Domino’s Spicy Baked Chicken Drumsticks Review

Today I decided to be a guinea pig and try a variety of Domino’s “sides” — beginning with Domino’s Spicy Baked Chicken.

I have to confess: I had hopes for this dish. The box markets it as the “juiciest chicken drumsticks, coated in spicy seasoning, baked for healthy indulgence.”


So what did I get? See the picture. It looks pretty good, pretty ‘juicy’. Favourably sized chicken leg pieces wrapped in silver foil. It looks impressive enough — but who cares about looks when it comes to food? I want to know how it tastes.
dominos spicy baked chicken drumsticks

I take a bite in and am immediately disappointed. It’s pretty damn bland. I was expecting something spicy but maybe slightly sweet. Something that would dance on my tastebuds. Instead, the ‘spicy seasoning’ coating the chicken is BORING. Slightly mirchi, no flavour beyond that. Worse still the flavour doesn’t seep into chicken at all. No flavour of a marinade. And even worse still, the flavour of the chicken itself is just bland. Good chicken has its own juices, its own flavour. This has none of that. It tastes like.. hmm.. wet sock?

dominos spicy baked chicken drumsticksPrice

Domino’s Spicy Baked Chicken is priced at Rs 125 (without taxes) and Rs 147 (with taxes) it’s stupidly expensive for a tasteless product.


Domino’s is trying to go down the “healthy” baked goods road, which is a laudable. However, what sucks is the fact that they’re doing such a terrible job. Come on, if people want healthy — give them healthy and charge for that! Don’t fake it with crap products like this, Dominos.

Last note

Stick to (unhealthy) pizzas at Domino’s. At least they know how to make them.

And super last note

spicy baked chicken - johnny

Johnny likes his spicy baked chicken from Domino’s. At least someone (somedog) does!

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  1. wati says

    Ok… Who wakes up at 4:43 am in the morning and decides to write a review… Either someone who really enjoyed a good piece of chicken drumstick and cannot sleep cos her mind is deciding when to hit the store again or some unlucky person running up n down the loo cos the drumstick won’t stop beating…I am talking about Dominos highly exaggerate-in-all-sense “spicy baked chicken” (SBC in short) I being a 110% non-veg is now thinking of quitting chicken forever!!! The SBC I tried today after an earlier prejudice was even more yuck… It felt n tasted almost raw… The colourless piece added more woes… The taste was so blunt that even after literally covering the piece with oregano and chilly flakes it gave no respite… I have no better explanation to give then to say that I have thrown up twice and have made my bed in the washroom for tonight.. Either Dominos chuck out SBC out of the menu or end up having haters for a very ignorant food item…

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