Apple iPhone 5C Review: India

I’ve been using an Apple iPhone 5c (Blue, 16GB) for the last 8 months or so. And I have to say that I’m having a fabulous time.

I bought it for around Rs 31,000 back then (before iPhone 6 was launched). And I’m pleased to know that the Apple iPhone 5c (Blue, 8GB) price has dropped to around Rs 23,000 on amazon as of now. That’s pretty awesome!

I’m not talking about all the technical specs here, as you can find all that info out on the Amazon site. Instead, I’m reviewing what it actually feels like to use.


– Simple to use
– Effective. As in it does what you want when you want.
– Small size – so fits well into your pocket and if you have small hands, it’s easy to type on. Men with big hands may find it problematic.
– Plenty of space: For lots of apps and images and videos.
– Syncs automatically with the cloud
– Great apps available – like Hyperlapse! Would brilliant videos you can take.
– Calls are generally good; don’t drop
– Internet 3G and LTE is very fast. Works well. So does the hotspot.
– Lots of Apple stuff integrated. Eg. iTunes podcasts.
– Very good camera. Better than other Android phones I’ve come across (Samsung, Nexus). Not better than iPhone 6. Not too good in low light, but awesome otherwise.
– No overheating issues
– Lost my iPhone – This is an awesome app that can track where your iphone is via GPS. I’ve used it couple of times when I thought I left my phone at a shop, only to find it happily sitting in my home.
– Sturdy material. This is a very important point for me. I’m not planning to change my phone anytime soon. The iphone I know is not made of cheap plastic. It’s strong (I’ve dropped it many a times) and not a scratch on it. I’ve also put a screen guard and a cover on it for an added layer of protection, but its a bloody good phone.
– Very good resale value. An iphone is an iphone.


– Hangs on occassion. Touchscreen becomes unresponsive. Need to switch it on and off. Happens perhaps once a month.
– Battery life pretty decent; could be better I suppose. I don’t charge it regularly enough, but I I’m quite satisfied.
– Slightly heavier than the iPhone 5.
– Doesn’t work well with my Sony Bravia TV. The Apple airplay technology isn’t compatabible with Sony’s miracast technology. If you want to hook your phone to your tv, you’ll have to get an Apple tv or just use your laptop hooked up with an HDMI cable.
– Some people criticise the plasticy look of the phone. I find it quite endearing.

If you want an everyday phone which works BRILLIANTLY well, I would recommend the iPhone 5C. Of course you’ll find phones with better specs for cheaper. But screw the specs, I say. You want a phone that does what it’s supposed to. And that phone is the Apple iPhone 5c (Blue, 8GB).

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