Cocoberry ‘Native Haat’ Frozen Yogurt Review

I LOVE frozen yogurts. Let me rephrase: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEE frozen yogurts.

Frozen = Like ice-cream

Yogurt = Healthy because laden with good bacteria.

Frozen yogurt = YUMMMM!

I’m a fan of Cocoberry. However, when it comes to my yogurt, I’m not very experimental; I stick to the berries — mostly strawberry. Sour (strawberry) + sour (yogurt) + sugar has to be a good combination. Chocolate flavoured frozen yogurt? Doesn’t sound too good. In fact, I’ve tried it at home. Cocoa powder + dahi = gross. I’m not even interested in the toppings. Why dilute and distract myself from something that is pure awesome in itself.

However, this time I went to Cocoberry accompanied with T (who loves his mangoes). I ordered a small strawberry yogurt (Rs 64) while he ordered a ‘sattva’ mango frozen yogurt topped with a granola-like substance.

The strawberry was awesome as usual but the mango yogurt tasted disgusting. It had a buttery, artifical flavour that reminded me of fake mango candy. It was horrible. The granola on top was moist and not crunchy. We even mentioned this to the guy behind the counter who just smiled and handed us the bill.

Native Haat: We’re not quite sure what’s going on here, but it appears that Cocoberry is rebranding itself as ‘Native Haat’ — the home of all things pure, healthy and organic. While I understand that this may be a good marketing move, but we were disappointed on several levels. Firstly, the pure, ‘sattva’ yogurt tasted horrible and completely artificial. Secondly, the branding was done quite sloppily (in the Defence Colony outlet). The bright kitschy colours of Cocoberry contradict the organic feel and type face of ‘Native Haat’. (The outlet itself had a run-down feel). But most important, we as customers didn’t understand if Native Haat was Cocoberry itself, a sub-unit of Cocoberry, or a completely different store.


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