving you again in future.

    Your safety & comfort is of prime importance to us. Should have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

    I will be more than happy to assist you with my best.

    Abhinav Kumar | Operations Executive
    T:+91 591 6606600, 2555600
    Assured Car Rentals in 60 cities across India
    Courteous drivers | Clean cars | Planned Pickup | Transparent Billing
    24×7: 1800 108 1000 |

    It is interesting that Mr Abhinav Kumar should write “As quality service is of our prime importance henceforth we assure no such thing will repeat again in future.” These words are empty promises as it is clear from many displeased remarks on this website prior to mine that Savaari had taken no steps to rectify the situation and it is unlikely that mine will be the last such situation.
    I assure you that there will be many many more such displeased customers writing about their terrible experiences with Savaari.

  32. Hema says

    After reading so many negative comments and remarks, I am in a dilemma if I still have to rely on Savaari Car rentals for our Delhi- Agra -Delhi trip, as I made the reservations online. Can someone please suggest other good Car Rentals for our one day tour from Delhi to Agra and back to Delhi?

    Thank you,

    • Vikas says

      Dear Hema,
      We assure your quality services.
      I accept that we have received few negative reviews but assure you that we always learn from our mistake and improve services by taking corrective actions. We are serving clients all across India and abroad and can confidently say that they are please with our services.
      Kindly give us a chance to serve you and assure you we will not disappoint you.I would highly appreciate if you can share you Booking ID.

      Savaari Team

  33. Rajeev Singhal says

    I was planning to book a CAB through Saavari from Pune to Shirdi but with so much negative comments i have dropped the plan. Will find some other CAB service.

  34. Jo says

    Booked an Innova cab for commuting within Chennai.

    Pros: The driver was extremely courteous and took us to places as per our needs.(An important aspect I look for while hiring). He was the third driver they changed ahead of the scheduled departure on the day of trip.

    Cons: No coordination between the Savari team and the driver. Once we were back at the pick-up point, the driver tried calling up the owner of the car to know the charge. There was no electronic receipt generated. But, since he was unable to reach him, I called up savari call centre guy (SCCG). They asked me how many Kms did the vehicle run. The driver said 112 kms. I told the same to SCCG, who said it comes to be about 40 additional kilometres and that I need to pay xyz amount. I was in a rush so i said ok and paid the same. The next day the bill was generated for extra 32 kilometres. So, i paid extra for eight kilometres.

    Another thing is that I seriously think that it could not be more than 80 kilometres in any case. The driver, irrespective of being nice and courteous, may have charged me for kilometres from garage to pick-up-point (which, if true, is against what savaari promises) or simply fleeced me.

    If they had a proper receipt system–keeping track of the number of kilometres covered from pick-up point like uber,ola— i would have had no complaints.

    • Vikas says

      Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We would like to look into this. Please share your booking number or email so that we can take it forward.
      We would also like to share that we have started instant billing and planning to implement the same in all our bookings.
      Thanks, Savaari Team.

  35. Pramukh says

    Worst ever service.. Taxi owners are like rowdies..

    Never use this company..

    We booked taxi for whole day in Agra.
    Driver tried to take us to all scamsters and tried to extract money on every step.

    And he was not keen to drive the allocated 200kms for which we paid money.. contact center – the kids who talk there are okay and courteous but they change rules and regulations and change all terms upside down once we start riding taxi.

    Pathetic company. Don’t use

    • Savaari says

      Dear Pramukh,
      Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused, we would like to look into this. Please share your booking number or email so that we can take it forward.

      Thanks, Savaari Team.

  36. Neha says

    Hi all, this is my first hand experience with savaari. Please read and save yourself from this fraud company.

    I had booked a cab from Pune to Mumbai for my return journey on the same day. The car booked by me was a sedan but they had arranged a hatchback. I called them up one day prior to correct this issue. At first, they did not makd changes, but later, apologised and arranged for a sedan. The cab was booked for 7 am the next day. But, the driver came at 8:15. He was ill mannered, loud and very badly dressed. It looked like he was drunk the last night and had just woken up. The car was dented, scratched and foul smelling. But since we had a flight to board from Mumbai, we didn’t complain and somehow managed. Anyway, we sat in that car and the journey started. Within just a minute, it struck upon me that the meter has already been started. But, it should have been started from my house. It was already started by the driver from his house. I told him to reset to zero, he argued and said that the meter was to be started from his home and not mine. I was speechless. If he travels 50 kms from his house, will I pay for that? What kind of cab service is this? I had to literally fight with him and make him get the meter reading to zero.

