Jet Airways ICICI Bank Credit Cards Review

A few months ago, I was reaching my limit of my Citibank Indian Oil Platinum credit card very often. More so because my credit card became the family credit card for all sorts of online purchases: airline tickets, movie tickets, furniture, electronics, etc.

I felt the need for another card, when it struck me, what about reward points? My Citibank card was given to me at my first job 7 years ago. I stuck on to it not because of a great need or desire, but just because it was there. The card was supposedly great for filling up fuel at Indian Oil petrol pumps, but I don’t have high fuel needs, so this wasn’t really an advantage. The reward points seemed silly (magazines, suitcases, etc). It didn’t seem like I had an incentive to use the card for points.

That’s when I came across ICICI Jet Airways Credit Cards.

I’m a big traveller and the idea of a credit card that gives me miles instantly appealed. I signed up for the Coral American Express Credit Card:

Major points and benefits below:

  • 2500 miles for joining. (Joining fee is Rs 1250, followed by an annual fee of Rs 1250)
  • 3 miles per every Rs 100 spent. More points when booking Jet flights.
  • 2 free movie tickets at every month (This is pretty cool!) – It works on most weekdays if you book early morning. Weekends it never works.
  • Accelerated miles and discounts when bookings on – You get a 10% discount on
  • Other restaurant privileges (haven’t really tried these out).

More details on Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Credit Cards here.

Jet Privilege is quite cool as well. It’s one of the only frequent flyer programs in India that gives you miles for domestic flights. They’ve also come out with a new scheme called MyFamily+ which allows you to pool in miles from 7 family members. This is absolutely awesome! I’m going to try it out and with my parents soon. We all have miles spread across different accounts which are quite worthless.

I’ll write about my experiences with Jet Privilege in a detailed blog post later.


User Reviews and Comments

  1. neelesh jain says

    This is a fake review and useless for everyone.
    You are just mentioning what the bank mentions in their brochure.
    The review actually means someone who has used the cards and mentions his experience.
    e.g. i do not have the card and even though i know that adding any family member would be charged by 1000 miles from your account.
    We want review, not lame paragraphs of the bullet points the bank already mentions

    • Team WeReview says

      This nothing fake about this review, Neelesh. It was my experience in choosing this card vs other cards. I’ve clearly written at the end of the post that I will write about my experiences using the card at a later time (and it is now a later time — 8 months have passed). I’ve gained some 30,000 jet miles on the card on my Amex Coral card. One big negative is that a lot of payment gateways and shops/restaurants don’t accept Amex cards. I haven’t redeemed the miles so far. I will write a detailed post when I redeem the miles.

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