Best Cocoa Powder in the World: Hintz (Now in India)

Verdict: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...... Your search for cocoa powder ends here!

While I’m on the topic of chocolates, I would like to introduce you to the deepest darkest cocoa powder I have encountered: Hintz! It is darker than eclipse, smoother than a sunset, and simply chocotastic!

I swirl it in my hot chocolate (or cold chocolate), twirl it in my vanilla ice-cream (for the BESTEST chocolate ice-cream you can imagine) and use it whenever I bake cakes/fudge/brownies.

Last sip of my Hintz cold cocoa drink! :(

Last sip of my Hintz cold cocoa drink! 🙁

I don’t know much about it other than the fact that Hintz’ is a German brand and quite expensive in India (Rs 325 for 125 grams). It’s available on Ebay and a few online stores such as (Have never used this site, so don’t know how good or not good it is.)

Update: Hintz is now available in India on — woohoo!! Hintz Cocoa Powder, 227g for Rs 465 or 400 grams for Rs 700. Now that’s what I call awesome!


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    • Team WeReview says

      Gosh, no idea! I’ve read online that some 2 year olds do enjoy hot chocolate, but its better to check wiht someone who knows more 🙂

  1. Angus von Douglas says

    I bought a 227 g tin of Hintz Cocoa powder 1987 in Singapore. I still have a 5th of the tin left and it has not changed it’s outstanding flavour.
    German quality !
    Angus v. Douglas

  2. Nirjhar says

    Thanks , i baught the same from Natures Basket with 20% discount @ 720 Rs(MRP 900 Rs) for 454gm . Amazon its quite a bit costlier @ 875 Rs ( MRP 1000 Rs) . Bigbasket although 25% discount on Tuesdays but still it has only the smallest size of 125g @ 450 Rs which is quite high price .

    Really enjoying the cocoa with hot milk . We have to first mix it in cold milk and sugar . In hot milk it does not dissolve.Thanks a lot Madam , for sharing the good things life . Keep the blog going .

    Thanks & Regards,


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