    After reaching Mumbai, he ‘ordered’ me to start the GPS on my phone. I asked him why and he replied that he did not know the route. I didn’t argue because I had a flight and would be more late due to the fights and arguments. Savari call centre people had earlier told me that they would sens a well spoken, knowledgeable driver. But this guy did not know any of the routes. I started my mobile and guided him using GPS. Somehow we reached the Sahara airport. There he started again with his tantrums. He demanded money for parking. But, a parking was actually not needed. I saw many other vehicles and confirmed with them. Nobody had a parking and waiting in the lane for about 15 minutes was not a problem ( without parking receipt). Again, we had to talk it out and waste time with him for demanding unnecessarily.

    After see off ( my sister had a flight ), we ( me and my senior mother) wanted to head back to Pune. Suddenly, on the way, the driver felt dizzy and started vomiting. He fell sick. I asked him what had happened to him. He replied that he had not slept well and was doing back to back shifts. I was shicked to hear this. How does savari send such drivers? Do they force the drivers to drive even if they were ill or half drowsy and asleep?

    We did not know what to do in that situation. Should we allow him to sleep? If yes, then what are the chances he will wake up before it is too late ? How will we reach Pune at night? If we don’t allow him to sleep, he may be sleepy and not be able to drive. We may meet up with an accident. We were thinking what to do. Meanwhile, he stopped the vehicle in the middle of Mumbai traffic three times. He was puking all the way.

    After a few minutes, he decided he could not drive further and suddenly stopped the car at Panvel petrol station without seeking our permission. I asked him why he had stopped, he replied that he WANTED TO SLEEP! In the middle of nowhere, at night, the driver of the car stopped midway and slept inside the car.

    By the way, I was a single woman travelling with my mother, a senior citizen. It was a very bad situation to be in. After just a few minutes, the driver started snoring and fell fast asleep.

    Do you know how much time he took to wake up? Two hours. Yes, he woke up after two hours. I was trying to wake him up, but he could not. I had called Savari too, but the number was not getting through. I tried again. The call got connected and I asked them for assistance. They said , ” we will see what can be done”. In such a situation, according to me, a company must reply promptly and address the issue at the earliest. But, after my call, the call centre guy( Abhinav Kumar Singh) called me up after a good half an hour.  And you know what he said? Exactly this: ” sorry we cannot arrange a car for you. Please make your own arrangement and go from there. We have no other cars or arrangement “. I was really really shocked by this irresponsible statement. They left me all alone at that nightly hour.

    And guys, hold on. More shamelessness from Savari is coming ahead. I woke up the driver and told him to leave me back to Mumbai. I took this decision because he was very sleepy and drowsy and I firmly believed that it would be a huge risk for him to drive till Pune in this situation. As I was in Panvel, Mumbai seemed closer and hence I asked him to drop me till Mumbai again. The driver started apologising and said that he was not sleepy anymore and will take me till Pune. But I was adamant as it was my life at risk, and asked him to take me to Mumbai only.

    But again, that shameless Savari call centre guy called up and told me exactly this: ” I told you to arrange your own car and now you are taking this driver again to Mumbai? You should have got down to Panvel or somewhere near by or you should have stayed in a hotel near by. Why are you taking him back to Mumbai? If you are doing that, then I will CALL UP AND ASK THE DRIVER TO DROP YOU WHEREEVER YOU ARE”.

    That bloody shameless call centre guy didn’t take into account that I was alone with my mother, at night 11 PM and in a deserted area . He was not at all embarrassed by what he had told me.

