Domino’s (Oven-baked) Subwich Review

Common sense should signify that sandwich + subway = subwich.

What’s a sandwich? Two pieces of bread with some sort of meat, vegetables, cheeses, sauces inside.

What’s a subway? A submarine shaped sandwich.

Now what’s a Domino’s subwich? I have no freaking idea.

What was placed before me was two triangular shaped pizza crusts with an over-processed disc of chicken in the center — smothered with an artificially flavoured cheese sauce.

Delightful? Not really.

Tolerable? Yes.

Healthy? God no. Even though Domino’s used the word ‘Oven-baked’ as though they are blessing you with karmic health points, you can tell that this is junk food to the core.

Price? Rs 89 without tax or Rs 105 with tax for both veg and non-veg. Cheap enough for office-goers to consider it as an option. But if you care about longevity, go to Subway and eat an actual sub.

Final comments: There is no reason for something as nonsensical as this to exist in the world.

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. says

    Your review actually made sense. Wanted to try it out but for 105rs with tax….I would prefer to go to a subway center, spend another 15-20rs and have my tummy full. Thanks.

  2. Iron Sorcerer says

    Pathetic review! You are writing a review on fast food. Do you expect it to be as healthy as manna from heaven?

    Subway is as unhealthy as any other fast food. You are better off writing reviews for foods which are actually healthy.

    Final comments: There is no reason for something as nonsensical as this ‘review’ to exist on the internet.

    • Tanvi S. says

      Haha. Can I ask why you gave the Subwich 5 stars? Did you enjoy it? I haven’t met anyone who liked it so would be interested in hearing another perspective. From your review I don’t see any positives to the Subwich. Instead, you just expect consumers to lower their expectations and be okay with crappy fast food. 🙂

  3. Rohan1504 says

    I actually love the taste of it. …and wouldn’t mind shelling out Rs. 115 once in a while just to grab bit of this delicious subwich.

    I have no idea about the reviewer’s food taste, but for me – I love jalapeños and this dish is just the right level of spice for me.

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