Homeland, Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pi & the Stereotypical Chocolatey Indian Boy

While watching Season 4 of Homeland on Star World, I noticed the Indian/Pakistani guy on Homeland (Suraj Sharma) looks remarkably similar to the Slumdog Millionaire guy – Dev Patel (not feature-wise, but in the overall innocently-placating eyes, the perfect chocolate-brown skin tone, the stereotypical accent):

And to this guy:

(yes, only later did I realise that Homeland and Life of Pi have the same actor – Suraj Sharma!)

To be honest, I’m not a fan of the way Hollywood stereotypes the South Asian ‘boy’ actor. What do you guys think? Movie links below for those who want to watch:

And to end on a more positive note, the book that I LOVED out of all these: Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I read it whenever it came out 10 years ago or so, and was completely mesmerized. Haven’t really seen the film (only bits and pieces), but the book — wow!

Just checked: Life of Pi won the Booker in 2002! Twelve years ago! I was 16 and I adored it! Available here: Life of Pi: Booker Prize Winner 2002


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  1. Ben Brozel says

    The fact that you did not notice it was the same actor in Homeland and Life of Pi kind of highlights the stereotypes within your own brain more than the general issue of your article, which is kinda rendered moot after that point.

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