DIY Day Review: Run, It’s the Kid!

I remember seeing a video of Delhi-based indie folk band Run, It’s the Kid almost a year ago. And I remember leaving YouTube 3 minutes later with a happy, stupid smile plastered on my face at the end of the song. And so when I saw the line-up for DIY Day in Akshara Theatre figured these talented kids (I believe they are just a few years out of school), I had to go and check them out live.

I was not disappointed! It was a warm November Sunday afternoon when we arrived at Akshara Theatre, after traipsing over from the car park of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. The boys came onto the open-air, twinkle-light decorated stage at sunset. The band featured Dhruv Bhola and Shantanu Pandit on lead vocals, piano and guitar (alternating frequently) and Bhairav Gupta on drums and Danik Ghosh on bass. And what a lovely combination they are.

Shantanu Pandit is the star of the show. Fingerpicking an acoustic guitar, he sings in a charming, self-effacing voice that carries you back to those perfect November afternoons when you were 17, in love, with endless days stretching before you. Dhruv Bhola, also on lead vocals at times, accompanies Shantanu with perfect harmonies. Danik Ghosh on bass looks like he’s having the time of his life, loving every moment of being on stage.

Another star is Bhairav Gupta, who plays with a brush in one hand and a regular drum stick in the other. He is the guy pulling all the strings together in the band, ensuring everyone is perfectly on time. Restrained and delightful drumming. Good job!

The only feedback I would have for the band is for them to explore and push their musical boundaries. They’ve found a lovely niche for themselves in this folksy-indie sound (similar to the sound of Band of Horses, The Lumineers, The Passenger). Where will their music morph over the next few years? I wonder.

And lastly: Guys, make an EP! The world needs to hear you. Like Run It’s the Kid on Facebook here.

Footnote: I remember a friend of mine telling me at the gig that Shantanu is so talented, he doesn’t need any other accompaniment. And in my research, I discovered he’s got his own solo EP called Skunk in the Cellar. Check it out here. 

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