DDA Housing Scheme 2014 Results Delay – A Scam

Yes, I am one of the 12 lakh applicants of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA)’s Housing Scheme 2014. I am one of the 12 lakh hopeful souls who forked over 1 lakh to DDA in September and October as a refundable application fee that will go towards the deposit. And I am one of those 12 lakh hapless souls who has been waiting for DDA to announce their Housing Scheme results for the last 3 weeks now.

It’s almost the end of November 2014 and every day we read the paper to hear about DDA’s delays in announcing the results because of stupid excuses like “technological glitches” that make it impossible to announce the results in the desired 2 to 3 hours (as opposed to the current 7 to 8 hours). I’m one of the idiots who is waiting for DDA to announce their results for the PAST 3 weeks (That’s 504 hours, DDA!)

And I’m one of those 12 lakh people who can do basic maths to know that this is a SCAM of immense proportions organized by DDA. Here are some numbers for you:

Number of applicants: 12,00,000
Deposit fee paid by each applicant: Rs 1,00,000
Amount deposited to DDA (By Oct 15): 12,00,000 applicants * Rs 1 lakh = Rs 12000,00,00,000 

That’s Rs 12,000 crores deposited to the DDA!

Amount of interest DDA makes everyday on this deposit amount?

Conservative interest rate = 5%
Interest collected by DDA per day = Rs 1,64,38,356.16 (Yes, Rs 1.64 crores!)

So how much interest has the DDA actually stolen from the common man?

Date of original announcement: November 5
Earliest date of announcement: November 19
Extra days = 14 days

Extra interest stolen by DDA = 14 * Rs 1.64 crores = Rs 23 crore!!!

And this does not even take into account the 3 months DDA will take to refund the deposit to the 11.75 lakh individuals who do not win the flat.

Let’s do that maths.

11.75 lakh individuals * 3 months interests @ 5% = Rs 147,94,52,055 (Rs 147 crores!!)

So total amount of money DDA is making (through unfair means) by the Housing Scheme scam = Rs 170 crores!

Why doesn’t our government and media talk about this? I say that DDA should be forced to restore deposits with interest to each and every applicant!

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  1. Amit Gutpa says

    Here goes the most awaited Result of DDA housing scheme 2014 on 25.11.2014, and I have also applied in the DDA housing Scheme 2014. It was a great news till 3.00 pm on 25.11.2014, but when we checked on website, its looking like a big inside scam happened in this scheme.
    You may also check the PDF file, there will be lot of disaster entries like Applicant name – Amit Gupta & Father Name – Amit Gupta, how it is possible without a scam, and like this lot of successful applicants are there which have applicant name and father name are same.

    It is really a regretful day.

  2. deepak says

    Fuk* these DDa people..The draw was not proper.I personally knew 50 people who had filled these form but nobody was successful.DDA was doing trail run from last one month,it was not trail run but it was setting that they were doing internally.

    These people are so fucking that they play with people emotion .

  3. DRIGPAL RAI says

    Dear All i am also one of the DDA Scheme -2014, my application sequence starts with 3700.The Story is like this, that when i try to find out my Application number in the PDF File , it was not able to find it out.So again i tried to find out that if some one else with same sequence had been luck , but not a single applicant found.

    And the other Foremost thing which i wanna know from DDA Officials that in the attached Wiiner List PDF File, the DDA Officials have not shown it with their PAN Number. so that we as a individual we can also check the PAN Number and match it with the Income Tax Data Base their Name and Father’s Name.Whether they are Realy Winners or Any Fake Persons Name.And the PAN Card Number Was the Foremost Criteria for Filing Application Under this Scheme.
    So Could Any DDA Officials Kindly Make Reply Towards this Argument

    Drigpal Rai

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