    When I finally reached Mumbai, the driver started demanding money. I did not pay him and he dialed his owner( car’s owner) number . The owner wanted me to give him a second chance and asked me to take the same car for the next day drive to Pune. He said that the same driver would leave me to Pune. I declined the offer.  After reaching Pune, I shared my entire story as a feedback to Savari. But, no body from savari bothered to call me up even after this nightmare. Finally, after five days, I got a call from the savari founder( Manik shah). This guy simply apologized for the inconvenience. He said he will take strict action and get back. He sounded serious. But, as expected, and as it happens in India, no proper action was taken. He called me after two days again and offered me a cheap 1000 rupee voucher. And said, ” we have not taken any action against the call centre person or the driver etc. ” I could not believe a founder of a company talking like this. He also added, ” the call centre guy may have been rude with you but we have checked his other calls with other customers and he seems to be a nice guy.” This statement, ladies and gentlemen, coming from the founder. Anyone else in his position would have kicked that call centre guy out. Looks like the call centre agent is more dear to them than the customer. I could have gone to the police and raised a complaint for misbehaviour and leaving me mid way in the middle of the night but I did not do that. They should be thankful to me that I did not take such strict action. And in return, they offered me a cheap 1000 rupee voucher. Such an unprofessional and cheap attitude.

    So guys, please please be careful of this company. Beware.

    It has the most, dirtiest of cars.

    It has the most I’ll mannered drivers.

    The drivers lack courtesy and knowledge of routes.

    The company call centre will not help you if you are stuck mid way. They will shamelessly deny any responsibility.

    The founder himself displayed a cheap and unprofessional attitude.

    The call centre guy name: Abhinav Kumar Singh.

    The shameless founder name: Manik Shah.

    The above is a true incident. I have all the photos and voice recordings with me. I am sharing this story where ever I can, to save people from such irresponsible and unethical fraudsters. Only travel with this service if you are hoping to die, waste your money or if you want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

    Thanks for reading.

  37. Janjuti says

    Most unethical cab service. Only interested in money and no service. No transparency. Once money reaches their hand they are off! Since most of us have the same experience. I urge, we should register our complaints in consumer court and delist savaari.
    Savaari buggers!

  38. Ayaan says

    loved your simple process for booking even it’s a smooth process. Appreciate driver for his knowledge about city. Thanks Keep it up

  39. Monika says

    Was afraid before going for an online cab service but now happy and satisfied with services. Will definitely share my experience and recommend to family members and friends .

  40. Janjuti says

    First hand experience. Booked sedan in October 2016
    Savaari is the most unethical company. They sent hatchback and made me pay the same amount.
    Their customer care is only good till u book ur ride and make advance payment.
    The drivers are also very unprofessional. You are all on ur once once u book. They ruined my vacation.
    Should be delisted!! Seriously, I suggest anyone to book directly with some cab company.

  41. Salman Akhtar says

    I was about to book savari cab from Bangalore to Coorg for 4 days trip but I am in dilemma now, not sure if I would go for it or not.

    • PMD says

      Never ever think of booking through Savaari.
      They sent us a stinking Innova with a half drunk driver with Bald Treadless Tyres for a 700km round trip.

      They are a bunch of fraudsters!

  42. Sartaz says

    A very perfect service i had is from savaari cars only as i arrived at Hyderabad airport driver was waiting for me at airport with placard ,even i received his complete details i.e his name,mobile number and cab number through sms and mail. He was courteous and i felt so safe . Thanks and keep up the good work .

  43. kalpesh sojitra says

    Pathetic, Third class , never trust about their timing and services. I booked before 2 months and confirmed prior 1 days but they didnt call nor sent a car and i was stucked at one place. never never never go for They ar blunder and false services

  44. Shrikant says

    Hi im Shrikant, My Invoice No is RET-20170225-91256. i had very bad experience with Savaari, Our Guest was standing at the Gate for more than 2 hrs waiting. And they said driver has already left & Drivers Phone was switch off. Finally it came to know that they he didn’t started though. Then after 2 hrs they have arranged for fresh cab which took another 45 mints to reach. They don’t have a Fuel not a good Cab. Even we had to pay in advance for every thing. so plz don’t ever go for this. Those are fake.

  45. sujatha says

    My rate is Zero for because i had booked taxi from Shillong to Guwahati and informed number of pax but they sent small vehicle but mail they sent mid sigment vehicle. in between they stopped the car and the driver told me to wait for another vehicle. myself and my family with 2 small kids were standing more than 2 hours in night at road. finally i am planned to go to police station. finally they sent vehicle. but next day i have noted the KMs while at the time of drop. But next day morning i was shocked more than 30 kms used by driver without informing me and his office. no proper response from his office and i asked the driver about the excess kms but he went without informing me. immediately i have booked taxi from Prime cabs and enjoyed my trip @ shillong. my kind request please do not go to very worst services and drivers are not having courtesy discipline.

  46. Mihir D Padechiya says

    I had booked a cab from Chandigarh airport to Tirthan valley in Himachal pradesh. I had been told that the distance between them is 140 kms and it will take us around 3 to 3.5 hours to reach our destination. So i will be charged 2750 upto 250 kms and after that 9 rs/km. Also, i was told that in this scenario you will be charged for two way journey as driver font get return passenger – hence 140*2 = 280 kms.
    So as per that, it should be maximum 2750 + (30*9) = 3020 Rs.
    Now the sad journey begins :
    1) First the driver they sent was not aware about the destination location at all, he was told it was a local drop within the city.
    2) When we told the driver about the destination , he was like its 298kms from here , not 140 – he had to call his vendor which is third party and not savaavri.
    3) So, than multiple calls to savaari and the drivers vendor , after which we realized that it will take at least 8 hours to reach the destination. bloody hell !
    4) Than we were told that since we will be charged for twice the distance as they don’t get anything in return , so ultimately i had to pay for 298*2 = 580 kms charge which went around 7500 Rs fee .

    So savaari payment of 2750 + additional driver payment of around 5000.
    Worst experience ever.
    Another word of caution, dont just calculate any distance by typing in google – distance between X and Y.
    Use navigation app in your cell phone, that only will give you accurate distance.

  47. Mark says

    Hi All, I am a happy customer of Savaari. Have used them twice and my experience was good. Both the drivers Nelson and Irfan were helpful and polite and best part was driving safely though there was language problem in Chennai trip but Nelson was still able to cater us based on our requirement. Thanks Mark

  48. M.N. Chary says

    I took a cab – Innova – AC for round trip from Cochin to Alleppey, Thekkedy, Munnar back to Cochin from 29.10.2017 to 03.11.2017 for a family of four adults. Upon confirmation , I requested for providing a cab with a bench seat in the middle i.e., vehicle with 7+1 passing so that entire baggage can be placed in the rear and four pax, who are lean, can adjust in the middle seat. If required one of us can shift to back and still can have space for baggage. However I was provided a vehicle with two bucket seats in the middle and a bench seat in the rear. I was assured that the travel will be comfortable and the baggage will be placed in the carrier on the top of the vehicle with securely tied with a water proof sheet. However, upon reaching Cochin, I was informed that the luggage has to be placed inside the vehicle only and after travelling about 100 Km or so and on insisting by me, the driver informed that two of the clamps of the carrier were defective and the luggage cannot be placed on top and necessarily need to be carried inside the cab only. placing two trolly suitcases in the cab with five persons, made the entire travel miserable and most uncomfortable.

    Further, the driver, though has very good driving skills, a never smiling person and most unwilling guide and /or driver. Any request, he would first deny.

    Thus the entire trip has become most miserable and cursing.

    The above makes it very difficult for me to recommend to any other and may rather discourage them from opting for Similarly, I also think several times before coming back to for a vehicle in future.

  49. Kavita says

    Please do not book your cab through Savaari. The driver was late on the 2nd day….made us wait for about 1 hour. Said he has his own rules and doesn’t matter what the Savaari team confirmed to me at the time of booking. At the time of booking we had specifically mentioned that we need a halt for 2 hours before our drop to airport at 5 pm. The same was confirmed on email at the time of booking by the Savaari representative. However Mr. Bhaskar (the so called BOSS of the driver) and the driver said that they have no such intimation and started arguing. I asked him to share his email ID, which he refused to give. The driver refused to open the boot and give us our luggage. We were asked to vacate the cab at 1:45 pm itself and make full payment if we wanted our luggage back or extra charges will be applicable for the rest of our journey. Though I had 80 kms and almost 8 hours left from my previous package and the entire Itinerary including the halt was confirmed on email. Pathetic service and they have recruited GOONS as Savaari representatives and driver’s!!!!!


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